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Wednesday, 22 June 2011


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Amazing article. Great job!

J. S. Dinga

Cameroon could enjoy spectacular growth and development with a level playing field, where every citizen is allowed ample room to flourish. Unfortunately that is not the case right now because those at the helm continue to sit on the lid of reforms and allow those underneath to suffocate.

No need to go looking for examples in outer space.
Whereas it was a matter of course to launch "Paul Biya: The People's Call" with much drumbeat, launching Honorable Paul Ayah Abine's "My Vision for a Born Again Cameroon" suffered censure at the hands of the Divisional Officer for Bamenda. And that is how it has been all along; the 1991 launch of Rotcod GOBATA's "The Past Tense of Shit" was equally blocked. Where then is democracy if the sovereign people of Cameroon cannot be trusted to be the judge of what is good or not good enough for them?

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Bleach Yellow

Mr Biya, what about the crappy roads in your country. You do not go on them since you are always in aircraft to Paris and you do not give a sheet. Beast of no nation. No shame.


it is unfortunate that many africans remain ignorant of the fact.the are strutures put in place by satanic aryennes to hold africa in slavery.biya is just the african face they are using to protect this system.the cfa franc is and incridible obstacle to real economic properity.not to talk of the fact our foreign reserves are in where is the eutonomy?worste we west our time talking about economic properity which is secondary.the cultural aspect is indispensable if we are going to can we be studying in english french promoting and denegrating our culture and exspecting to progress.the economic prosperity of a people is the result of cultivating and molding thier tradition and promoting it in all spheres.but we are doing the opposite.instead of cultivating what is ours we are alienating ourselfs with the culture of others.where on earth in history have a people suvived without beign assimilated with the language of thier predators?we still are not learning from the past.


Perhaps Gaddafi is a bad man and Gbagbo is not perfect but the reason France could not wait to remove them was not love for the people of those countrie but because gbagbo fully understood what this system Acho describes is about and wanted out. People should resist in their own little way. Do not buy any french crap. Trust me, you will be ok.

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Wikileaks is no refence as far as the information is concerned. Also people now use the pretext than the information was gotten from wikileaks to report their personal opinion.


President Paul Biya has nothing to do with wikileaks, so leave him out of such comments.

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Dictator Paul Biya inadvertently gave away some insights into the mind of a despot when a cable detailing a conversation between the Cameroon president and US Ambassador Janet Garvey made its way to wikileaks.

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Actually President Paul Biya has really focused on the upcoming issues of the country.Its really great posting here.

Adam Ghilchritst

Truly informative layout. I appreciate President Paul Biya for his far away looking power. He really said about the upcoming issues of the country so that does sound quite extreme. Thanks mate.

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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Steven Roze

About "A Rare Insight into the Mind of President Paul Biya" whatever you wrote here seem to me pretty informative. Thanks mate.

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