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Sunday, 18 September 2011


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George Nchamshu

"and a subtle admonishment to those with elitist views that the CDU was made up of “intellectuals”

May I also add that it was also a rebuke by Fru Ndi to those who continue to think that an Anglophone should always be treated as a second citizen in his own country, even when he or she is attempting to become president of the country.


"...when a coalition of the major parties to unseat Biya fell apart because Fru Ndi- as head of the opposition with the largest number of followers- refused playing second fiddle to Ndam Njoya."

This goes to show that the so-called OPPOSITION in Cameroon is part of the problem. Cameroon's opposition is fragmented, and proned to corruption and co-optation.Having said that, it noteworthy that Biya's bag of tricks comes straight from the recipe devised by all despots known to us(Mobutu, Ghaddafi, Mugabe, Ahidjo and more)

Divide and conquer is a strategem employed with efficacy by Mr. Biya. He has used this contraption with brutal relish to render the OPPOSITION ineffective. Since our country, like most African countries, is polyethnic, this despot has played one ethnic group against another in a bid to maintain his grip on power for 30 years!

Nonetheless, a dictatorship is inherently unstable and will eventually collapse under the weight of its own contradictions and intrigues. Clearly, a dictatorship violates natural law, and anyone that violates natural order inevitably becomes extinct.
Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta

J. S. Dinga

Does all of this mean that the option of a second round of elections cannot provide a way out for this imbroglio? Why is nobody mooting the notion of a second round in case of a tie in the first?


Who will offer you the luxury of going to a second round? Biya knows the accusations,counter-accusations,alliances could make him to meet his Waterloo in case of a second round.He wants something snap,or if you wish some surgical strikes that will spare him the frightening scenario of seeing an alliance bringing his days as Emperor to an abrupt end.
In 2004,Tchiroma was the Chairman of the Commission charged with presenting a single candidate.He literally went and dragged Akame Mfoumou to be the opposition flagbearer.Akame told him he was going to consult with his party hierarchy first.The feet feet-dragging went on non-stop,and the infiltrated the opposition and brought up conditions to out-play Fru Ndi.They especially harped on the candidate being bilingual.Everybody knew this was directed at Fru Ndi.Let those who want a coalition candidate tell us how the Elecam rules that will defruad the elections going to change for this candidate.


Second round elections are detrimental to incumbents in Africa because the opposition which is usually divided in the first round of voting comes together by default during the second round. And the incumbents almost always lose in this scenario, the most recent being played out in Cote d'ivoire where Bedie and other candidates threw in their lot behind Ouattara.

When the opposition mooted the idea of a 2-round voting system in Cameroon back in 1992, the CPDM quickly scuttled the idea in Parliament with the help of the UPC. There will never be a 2-round system in Cameroon for as long as Biya lives or the CPDM is in power.

Tawo emmanuel

Watesih above:
"They especially harped on the candidate being bilingual."
Very interesting. Of what use is French today in a global environment that English now dominates?


No matter who wins the elections , no matter who is elected as the president among the four candidates for me is an achievement. the problem is to unseat the long serving dictator. Our problem in Cameroon is that we the english have already nutured that idea in mind that we are always left behind and we can`t alwas accept that. But then we are talking about 20million cameroonians and not aout Angloophone of francophone.Fru ndi himself is not even a good Anglophone if thats what you people are talking about. If he is then i beleived he woulf have pass the barton of command to others by now.Just because of thier egotism, nepotism, corruption,Till they al come to realize that we are all one if not then Biya will be there till when he will chose to live.


I wonder if the CDU has/had more intellectuals than the "original SDF". By "original" I mean the SDF before Ni John Fru Ndi used his axe (Article 8.2 of the SDF constitution) to chase out the many intellectuals. If the CDU should be having more intellectuals than the SDF today,as the author of this article wants to force it down into our throats, then it is simply because Ni John Fru Ndi was never at ease with the many intellectuals and their "revolutionary" ideas. It is no secret that these intellectuals had established the foundation of the SDF and that by merely taking the responsibility - call it courage - to go and deposit the application to create the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi was actually "projected" into the chair of the SDF. As befits such a situation, where he, Ni John was actually placed into a position, he became very skeptical and suspicious of those intellectuals who carried and projected him. Remember, by that time Ni John Fru Ndi was very bitter, angry and full of revenge and hate following the disgrace he received from Achidi Achu during parliamentary elections.

The question we have never asked is the following: If Ni John Fru Ndi had defeated Achidi Achu during the parliamentary elections and had entered Parliament under CPDM ticket, would he, Ni John Fru Ndi, had accepted to go and deposite the application for the creation of SDF? Would Ni John Fru had collaborated with the other founding fathers of the SDF?

What is all this noise about Ni John Fru Ndi having created the SDF? Anything done out of selfish interests may be bound to fail. Ni John Fru Ndi never participated in the formation of the SDF because he loved Cameroonians. He had his personal interest to defend, especially to teach Achidi Achu and his accomplices a lesson.

Yesterday, when people were endorsing Ni John Fru Ndi as presidential candidate, no one complained. Today when the same people are endorsing another candidate of their choice, people start raising their tiny voices. It is a shame, the type of Cameroon some prophets of doom are trying to build.


... and before I forget, we must recall how Ni John Fru Ndi openly expressed his fears and INFERIORITY COMPLEX in front of the many intellectuals that the original SDF had:

"Politics no bi book" (Ni John Fru Ndi)

While other political parties, the CPDM included, do everything to keep its intellectuals, even those who dare challenge the party's leadership, the SDF under Ni John Fru Ndi uses its article 8.2 to axe all intellectuals who dare criticize or challenge Ni John Fru Ndi.

Opponents within the CPDM have openly challenged the Speaker of the National Assembly and the chairman of the CPDM but these opponents have NEVER been kicked out of the party. Ekindi tried and left on his own. The Nordist who challenged Assembly president is still within the CPDM even after facing the disciplinary commission. Paul Ayah tried but left the CPDM on his own and is still in parliament. Two others have challenged president Paul Biya of recent but they are still occupying grassroot positions within the CPDM. Even if we still have to prove that it was a "stagged drama", the former minister who challenged Biya during the recent CPDM congress is still in the Central Committee. Outspoken CPDM leaders like Mbella Moki, Ateba Yene, etc. are still within the ranks of the CPDM.

Take a look at the SDF and try to count all those who have been axed by Article 8.2.

As we join hands to kick out the CPDM and its gang of thieves, we must live to expectations by showing the good example.


While I understand the natural tendency to villify Fru Ndi due to his inability to deliver, historical revisionism is not healthy. For the record, in an attempt to sideline the SDF candidate who represented the largest opposition party in Cameroon, a group of tiny Francophone parties drafted a 15-point profile for the single opposition candidate, which automatically eliminated Fru Ndi even before the race started. Being able to defeat Biya, or having the largest potential pool of voters did not count. In fact, the 15 points were tailor-made for Ndam Njoya. That the SDF walked away from such a charade concocted by folks such as Issa Tchiroma (yes, that Issa Tchiroma!) was most welcome. To take this and turn it around 7 years later is rather unfortunate and an attempt to prey on the minds of those who do not know these details


Watonsi, I humbly advise you to go and read your CHEMISTRY notes on Cameroon very well. A very influential and authoritative official of the SDF was a member of the group that drafted the points that lead to the designation of Ndam Njoya. The all-powerful Secretary General of the SDF officially represented the SDF in the group that selected Ndam Njoya.And the endorsement of the decision by the then SDF Secretary General is the very reason why Ni John Fru Ndi axed him with Article 8.2. of the SDF constitution.

Do you take it normal for Ni John Fru Ndi to be dreaming to be president of a bilingual country like Cameroon, but after decades of years he can not pronounce a single word in French. Is it not shameful that it was because of Ni John Fru Ndi - presidential aspirant for a bilingual Cameroon - that a translator was hired to ease communication between Ni John and Biya in Bamenda? Did you not follow up with Ni John Fru Ndi's interview after that meeting, in which he actually praised Biya's level of biligualism? If after more than 20 years Ni John Fru Ndi can not learn a single word in French, then what will he be able to learn if he becomes president? International diplomacy? International business and financing? International relations? What? Manging a football team like PWD Bamenda, Coordinating the sales of vegetables in a cooperative, or selling books at a bookshop and now cleaning and selling cows are not enough indicators that Ni John Fru Ndi can manage a country. Excuse me!

