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Sunday, 24 July 2011


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Va Boy

Now, we are beginning to understand what "Banana Republic' means. These companies are very skilled at exploitation and manipulation. They already had a century to practice in Latin America. The lessons on how to handle them are to be found in Latin America. Unfortunately, the Biya criminal government does not care.


Change your government, your representatives, council members etc., at least start there.
It will only get worse.

 Dr. Peter Vakunta

Globalization, a homogenization of global economic, social and political systems is a double-edged weapon. There are two contradistinctive schools of thought on the concept of globalization. There are some who believe that globalization is at the root of rapid prosperity in the developing world. On the other hand, there are those who contend that globalization serves the needs of the metropolitan countries at the expense of the peripheral countries.

T.B. Joshua in an artice titled "Globalization and the Development of underdevelopment of the Third World"(2008)posits that to fully comprehend the phenomenon of globalization and its deleterious effects on the economies of developing countries, it is imperative to revisit the dependency theory. He further observes that "the dependency theory evolved in Latin America during the 1960's and later found favor in some writings about Africa and Asia."

Regardless of the prism through which we perceive it, it is my opinion that globalization is a gigantic fraudulent postocolonialist contraption designed to fleece developing countries of their natural resources(oil, gold, diamonds, bauxite, forest products, agricultural produce, land, etc) to enrich the already rich countries of the Western world. To get an idea of what I am talking about here, one only needs to be a keen observer of the business being transacted by governmental and non-governmental organizations in terms of their impact on global economy.

Comparative studies on globalization, dependency and dominance reveal the contrasting forms of dominance and dependency between the capitalist nations of the West and the developing world.By dependency I mean a scenario where the economies of some countries are conditioned by the development and expansion of other countries to which they are subjected economically, politically or militarily. To put this differently, on account of the unequal political, military and economic relationships between dependent economies and dominant external economies, the structure of the former is shaped by the economic needs of the external dominant economy.

What we are witnessing today in the Mungo where a Franco-American conglomerate(Plantations du Haut Penja, PHP) has unshamedly misappropriated vast acres of land from impoverished indigenes is a replay of this same old diabolical mantra called Globalization. When Late Ken Saro Wiwa rose up with members of his Movement for the Liberation of Ogoni People(MOSOP),the world hardly understood what he was raving against until he and 8 others were hanged by Sani Abacha, stooge of British oil conglomerate, Shell BP.

In sum, multinationals are grave-diggers in Africa and in the world at large. Playing romance with them is tantamount to courting disaster.
Dr. Peter Vakunta

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