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Monday, 15 August 2011


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 Dr. Peter Vakunta

"Moreover, sycophancy, this cankerworm that has permeated Cameroon’s political life for half a century, has not waned."

Succinct synopsis of Cameroon's quagmire! As for ambassadors standing up to say enough is enough, I have my reservations. Do our gaullist brethren not say "la bouche qui mange ne parle pas?
Dr. Vakunta

Siaja Kingsiabe Godlove

If former Cameroon ambassador to the U.S stood up and said to hell with his government, he would not be behind bars today. He chose to support Biya, returned home and was picked up and now languishes in jail.

J. S. Dinga

The number of Cameroonians languishing in jails for one thing or another under the present regime is mind boggling. It ceases to be funny.For some time now I have been wondering about the quality of juriosprudence in the tringle and about the impact of our belonging to the Commonwealth which at one point was trumpeted as the sure way to get Cameoon out of the woods.

What is going on? Is justice being done to all these citizens who find themselves behind bars? Professor Titus Edzoa, Retired Justice Nyo Wackai, Yves Michel Fotso, Zaccheus Forjindam - and this is just a tip of the iceberg. How can the Commonwealth be so indifferent to the plight of her citizens?

Under other skies these persons would be tried for what is aptly called "Joint Venture" crimes where all the participants of an organized crime are tried together. But this does not happen to be the case here, at least as far as the Yves Miche Fotso and the Albatross affair are concerned. For indeed this fomer Director-General of Camair and manager of Commercial Bank of Cameroon (CBC) could not possibly have been the lone actor in the Albatross dealings.

By a very revealing documentation circulating freely on the SDF forum, a certain Kevin Joseph Walls, Director-General of Aircraft Portfolio Management(APM) in Worcester Park, Surrey, the UK is circulating a sworn statement dissociating himself from all those involved with the embezzlement of US$31,000,000 being money obtained from SNH (Societe Nationale des Hydrocarbures) of Cameroon after the IMF/World Bank authorities raised eye brows about the use of government funds to purchase an aircraft (Boeing Business Jet-2 or BBJ2) for presidential errands. The man reveals a lot of the goings on in financial circles in our troubled triangle and throws some light on why Cameroon remains perpetually at the fringe of penury. According to Kevin Joseph Walls, Yves Michel Fotso's name features prominently among other embezzlers on Ordinance #617/SOG/08/128 of the Republic of Cameroon. The man who claims to have written alerting Cameroon's Minister of Transport about the exorbitant and scandalously inflated rate of leasing aircraft for Camair, says he is not any where near any of the animators in the embezzlement scheme.

So if this was a joint venture why would Michel Fotso be facing this ordeal alone? How about those who remote-controlled the operation? How about those in the GIA, the money guzzler through whom SNH funds were channeled for the Camair purchase as a ruse to pacify IMF/World Bank authorities and give the impresion that no government funds were involved in the transaction?
And as the plane was never ever delivered, did GIA refund the Bobdiggnagian sum of money before going before a court in California to declare bankruptcy? If "la bouche qui mange ne parle pas" then there must be an awful lot of such "bouches" in the troubled triangle and goes a long way to explain why praise-singing and motions of support are so unstoppable.

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The opposition has always been transparent in our country and most of their leaders being only money minded with no serious plan engagement to bring about change in our country. How then can we reach a political stalemate with a very strong CPDM and a nonexistent opposition?

supra foot

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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