You see why others must be given the opportunity to kick Biya out!


J. S. Dinga

It would appear that this forum or website was intended for frank and open exchange of views on all shades of opinions. Why the operators or webmasters have elected to operate censure is not clear to me. Won't it be better to give guidelines of write-ups that are not welcome in this forum rather than resort to such subtle censures? Hardly had I put down my views on some of the controversial issues plaguing our society than the mighty owners of this forum took it off.
And this is not the first time I have noticed so.

I would have much rather appreciated the wider public to criticize what I had to say than the censure boss(es) do it in such a sneaky manner. And what is so objectionable about mentioning that Cameroonians, no matter the academic or professional degrees at their disposal, almost invariably aim at acquiring a presidential decree to underpin their standing in society? What is so objectionable in drawing attention to the fact that those villifying John Fru Ndi for his so-called relative lack of education fail to come to terms with the fact that former president Alhaji Ahmadou Ahidjo was not counted among book people, yet by any measurable parameters, cannot lag behind the incumbent president of the nation?

It is this undisguised hiding of the truth that enslaves us all and places us on the search for an elusive way forward. When a view point does not satisfy our secret agenda, we seek to kill it. That is why whoever controls this postwebsite can take the liberty of killing any posting not to his/her taste. It is most unfortunate indeed.


JS Dinga,

I am not sure what exactly you're referring to. for the record, we don't censor articles, much less comments, on Up Station. We might delete comments if they are spam such as those annoying shoe and clothes ads disguised as comments, but never comments from real individuals.

Similarly, we don't censor contributors. If a CPDM sympathizer, e.g., Emmanuel Konde, wants space to argue the case of the Biya regime, they are free to do so.

Note however, that there are times when genuine comments inadvertently end up classified as spam by the automatic spam filter. When this happens we manually release the comment for publication.

Again, there is no censorship at Up Station.

The Webmaster

J. S. Dinga

Thanks for the clarification. So how soon can I expect the manual release of the comments in question?


Pull yourself together!That revisionist sophism and verbal gymnastics are not going to kill the facts.You are letting bigotry and a tinge of jealousy get the best of you.Hear you:"If Ni John Fru Ndi had defeated Achidi Achu during the parliamentary elections and had entered Parliament under CPDM ticket, would he, Ni John Fru Ndi, had accepted to go and deposite the application for the creation of SDF? Would Ni John Fru had collaborated with the other founding fathers of the SDF?f you".You must be one of the "intellectuals" who left the SDF,but I`m afraid intellectuals do not rest their facts on "ifs".Adamou Ndam Njoya was a Cpdm Minister,yet he accepted to drop the application of the CDU intellectuals that let to the creation of that party.Jean Jacques Ekindi was a progressist in the Cpdm,and soon metamophosed into a "hunter of Lions".You see Marie,you look an awful lot pathetic when you don't master these facts before shooting-off your mouth.I want you to take home this lesson today!That Fru Ndi was picked to drop the SDF application first because of his financial muscles and secondly because of his dare-devil bravery.You know what? These are exactly the same qualities that made Fru Ndi not to stay in the Cpdm,and the lack there of that has made some intellectual minions to follow to follow the Cpdm corpse to its grave.
"It is no secret that these intellectuals had established the foundation of the SDF and that by merely taking the responsibility - call it courage - to go and deposit the application to create the SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi was actually "projected" into the chair of the SDF". You seem to be neck-deep in shaming acts as a pressure valve to relieve frustration.But in doing this,I think you are only puncturing your own self-esteem.From this statement of yours,the first question those who are not intellectuals would like to pose is,what is the difference between dropping the application and launching the party? Yeah,because your blindness starts and ends where Fru Ndi dropped off the application.You are struggling very hard to re-write history.Can't you think for a moment that these guys failed to be intellectuals the moment they gave up the responsibility of dropping the application and luanching the party to an unwashed like Mr.Ndi? Little wonder you celebrate those that keep cosying up to Biya nd his Cpdm,even if he has to pluck out their eyes.
When people see nothing to complain about when Fru Ndi is endorsed as candidate,isn't that message enough for you that they are more comfortable with him? You yourself are complaining about Fru Ndi having left the Cpdm to settle scores with Achidi and others,yet you want to bar others from criticing Kah Walla for example for having left the SDF for the same reasons,right? Fru Ndi was right to say politics no be book,because those intellectuals like you never get anything right.250 University Dons writing motions of support to Biya every election,knowing fully well he will rig these elections.Since when has Wole Soyingka written a motion of support to a Nigerian government? Thousands of University Dons wearing Cpdm party regalia,driving in state vehicles to go and campaign for one party.Tell us how they will leave the Cpdm even if Cavaye Djibril was to pour bleached oil on them!
The Ateba Eyenes,The Mbella Mokis,The Modi Adamas,never directly picked a fight with their party Chairman.They never ever also challenge him in polls.Fru Ndi accepts all these challenges.He goes in for elections during the primaries and battles it out with ordinary militants.We have got people in the SDF who even go into Fru Ndi's private life,like Sani Alhadji harping about the kind of woman he saw Fru Ndi dancing with.As an opposition party,the party leader doesn't deserve these kinds of antics,because hard-thinking party member would not want to weaken his party with fanciful declarations.But all we have got in the SDF are people incessantly pitting themselves against the party head,because of some perceived weakness about his academic credentials.
Marie,the all-powerful Secretary General who represented the SDF was Prof.Asonganyi.If he was influential as you claim above,he wouldn't have signed up with the idea that a candidate must be bilingual in order to be selected.As an Anglophone himself,he would have known better,given that English-speaking Cameroonians are under-represented everyway.He never opposed this clause.It is heart-warming to you that Biya ruled Cameroon for 28 years without having proved his dexterity in English,only to become bilingual during the 29th year.Why would you not also be tolerant towards Fru Ndi,and give him more time to prove his linguistic exploits? I think Biya has never sold vegetables,cleaned cattle,but he has ended up with 65 thieving closest collaborators in prison.He spent 24.5 million a day in France,and he admitted that Inoni and Ze Meke stole lots of money,but he had no way to replace them.This is the first person you as an intellectual should be fighting to kick-out Marie,not putting up some sort of half-baked effontery against Fru Ndi.We now have about three candidates around the Bamenda region,pick one and promote his or her strengths,and stop hanging onto Fru Ndi's gonads.What do you mean by reading Chemistery notes on Cameroon? You meant history notes I guess!Empty theorizing and school-yard folk wisdom is not going to put Fru Ndi on a plate and hand him over to you to feed-fat the ancient grudge you bear him!


We may go up and down, we may ignore the writings in our CHEMISTRY notes (I repeat), but one main fact remains undisputable: Ni John Fru Ndi CANNOT be the president of Cameroon, TODAY, even if transparent elections are conducted. His own times are far gone and we must not pretend.We should not be living on "PAST GLORIES". Ni John Fru Ndi is fighting today, and his recent interview has confirmed it, TO MAINTAIN THE POSITION OF LEADER OF OPPOSITION, and not to become president of Cameroon.It seems as if Ni John Fru Ndi is bereaved and there are people using this forum to cry more than the bereaved.

I would like skeptics, to sincerely tell this forum if they, still, sincerely, believe that Ni John Fru can become president of Cameroon.Rather than arguing over the same thing, we should, sincerely, examine the chances of Ni John Fru Ndi becoming the president of Cameroon. The majority of Cameroonians consider Ni John Fru Ndi and president Paul Biya as Cameroon's butchers of democracy. While Biya is using all methods to remain head of state, Ni john Fru Ndi is doing same to remain main opposition leader. For both to succeeed, each relies on the other, and they both cooperate.

I wish Watesih and his followers good luck as they look forward to celebrating "victory" for Ni John Fru as president of Cameroon. October 09. 2011 is just by the corner. However, we do hope that by finally deciding to go in for elections, there will be no "cry-die" afterwards by his followers after election mal practices and "stolen victory".

Presidential elections are not won through "sentimental noise" and pious wishes.



... and before I forget, Watesih and his other highly "educated literate intellectuals" should start, immediately, to teach and train Ni John Fru Ndi on how to say "I do so swear" in French. Surely, the current House speaker will be talikg to Ni John Fru Ndi, "the president-to-be" in french. Watesih & al. may go into serious problems if they wait until the swearing in ceremony day to make Ni John Fru Ndi memorize the french version. They must remember than for more than 20 years that Ni John Fru Ndi has been "pretending" to be fighting to become the president of our bilingual (majority french-speaking), he has not been able, despite mounting criticisms, to be able to pronounce a single word in French.

A Nigerian Head of State registered and attended University in Nigeria. Goerge Weah after attempts to become president of his country, went back to school. But since the Biafran war prevented Ni John Fru Ndi from going to the United Kingdom to study on scholarship, it seems ... Still, it is never too late to learn.

It is unfortunate, it is only in Cameroon that people still believe that they can use "big talk", "intimidating noise", "lectures on past glories", "fragmented reasoning", etc. to walk into the presidency ...


I repeat that you should pull yourself together!You seem to be quarelling with yourself.If you are new here on this forum,I call on you to go back to archives since 2004,and you will discover you are preaching in a desert.Keep pushing,your true colours are coming out.Hear you:"They must remember that for more than 20 years that Ni John Fru Ndi has been "pretending" to be fighting to become the president of our bilingual (majority french-speaking), he has not been able, despite mounting criticisms, to be able to pronounce a single word in French".Those instincts of exclusion that some of you have learnt from Amadou Ali are on full display now.Of course your bilingual country becomes even more so when the President has to come from a French speaking background.I thought you were going to outline what French-speaking Presidents have done for the country for the past 50 years.I mean laying emphasis on results,but you keep spilling spittle about a language that is not even yours.Are you French Marie? Look at your name!It sounds Elitist just as your ideas.Paul Biya speaks French perfectly well,and has learnt few sentences in English after his 29th year in office,but what is there to show that he has learnt anything from the French or English? Is this not the man that was given a loan,but instead went to the French backyard of La Baule and started spending 24.5 million a day?
It seems your Chemistry notes taught you that Fru Ndi cannot be President of Cameroon,but my history notes taught me that John Major had an O/L and became British PM.My history notes taught me that Fru Ndi has been the runner-up in all defrauded elections in Cameroon.This shows you that the guy who can't speak French has all along been the true winner.Get over it!You are still stuck in the pettiness of linguistic background,but we look at the bigger picture,that is how to get our people out of poverty.If Fru Ndi was not the hard nut he is,Biya will not have to resurrect ghosts from the polit-bureau of the Cpdm to go and facilitate rigging at Elecam.
How fascinating is it to hear you harp about Fru Ndi going back to school to become bilingual!What ever happened to all the bilingual university students that have graduated over the past 3o years? We saw your Cpdm create 25,000 jobs for 10 million youths in a 30 year time span.You seem to be one of the confused sadists that wish nothing for Cameroon but difficult days.You accept the fact that your French-speaking President is going to carry out election malpractices,and steal the opposition's victory,but at the same time you want this opposition not to go into "cry die".In Cameroon elections are not won through the ballot.They are won at MINADT.This is what Marafat Hamidou Yaya confirmed.He said Elecam is worthless and filled with criminals.This is what you ought to be condemning,rather than pretending that there will be any elections.It's a mascarade!Since your name is written in French,if you can't win the debate here in English,you can try it in French!But I don't think your chemistry notes will help you.


Mr. Watesih, can you please tell this forum the probability of Ni John Fru Ndi becoming the President of TODAY. Forget about the "PAST" for just a second, forget about the long lectures upon lectures since 2004, and then give us just the probability (in approximate mathematical term) of Ni John Fru Ndi becoming president of Cameroon TODAY.

Over to you


You are an adult,aren't you? Why can't you who master French so well become President? You think Fru Ndi is an extra-terrestrial? When others learn from their history notes,you learn from your Chemistry ones,that is why you make categorical statements about life.There were no mathematical terms that pushed Ahidjo to make Biya President.Samuel Eboa,and Ayissi Mvondo were smarter.Biya was not the constitutional successor,but he was chosen for his docility,not because of mathematical terms.There were no mathematical terms in 1992 when Fru Ndi dealt Biya a hand.You started up with lectures,and your write up has suddenly shortened.It is up to you to prove to us that the Fru Ndi who beat Biya in 1992 can't do so the second time.You are the one swearing Fru Ndi can't be President,why do you want us to undo your swearing by proving that he can be one? Learn more from your Chemistry lessons and continue with the swearing!


Please Marie and Watesih you are becoming too emotional in the support of your candidates.Our beloved country, Cameroon was once considered as the bread basket of Africa.Today Cameroon is a basket case. That shows that the past 30 years have been a failure.We therefore need a leader who will save our children from the present day problems.In my opinion biligualism cannot be the condition sine qua non for choosing such a "saviour" God bless Cameroon(Cameroun)


J.S. Dinga,

We have checked the spam folder and there is no comment from you in there. Maybe you failed to submit it without realizing? Please go ahead and resubmit. Thanks.

The webmaster


Watesih, I thank you for your now shortened "cry-die", however you have not answered my question, at least directly. Tell this forum if you truly believe that with the situation in Cameroon TODAY, coupled with all the campaigns you have been doing for years, that Ni John Fru Ndi will be elected President of Cameroon.

I need this response from you, so as to post it again on this very forum after the final results must have been proclaimed.

Please be precise in your answer.



After the final results must have been proclaimed always keep in mind that the student of history that Watesih is never makes categorical statements like'"Gbagbo cannever be President of Cote D'Ivoire";"Ghadaffi will only die after having seen the United States of Africa"
I leave this kind of pathetic ego boosting to people like you who know deep-down they are not supposed to be where they are.You swore that Fru Ndi cannot be the President of Cameroon.You are just corroborating what one of your masters Amadou Ali said.It is no news to anyone by now.What you should rather do is enumerate to readers the insurmountable obstacles you have put on Fru Ndi's way not to achieve this goal.You started off by saying Fru Ndi "cannot" be President of Cameroon,now it has taken an euphemistic touch:"...with the situation in Cameroon TODAY, coupled with all the campaigns you have been doing for years, that Ni John Fru Ndi will be elected President of Cameroon".If the situation in Cameroon is the one Marafat Hamidou confirmed,that Elecam is an inconsequential body,manned by white-collar thieves,then you are right that Fru Ndi cannot be President.If the situation in Cameroon is such as your ethnic cleasing proponent,Amadou Ali described,that an Anglo-Bami cannot be President,or there will be war,then you are right to say Fru Ndi cannot be president.But the lesson a student of history(chemistry cannot work here) like me,will want you to take home is that in 1990 the SDF had a difficult birth,in 1992 Fru Ndi delt Biya a hand with the presence of Marafat,and Amadou Ali in Cameroon.


Mr Watesih,

I thought you were optimistic in your preaching and "cry-die". Do not try to divert attention here. If I have been using the word "TODAY", I simply mean that TODAY Cameroonians do not have any more trust and confidence in Ni John Fru Ndi as they did before. A geater majority of Cameroonians, even those of us within the rank of the opposition know this. Ni John Fru Ndi has FAILED. I am not saying that he has never done something good. But I continue to insist that time is over for him and it is better he hands over to someone who can win over the trust of Cameroonians as he, also, did in the 90s. The probability that Ni John Fru Ndi, TODAY, can be the president of Cameroon is almost zero.


Why are you living on initia; sleeping only when you wake? Why do you refuse to grow and see the light? Why have you been crying as if you are expecting some special benefits from the presidency of Ni John Fru Ndi that will never happen? Why must you always remove the food that has been graciously placed for you on the table, to place it on filty soil before eating it? You think you are not drunk with your political (dis)belief)? You think you are not already "Ni John Fru Ndi addicted".Why must you live and sleep with your mouth wide open to insult any one who dare criticize Ni John Fru Ndi. You boast that you have been doing this online for years. And so what? Who and what have you changed?

Look, because of Ni John Fru Ndi, your grand mothers, aunts, etc. walked naked in the streets of Bamenda, opening their "sacred things" to the bublic to curse any evil spirits that dare touched Ni John Fru Ndi. Because of Ni John Fru Ndi, Biya's army of destruction had live access to these "sacred things", looking at it as these poor mothers lifted up their legs to expose the sacred thing inbetween their thighs. And as your poor grand mothers were exposing their "sacred things" to the public, your grand fathers clapped and dansed, with the man you know chanting "Power to the people". Poor them - your grand mothers who exposed their nakedness because of Ni John Fru Ndi and their husbands, your grand fathers who supported their wives for exposing their "sacred things" were all desperate, chronically illiterate and had the belief - like many of us - that Ni John Fru Ndi was the one to save Cameroon from the mess Biya had dragged us into.

Why must you, Watesih, with all the education you have received, blessed with the opportunity to be living in a civilized world, continue to be more primitive, backward in reasoning, shallow in understanding, "blocked-headed" to criticisms,shamesless and ... than these grand mothers who have been betrayed by Ni John Fru Ndi? Why did your parents send you to school? To go lower? Why were you sent abroad? To acquire shallow reasoning?

You want to know all those who dare criticize Ni John Fru Ndi, where they come from, what they do, where they live, if they are francophones or anglophones. Are more anglophone than Ni John Fru Ndi who is cooperating with other francophones and Paul Biya at the detriment of all Cameroonians, Anglophones included? You think it is mere coincidence that the case against Ni John Fru Ndi and others for the killing of a Ben Muna supporter in Yaounde has disappeared? With your level of education, you still not understand that a deal was reached to drop this case? Who are you deceiving here?

Your online reactions, excuse me, are all signs of meanness and I would advise you to rethink the way you look at things, even those you may disagree with. Cameroon can not move ahead with the type of shallow and backward reasoning you have - excuse me. Your degree of online madness - excuse me again, is already attaining alarming and dangerous proportions. Relax man, for you have not lost everything ...

Why must you always insult, intimidate, accuse, blackmail ... any one who dare criticize Ni John Fru Ndi? Yet you continue to rejoice and sing praises to those who criticize other politicians, especially those you consider a challenge to Ni John Fru Ndi? Why is the criticism not on the SDF but on Ni John Fru Ndi? Do you think Cameroon can progress with the type of ideas you were born with?


... and before I forget, Mr. Watesih if The Post online can give readers the opportunity to freely express their ideas, we too must do same. It will be mere civility, respect, and acknowledgment of diversity in reasoning on YOUR PART if you learn to allow others to free say what they think. This is more important if one considers the fact that you are neither the owner or moderator of this PUBLIC forum. Grow up please!



I thought you asked a question and I answered you.Look Marie,you can change your name as many times as possible,but the punch you will receive will be the same.Your nose has been badly bloodied,that's why you leave Fru Ndi and jumped on me.That approach is even more dangerous because I`m right here to defend myself against a dimwit like you.I totally agree with you that Fru Ndi has failed,but there are 23 candidates,2 others around Bamenda region.Go for any one of them.Kah Walla is a former militant of the SDF.Throw your support behind her,and don't hang yourself because of Fru Ndi.If somebody has failed and worthless like Fru Ndi,I will not spend sleepless nights writing thesis online cosying up to his name.I will ignore him.If you want to be Hitler,stay in your Cpdm where Biya is always anointed and not elected.With the mention of the murder of a Muna supporter in Yaounde,readers can know where you are coming from.We thought there were two SDFs,one under Muna and one under Fru Ndi? You have not yet seen anything! The SDF was launched with the blood of Cameroonians,and chalatans like you will never bring it down.I think your master Muna knows a thing or two about this.He ought to advise you to back off.Those lines about naked mothers are the same Mukete repeated here sometime ago.If he has now transformed himself into Marie,he shouldn't forget those who defended the SDF before are still around.Bring out all the insults you know about me,but with what we have learnt from Amadou Ali,we know what makes you run.The SDF will never be placed on a slaughter and handed over to you.Never!Also if you don't like Fru Ndi,challenge him in polls,or start your own party.With our support he will never hand the SDF to you and your masters!Go and tell them that this is what we are saying.I don't remember me barring you from expressing your ideas,if only you had ideas to express in the first place.If you can't stand the heat,get out of the kitchen.When Fru Ndi was toiling recently to get a democratic Elecam,you were hiding in your small mole hole,only to jump out now that elections are around the corner and ask him to hand the SDF over to you.Why not go and hang yourself?


Watesih, you are confirming what and who you are. Why care too much about those who write, whether they change or not? And what prevents people from changing their names? Whether it is a Mukate, or what ever, what has that got to do here? Give your arguments without attempting to know who is writing. Why do you need to know who is writing in a forum where everybody uses the name he or she likes. Why raise irrelevant arguments? Why try to divert attention?

I would like to refer to a note from the Post Webmaster of September, 25. 2011:

"Similarly, we don't censor contributors. If a CPDM sympathizer, e.g., Emmanuel Konde, wants space to argue the case of the Biya regime, they are free to do so."

Tell us Mr. Watesih, why readers must know whether it is the supporter of Ben Muna, Walla, Ndam Njoya ... who is writing. And what is wrong if supporters of other opposition leaders write? I wonder how mad you would have been if you were in Cameroon where campaign is currently underway.Luckily today in Cameroon, people can simply kill, intimidate, burn down houses and properties and go free.

Ni John Fru Ndi was in the fier of Adamu Ndam Njoy freely campaigning and nobody has complained. He will be going to the norther regions and to all the other parts of the country - FREELY. Why are you so mad when other contributors support another opposition leader other than Ni John Fru Ndi? Why not simply go on blowing your support for Ni John Fru Ndi - which is your right, or criticizing other political leaders - which is also your right, BUT at the same time allowing other contributors to freely express their opinions, and for the leader of their choice. Why must everybody reason the way you do, support the leader you support? Where is true democracy in the example you want to portray?

Soon you will start digging into where contributors live (city and country) and do to earn a living (whether they are sponsored or not). Soon again you will start correcting people's English and grammer. When Ni John Fru Ndi uses pidgin English ("Bad English") to address everyone, you find nothing wrong in that. But when a contributor uses an online forum like the one we are using, you rush into criticizing his or her English. For the thousands of years that you have been involved in this online "cry-die", why couldn't create your own forum, where you will dictate what contributors MUST do.

Your reactions to those who creticize Ni John Fru Ndi clearly shows that you are "trained child" of dictatorship. How mean! Why not simply ignore the criticisms that seem to give you heart attack and concentrating on presenting your facts to gather support for the political leader of your choice?

Please kindly spare readers this tendency of always wanting to put everything under your thumb, trying to dictate everything to everone. You have tries this for many years as you say, but I doubt what you have gained. I would have expected a supporter of your calbre to be in the campaign train in Cameroon, rather than seating behind the computer screen to monitor and challenge all those who dare criticize the leader of your choice. Why must you always be ready to throw your anger on anyone who dare criticize Ni John Fru Ndi? Are you Mr. know-all? Real meanness indeed.


Tata Henry

"Give your arguments without attempting to know who is writing. Why do you need to know who is writing in a forum where everybody uses the name he or she likes"

It is stuff that Cameroonians are made of: COWARDICE.
Why not bring out your true names and photos to show readers that you both have courage. Most of those who write courageously in this forum use their true names and sometimes photos.


Mr. Tatah Henry,

And how do readers know which name is true or not. If the webmaster allows people to use any name, it is also because some readers use the opportunity to talk about the private lives of other contributors, linking them to this and that... which may not be veriable. Note that contributors are not public figures like political leaders who are accountable to the public. By going into politics, policians are clearly aware of the connections between their private and public lives. Also note that forums in civilized societies and even citizens of much democracies use nick names for contributions on online forums. It is not by speaking out our names that make us courageous.

I think if you were courageous, as using your "true name" seems to indicate, then you should have gone to Cameroon to help chase Biya out of the presidency instead of sitting behind the computer ... What if Ni John Fru Ndi had done same?


Instead of being bitter about Fru Ndi online,go back to Cameroon,and force him to hand the SDF over to you as you so desire.You say I've been defending Fru Ndi for a decade,and when I say you are Mukete,you want to jump off a cliff.This is the time when people should know where you stand.Why should you hide behind Fru Ndi's name why supporting another candidate? As long as you are not promoting your own candidate but want to spend the election season reminding everyone Fru Ndi cannot be President,we will kick against that.Don't waste time with that vitriolic rhetoric about me.I'm never one to be cowed by ramblers.Since you say Fru Ndi is courageous standing up to Biya in Cameroon,prove that you are also courageous standing up to Fru Ndi online by identifying yourself to him.Let him know that he has an unrepentant enemy online.Anything short of that is cowardice.At least everybody knows we are SDF supporters.You are even afraid of your shadow.What is the meaning of Marie?You are afraid to be Mukete,you also afraid to be Kah Walla,Ndam Njoya's supporter.We are passionate about our country.Who pushed you into proclaiming Fru Ndi cannot be president if you could not take the heat.Marie,you have been out-witted in a debate online,and you prefer to go into mourning.After years of repeating that Fru Ndi cannot be President,you think Cameroonians will applaud you again in 2011.If you are complaining about me,it means you have been hit by a car,but if you dare ramble about things politics here,I will continue to deliver the punch you know so well.Bring on the venom,this is campaign season!


Mr. Watesih, must one support a particular presidential candidate before he/she can criticize another candidate he/she considers destructive, unfit and a traitor - like Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi? Who was your Natural Study teacher at primary school? Which primary school, Watesih, did you attend? In which hospital were you born?

It is an individual's right to campaign against a SPECIFIC leader even if that individual has no particular candidate to support. You may, however, note that I am against the two most dangerous enemies for Cameroonians and Cameroon today: First, Paul Biya and second, Ni John Fru Ndi. President Paul Biya is president and Ni John Fru Ndi is leader of the opposition. They have both conspired to drag Cameroon into the mess it finds itself today.

Arguing with you may prevent many readers from actually knowing the difference. For the many years that you have been intimidating and insulting the many readers who dare question the leadership skills of Biya's collaborator, Ni John Fru Ndi, what have you achieved.

You will only claim victory only on the day Ni John Fru Ndi becomes President of Cameroon. So work hard for this to take place soon. But I continue to wonder why despite the many years that you have been "crying in the wilderness" for Ni John Fru Ndi, the SDF NAtional Executive Committee has not yet consider you for a strategic organization.

John Dinga

Our country is facing a crucial election that can make quite a difference in our lives. If there is one thing patriotism calls for, it is to contribute useful ideas that can go to the campaigns and the ensuing administration to follow. Frankly all this expenditure of energy here can hardly take us to the coveted Nirvana and showing off our encyclopedic knowledge by tossing unhelpful invectives at fellow citizens belittles us in the eyes of non-nationals who share this space.

Some time ago, it was fashionable to respond to a fool by just keeping quiet. Where did that wisdom go? Are we not by far better than what some of us are so strenuously trying to portray on these pages?


I'm Cameroonian and I'm passionate about my country.You are Cameroonian too,but you are a house-slave.With what Amadou Ali said about our situation,no right-thinking person in the world will agree with you in 2011 that there's one opposition leader who cannot be President of Cameroon because the majority of citizens are francophone.Nobody will agree with you that one particular opposition leader cannot be President because he can't speak French.Our consitution does not stipulate this.This is where you started your debate,and this shows you off in the eyes of all the Cameroonians who were recently hurt by Amadou Ali's declaration as a proponent of ethnic cleansing.For you to keep narrowing down your debate to the level where you hang on me,and not on Fru Ndi not becoming President is pathetic.
You did not start off by saying Biya cannot be President of Cameroon again.You were celebrating his new-found linguistic exploits,thereby giving the impression that he is a better President for a Francophone country.It is therefore ridiculous for you to pretend that you are out to criticise both Biya and Fru Ndi.It is your right to campaign against any leader even if you don't have a candidate to support,but it is not your right to be against a particular leader because people supported his endorsement and criticised that of another.
Arguing with me will make the difference you want to make very clear.That one person cannot be President of Cameroon because he can't speak French.This is exactly what Amadou Ali has been saying.Don't worry too much about what I have achieved supporting Fru Ndi,you should rather worry about what Cameroonians have achieved for 30 years waiting patiently for the President who speaks French to deliver.If you yourself had acieved anything from him,you would not want to brand him as somebody who has dragged Cameroon into mud,while at the same time childishly celebrating few English language sentences he has learnt during his 29th year in office.You surely see support for an individual as a means to hold posts in NEC or whatever milieu,that's why you say Fru Ndi must hand over the SDF to you.Nothing is hnaded in life Sir.Everything is fought for!When I debate with anyone,I pay attention on the ideas and invectives,and I raise the bar as the invectives multiply.You have chosen towards the end of the debate to pay attention to only one side,that is invectives,and that shows you ran out of ideas.The last thing I want you to take home is that the SDF is a social force and not a man.Nobody is going to hand it over to you to destroy.It's leader Fru Ndi has tried his own best,and nobody is stopping you from carrying on where he must have ended.You are old enough to run a party.You are also old enough to have a website rather than taking inventory of how long others have been writing here.


Look Mr. Watesih, readers are reasonable enough that your tactic of divertion will never work. My problem has never been with the SDF; it has never been the Anglophone-Francophone divide as you want to divert issues to. MY PROBLEM AND THAT OF MILLIONS OF CAMEROONIANS IS PAUL BIYA AND NI JOHN FRU NDI. Since I had many years ago rejected Paul Biya as a misfit, my attention now is on Ni John Fru Ndi. I wouldn't support Ni John Fru Ndi who is exactly like Paul Biya to replace Biya. Making Ni John Fru Ndi president would be putting "new wine into an old bottle."

You must have realized that all those who resigned from the SDF have not accused the SDF as a political party; their problem remains Ni John Fru Ndi. This butcher of democracy has joined Paul Biya to kill our country. I have NEVER said that Ni John Fru Ndi can not be president of Cameroon solely because he can not speak French. I brought in the French issue to illustrate that Ni John Fru Ndi can not learn. You find it normal that after 20 years Ni John Fru Ndi is moving all over the country to be preaching in Pidgin English, even in the presence of foreign Journalists and diplomats?

Readers understand that I continue to maintain that he has failed us all and is now cooperating with Paul Biya. Trying to divert discussion will not gain you any sympathy. Readers are very understanding and no degree trying to divert the topic will lead readers attray.

The fact that even people who were willing to die for the SDF should resign because of Ni John Fru Ndi need to remove the piece of rock still blocking blood from flowing into your brain. Are you more SDF than people like Akkonteh, Kum, etc? What have you done or will ever do for the SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi that people like these have not already done? You think using your name and hidding behind the computer screen to vomit venom on readers make you courageous? You think using the Internet to bark at readers without biting make you couragous?

Any other young promising Anglophone or Francophone can become president of Cameroon. But the Ni John Fru Ndi I know very well and that we have already given the opportunity CANNOT be president of Cameroon. Mr. Watesih this is the simple fact. Ni John Fru Ndi will NEVER, NEVER, be the president of Cameroon.

Please stay focus to the point; leave the SDF alone; leave the Anglophone-Francophone divide aside; and discuss Ni John Fru Ndi. I will repeat it any where, at any time, and before anyone that NI JOHN FRU NDI AND PAUL BIYA ARE THE ENEMIES OF CAMEROON; and that they are both bed fellows and butchers of democracy. If you want to cry, go no, but Ni John Fru Ndi will not be president. The only thing he can achieve is that President Paul Biya will do everything to make Ni John Fru Ndi come to the second position to remain leader of opposition. President is more confortable with Ni John Fru Ndi than most of the other opposition candidates. He has dined, made deals with Ni John Fru Ndi ...


Watesih, the "most informed and most educated and teacher " online contributor, do you understand me?


If you are thin-skinned do not always try to pick a fight in public.Firstly,your double postings show you are in a state of hysteria.Secondly,in every paragraph of your last write up you want to beleive that readers understand you.Readers understand your playing with the unity of a people.Readers understand that in your country some people cannot become leader because they are a minority that speaks English.You did not tell readers that Fru Ndi can't become president solely because of his inability to speak French,but you followed up by saying this disqualifies him to be leader of a majority French-speaking country.This is exclusion,and readers will not be happy with you exhibiting this divisive tendencies.
You say you rejected Paul Biya as a misfit many years ago,but a reader in South America would never know of this rejection of yours.What the reader will take away at this crucial moment in the country's history is that you admire Biya,and that you are derisive of Fru Ndi.This is examplified by the profuse praises you pour on Biya for being able to speak both languages while Fru Ndi can't.That is what a new reader reading you will take away.
You seem to be in some pathetic mental straight-jacket that you keep beckoning on readers to understand you.Readers however know that the Fru Ndi you villify was the only one who stood up for a good Elecam recently.Nobody ever heard of an impersonator called Marie.Something seems to be wrong with you Mr.Marie.Read this paragraph and see how many times you have mentioned the word reader:"Readers understand that I continue to maintain that he has failed us all and is now cooperating with Paul Biya. Trying to divert discussion will not gain you any sympathy. Readers are very understanding and no degree trying to divert the topic will lead readers attray".I agree intoto with you that Fru Ndi will never be President,can you now refresh the minds of new readers who have never read you about the failed policies of Biya.For the sake of the readers you constantly referring to try to even up things by telling them why Biya has failed.
Finally,your barking about me being A or B,shows you lost your bearings.If you want to be a true Cpdm spokesman,you must be thick-skinned.Not a rambler trying to move the goal post of the debate.Imagine you saying Fru Ndi cannot be President in "a majority French-speaking" country,only to pour water in your wine by saying:"Any other young promising Anglophone or Francophone can become President of Cameroon.How do you want your dear readers to look at you? As a divisive skinhead,or Rwanda trained ethno-fascist?


Mr. Watesih, the debate is on whether or not Ni John Fru Ndi can be president of Cameroon. My position is that Ni John Fru Ndi CANNOT and will NEVER be the president of Cameroon, even if Paul Biya leaves. Tell us your own position to this pecise debate so that readers have it in records. Be please specific rather than turning round and round.

Mr. Watesih, you can assume all what you think about me, but that is not the debate here. Readers will not waste their time imagining who you and I are; for that is not the issue; they are interested in knowing who should be or should not be president of Cameroon. Tell readers all what you think about me, something you have been practicing in the Internet for many years, BUT he debate is not about "Watesih or Marie"; it is whether or not Ni John Fru Ndi can be president.

All what you are trying to do is use the both of us to pull away Ni John Fru Ndi from the discussion. You are happy to see me use my energy and time to talk about you, so that I do not REMIND (because most already know) why Ni John Fru Ndi cannot and will NEVER be president of Cameroon. Your strategy will not work, for my aim is to prevent Camerooians from giving Paul Biya's best accomplice, Ni John Fru Ndi any consideration.

Do not deviate attention from the debate on the current presidential elections to both of us, when readers do not even know who we really are. Readers know the presidential candidates and everyone has the right to accept or reject a particular candidate. I have rejected especially President Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi. You have accepted Ni John Fru Ndi. The common person here is Ni John Fru Ndi, since both of us have rejected President Paul Biya. Since presidential elections are coming soon, will Ni John Fru Ndi be the president of Cameroon?

If you do not make your position clear on this particular debate, then I will be forced to ignore all the "round-and-round" discussion you present. Consequently, if your very next contribution does not clearly define your position on whether or not Ni John Fru Ndi will become president of Cameroon, then I will ignore you and concentrate onpresident Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi, and especially on Ni John Fru Ndi because he has shown us his true colors before trying to become president. When the former head of state made Biya president, a LARGE majority of Cameroonians rejoiced because they had not known his bad sides. For Ni John Fru Ndi, and thank God, Cameroonians have seen his true colors.


We are all Cameroonians,and we know the hot air we are noted for around the world.Your last contribution shows that you have been dealt with in the Cameroonian way.You are more polite now,and struggling not to compare me to the Akontehs,Kums and you name them.A debate cannot have an assertion and a question at the same time.You are categoric that Fru Ndi cannot and can never be the President of Cameroon.I agree with you intoto.But I don't think you have the right to bar Fru Ndi from becoming president of a majority French speaking country,because he can't speak French.Look Mr. Marie,get one central argument from this two contrasting ideas and stop being an embarrassment to yourself:"My position is that Ni John Fru Ndi CANNOT and will NEVER be the president of Cameroon, even if Paul Biya leaves" and "Since presidential elections are coming soon, will Ni John Fru Ndi be the president of Cameroon?".One is categoric and one is a question. Are you smoking something? I gave you the privilege to shake off some of the pent-up anger in you,but now I have to take back that privilege and leave you alone to continue your antifada against Fru Ndi.Good luck!


Mr. Watesih,

I thank you HEARTILY for answering my question in the following statement you made in your last contribution:

"You are categoric that Fru Ndi cannot and can never be the President of Cameroon.I agree with you intoto."

My aim had never been to prevent Ni John Fru Ndi from becoming president of Cameroon simply because of his inability to speak French. My aim here, and please permit me to repeat, is, as my own contribution to the problem in Cameroon, AT LEAST, prevent Paul Biya (as current president) and Ni John Fru Ndi (as MAIN opposition leader) from deciding the destiny of our beloved country. True, Ni John Fru Ndi gave president Paul Biya the heat in the 90s and hope to Cameroonians BUT he can no more do so today. Let us be frank with the reality today.

We need someone else to intiate a new and different HEAT that can chase Biya out of power. Personally I do not care whether that NEW VIBRANT-of-the-new-generation leader is Anglophone or Francophone, so long as that leader helps chase Biya out. That is my point.

With this issue now cleared, I sincerely hope we allow each other freely express whatever he thinks about politicians who remain accountable to the public since they are public figures. You and I are not public figures.

Thanks again.


J. S. Dinga

Negative campaigns usually hurt more than help candidates running for office. Instead of spending so much energy running down rival candidates, would it not be more prudent to dwell on the positive points of the choice candidates? The election is quite close! And since this is a national affair, won't it be prudent to let others speak as well? Too voluminous postings form one and ther same source kills the joy of the debate, I am afraid.

Fortunately it is going to be a secret ballot and we can rejoice that Cameroonians will vote according to their consciences. Let us spare the candidate untenable comparisons. It is unacceptable to impose bilingualism on any candidate when this has never ever been the case before. As for intelligence and educational qualifications, they were there before the "illiterate" leader of the SDF made his mark on the national scene, have been there all along and will very likely be there after him, toying with Cameroon's intractable problems.


Who decides if a campaign is "positive" or "negative", and how are they defined by the way? The person campaigning, the person being campaigned against, or the electorate? In any campaign, there is nothing wrong if campaigner's MEAT is his opponents's poison. Whether a campaign is negative or positive is relative; it depends on the person passing the judgment. We all watched the USA presidential campaign live, during which a presidential candidate was doing everything to link Obama to "Islamic ..." and was NEVER asked to stop doing so. The "private lives" of presidents and presidential candidates have been used "negatively" during campaigns, including the sex affair surrounding the reign of Bill Clinton.

When there is a presidential campaign, it does not imply "positive campaign", however we expect campaigners to be polite and respectfull, although these, too, are relative and depends on several factors. This does not imply that the electorate should only pour positive campaign when a known killer, for exxample, is campaigning to become the president of a country. At the end, it is the electorate that decides. And the electorate can only decide after weighing the "negative" campaigns and the "positive" campaigns. We have also watched Ni John Fru Ndi, BEFORE, preaching everywhere that Paul Biya must go, using negative comments about president Paul Biya. And believe me, almost all what Ni John Fru Ndi WAS saying about president Paul Biya was true. If one considers "negative campaign" to be "Anti-Campaign" then there is completely nothing wrong in using it.President Paul Biya has used it against the opposition parties. Opposition has used it against opposition. The clergy has used it; everyone is using it, and readers of this forum should not be an exception.

By the way, I would like to inform J. S. Dinga that readers have since been waiting, and waiting, for the "MAGIC SOLUTION" that he had for Cameroon, and which he taught The Post Webmaster had censored. Since the day The Post advised J. S. Dinga to re-post the article he had all along been crying about, some of us have been getting up at midnight to see if he, J. S. Dinga has re-posted that VERY IMPORTANT AND INDISPENSABLE ARTICLE.I had expected him to immediately post it when he was asked to do so.

Can J. S. Dinga do readers and Cameroonians as a whole a favour by PLEASE re-posting that his article. It may be the final solution to take Cameroon and Cameroonians away from all the trouble that President Paul Biya has dragged us into.

Please J. S. Dinga, help! We are waiting for that magic article - be it "negative or positive." Accept my thanks in advance.



Dy the way, J. S. Dinga, I forgot to re-post the advice The Post had given you, relating to that your magic article or contribution. Here is it:

"J.S. Dinga,

We have checked the spam folder and there is no comment from you in there. Maybe you failed to submit it without realizing? Please go ahead and resubmit. Thanks.

The webmaster"

This was posted on Monday, 26 September 2011 at 01:10PM. It is already three days after. Most of us have been spending sleepless nights, waiting and waiting, for you to re-post that MAGIC and SALUTARY contribution. Please kindly do.


J. S. Dinga

Dear M. Watesih, while appreciating and thanking you for your insightful postings of September 23rd and 26th, I was wondering if you could enlighten me on the genesis of the famous Article 8.2 of the SDF Consitution which has generated so much furor. It is so refreshing to read from an enlightened mind.

Is it that bad really? And what option would there be in handling matters where party officials actually crossed the line? I am reminded of what is currently going on today in South Africa's ANC with one of its strong officials. Thank you.


In my opinion Fru Ndi`s biggest faux pas is never having postulated for any subalternate post (legislative, municipal) other than the presidency. It leaves an impression of entitlement (a bit like postulating for a job without a reference).

In this regard Adamou Ndam Njoya has been strategically astute. He`s not only been a parliamentarian but is currently the mayor of Foumban. The locals have a chance to assess him.

I think a stint within the Bamenda urban council would have given Fru Ndi a chance to not only prove his worth but also remain in the public eye. Rulership cannot be limited to conjecture, one needs concrete evidence.


J.S Dinga,
You were right that some write ups are deliberately deleted here.I replied to your concerns about article 8.2,and posted it.After a while it disappeared.I also remember I posted another write up under the endorsements Kah Walla was having,and it disappeared sometime after.I did not bother to complain,but I think it is mean to try to nib discussions about certain topics in the bud.
Limbekid,Fru Ndi is a natural manager of men.From business to sports and then to politics.The way the SDF operates shows you his strength as a manager.The SDF has a female Scribe,a shadow Cabinet,and has been at the origin of many important things affecting the life of the nation.His push for a democratic Elecam couldn't have only been carried out by someone who has run a council.Managing people for that long is not conjecture.I know it's difficult for some of us to give praise where it is due,but honesty warrants us to acknowledge others' strength.The SDF always has a clear-cut programme for the country,unlike the Cpdm whose leader keeps moving from one slogan to another,without showing concrete results.We don't know what "Grands ambitions" achieved,that it soon metamorphosed into "Grands realisations".Anybody who knows something about rulership gives a time span to the people and respect it.FDru Ndi has given three years to usher in a transition.The country will know that there are benchmarks,not some random tossing of slogans in the air.

J. S. Dinga

Thanks, Watesih. I would appeal to the webmster to take another close look at this matter. If mine was a rare inadvertent mistake, you would not express a similar fate about the mysterious disappearance of your writeup on this forum. The fact that your posting disappeared into thin air like some of mine, speaks for a totally different cause than what the webmaster said of mine. I took the webmaster's explanation in good faith and rested my case even though some rabble rouser, adept at distracting attention from the main issues with superfluous linguistic inflation, still went to war with me for not doing her bidding.

It would be nice to see and review the contours of this famous artilce 8.2 of the SDF Constitution. Whenever people are sacked from a party it brings about pleny to acrimony. On the other hand, if they sense that they have run afoul of the system and withdraw to save what is left of their honor, others jump in to proclaim John Fru Ndi's dictatorship in the SDF. Surely if that were the case, the many alternative parties created here and there by discontents who left the SDF should have taken away support for the parent party and even reduced it to nought. The fact that this is not the case calls for a different explanation than Fru Ndi's purported dictatorship. And lest I forget, there are still lots of big brains in the SDF, including the respectable Prof Ndive Kofele Kale and the current Secretary-General.


@ Watesih,

I`m neither a supporter nor detractor of any political party in Cameroon (more observer than fanatic). The reality is, with politics the best candidates don`t always win. Quite often it is the realists who emerge victorious.

I know Fru Ndi has sold vegetables, run a bookshop, and is currently involved in farming. Nothing wrong with that, however, running a sole proprietorship lacks ingredients of public enterprise, such as proven integrity and accountability with public funds. Besides, a proper resume is not limited to a string of activities, but performance (increasing sales, increased profit, increasing efficiency etc). A political party is made up of supporters who for the most part pledge unconditional allegiance, so except for whistle-blowers we`ll never know for sure how well the party is (mis)managed.

Anyway, that`s by the by. What`s even more important is the changes in the SDF fan base. It`s almost 20 years since Fru Ndi first presented himself for elections. In between there have been demographic changes (some supporters have left, others are disinterested, others tired, others too old to care, some dead...), to maintain momentum and interest requires permanent activity and results to show, otherwise we may only be left to imagine what might have been.


If for 20 years you have not yet imagined "what might have been" and have been keeping inventory of every little bit of mov't in the SDF,it means you have not gone far from the party's fan base.If you are dying to know how well the party is mismanaged,try to infiltrate it more than the Cpdm has done before.Running a bookshop;selling vegetables and involving in farming are economic activities.His political activities have seen him launch the SDF,won an election in 1992,went to parliament and effected reforms like those that saw Mounchipou thrown into jail,those that paved the way for the diasporan vote,and fought relentlessly to have a democratic Elecam.It will only be out of bad faith to pretend that there has not been increase in efficiency.These are some of the activities that keep Fru Ndi busy,while some of us who pretend to know how to run councils sleep.To keep his hands on reforms,he has a shadow cabinet made up of no-nonesense intellectuals,who keep him abreast with the state of the nation.Vegetable and book seller,farmer,opposition chieftain,runner-up in all defruaded elections in Cameroon. Don't you think there're few guys like this man in Cameroon Limbekid?

J. S. Dinga

Gentlemen, Ladies, Fellow Citizens,
Today is the D-day! Let us take a good cup of coffee or a glass of Afo-fo and wait for the election officials to complete the gymnastics and tell us that we have a future. All said and done, we all have contributed some illuminating ideas in this forum to enlighten each other. Let us rejoice in the contributions we have made.

Happy Sunday and Happy Outcomes.My prayer goes to all of you.


We are now in 2011 and it is time we stop this "cry-die" about Ni John Fru Ndi having won the presidential elections of 1992. We should count victory only after we HAVE it. Counting something that has been taken away from us as victory is pure nonsense. For the 1992 presidential elections to be counted as victory for Ni John Fru Ndi, he ought to have taken it - do not ask me how - and not relying on Biya's supreme court to give him the victory.

The case of Ivory coast is there for us all to see. The outgoing president of that country did everything to steal victory given by the people to the opposition. Despite the fact that the highest body of the country handed victory to the incumbent, the opposition was able to rally national and international support to take the victory it won. The opposition leader himself was on the phone and internet doing everything to sell his case to all those who mattered. The knowledge that the opposition leader had on international affairs, diplomacy, international relations, finance and banking, etc gave him an advantage. He remained in the Golf Hotel but was able to put things together to KEEP his victory. He used his expertise in monetary and banking matters to hit the incumbert.He formed a government that finally took power.

Do not complain that the International community handed the Ivirian opposition the victory. Lies, he was able to sell his case to the international community and succeeded to bring everyone to his side. Ni John Fru Ndi won, but he lacked the experience and knowledge to bring everyone to his side. Instead, he was put under house arrest. He was contented to be surrounded by old and naked women. In fact, Ni John Fru foolish thought that the nakedness of old women would force Biya and his army of occupation to hand him power. This explains a major difference between experience gained in public administration, international relations and diplomacy, international finance and banking and managing a football team, selling books and vegetables. Ni John Fru Ndi has formed a shadow government which remains a SHAM!

Rather than always shouting that Ni John Fru Ndi won the 1992 presidential elections, one should instead question what he did or ought to have done to keep back the won victory. Victory becomes victory only when it is conserved; stolen victory is not victory, especially if the thief is allowed to governed even the presumed winner. Since 1992, events have clearly indicated that Ni John Fru Ndi has recognized and accepted president Paul Biya as his president and president of Cameroon. Ni John Fru Ndi has been struggling to meet Paul Biya as president of all Cameroonians; he met Biya as president in Bamenda; he has gone to the Unity Palace to pay respect to his president and president of Cameroon; he has received money from the government of Cameroon whose president is Paul Biya. It is without thought content for others to be complaining about stolen victory of 1992 when Ni John Fru Ndi himself has accepted defeat.In fact, some people are using this forum to cry-die more than the bereaved. And they seem to be preparing to count another victory, only after Paul Biya and his gang of thieves must have stolen the peoples`victory.

Let those crying-die more than Ni John Fru Ndi tell us what they will do to take back any stolen victory. Hidding behing the computer screen and making noise will never return the victory that was stolen in 1992; it will not give us the victory of 2011 if this, too, is stolen. It is a failure, a defeat if one is unable to take back his victory that has been stolen. One must accept failure and defeat if he or she can not take back what is rightly his or her, and there are many ways to take back stolen victories. Crying like babies is not one of them.


You are the one involved in empty rhetoric and cry-die that he did not win.If he did not win,why are you defending that fact and giving examples."Do not complain that the international community handed the Ivorian opposition the victory" Who complained to you? Suffering from psychosis? Oautarra used his expertise to phone his international friends.They heeded to his call and came.How many Ivorians died? How long would it take to heel the wounds and rebuild the country? Fru Ndi refused to destroy Cameroon,and allowed Biya to rule knowing well he would fail.Today he is having 100 Ministers in prison,spends 189 days a year abroad,spends 24.5 million a day on beaches abroad.Fru Ndi's shadow cabinet is intact,and he lives in Cameroon,working on his farm,growing vegetables for local people.Let those apologists who are slaving online to eternalise a murderous regime,and who are afraid of being reminded of their theft stop thinking they will ever succeed to out-shout us.You are afraid of your shadow,that is why you don't want to be reminded of your transgressions.We will keep doing that!


I do not know what some people really, confusely, want. It shocks me when some say "Fru Ndi refused to destroy Cameroon, and allowed Biya to rule knowing well that he would fail." That Ni John Fru Ndi refused to destroy Cameroon? To destroy it with what and with whom? Naked old Takeuberg women? With empty slogans? That Ni John Fru Ndi allowed Biya to rule? How? With which authority? How could you allow someone to rule when that same person had you under house arrest? And the very Ni John Fru Ndi had challenged the results in the supreme court? Ni John Fru Ndi had called the International community to take back his victory from Biya, but his primitive method of approach, lack of international diplomacy, lack international relations and stack illitracy - excuse me- failed him.

As we do everything to replace Paul Biya at the head of the Nation, for how long will Ni John Fru Ndi continue to "allow Biya to rule"? How can Ni John Fru Ndi be going in for elections when he knows fully well that even if his victory is stolen, he will still allow Biya to rule - because of peace? Ni John Fru Ndi is NOT a threat to Paul Biya? By going to meet Ni John Fru Ndi ONLY in Bamenda after the many years that Ni John Fru Ndi has been begging and pleading to meet Biya, Paul Biya was merely trying to confirm that Ni John Fru Ndi was a local and regional hero. How could Ni John Fru Ndi had understood this? Instead Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of "hostage-takers" actually celebrated Ni John Fru Ndi's meeting with Paul Biya. What a shame! What a disgrace! The very first time, after many many years, that Ni John Fru Ndi was given the privilege to enter the reception section of the Unity Palace, Ni John Fru Ndi was moving magestically, greeting almost everyone, rushing to stand in front of the cameras, smiling and smiling - as if to say "At last, I am also in the presidency". What a shame!

Cameroon is one of the few countries in the world where the main opposition leader is NO threat to the president. Ni John Fru Ndi's cry-diers are NOT helping him in any way.Some talk about peace, and indeed the CPDM handed Ni John Fru Ndi a "Noble Prize for peace" during his most recent birthday in Bamenda. And this is the peace that Paul Biya and his gang of thieves are boasting of every day. Before, Cameroonians were made to understand that Ni John Fru Ndi could catch and deflect live bullets; that SDF supporters could use a locally made "rubber-gun" to shoot down Biya's plane.And we all believed!

And when we talk about peace, we need to question what happened to the six innocent souls that auctioned their lives to Biya's army just to protect and project Ni John Fru Ndi. Ni John Fru Ndi has walked his way into politics through the blood of innocent souls - the six butchered during the lauching of the SDF, the murder of Ni John Fru Ndi's number one supporter in Balikutbat SDF chairman by Fon Ndoh? Wht should we be talking about peace as if these people, too, could not benefit from the same peace?

Kah Walla left the SDF because she invited Cameroonians to register and vote while SDF and Ni John Fru Ndi was against this. At the end, Ni John Fru Ndi was running up and down to invite Cameroonians to do what Kah Walla had already fought for. Since Ni John Fru Ndi is CPDM declared peace winner, we expect him to accept the results that will be announced by the supreme court. That is peace Mr. Sabi-all.

However, if important personalities like Desmound Tutu, Nelson Mandela and other south Africans were to buy Ni John Fru Ndi's notion of peace, then apatheid would have still been in place; no international community would have come to their aid; and a Black man would never have been president. Do you hear me Mr. Watesih, the Sabi-all?

Readers are looking forward to your contributions following the declaration of results.


SDF is the most popular and determined political party in Cameroon. But its leadership under Ni John Fru Ndi is the problem. All those who have been pushed out of the SDF, who have left the SDF, who are leaving the SDF and who will be leaving the SDF, have and will always consider Ni John Fru Ndi as the main obstacle that must be surmounted in order for the SDF to take power. Ni John Fru Ndi is preventing the SDF from attaining greater heights.

When other opposition parties refuse to have a single candidate it is not because of the SDF, but its leader Ni John Fru Ndi. One would hardly hear people and the opposition complaining about the SDF, but everyone who complains do so against Ni John Fru Ndi. Why, therefore, can Ni John Fru Ndi not hand over the leadership of the SDF to someone that other opposition parties and Cameroonians can carry into the Unity palace? Why should Ni John Fru Ndi think that only he can chase Biya out?

Why Ni John Fru Ndi? Why are the founding fathers against Ni John Fru Ndi? Why have all those who sacrificed everything for Ni John Fru Ndi suddenly turnd against him? Why has the SDF gone on record as the number one opposition party in the world where officials are leaving or forced to leave? Why is everyone - in the opposition, in government and even within the SDF itself talking about Ni John Fru Ndi having received envelops from the CPDM government during presidential elections? Why should Ni John Fru Ndi with all his lawyers (the Mbah Mdams, Laviorsie, late Mbami, etc) refuse to lay charges against all those making such heavy accussations against Ni John Fru Ndi, including journalists? Why should Ni John Fru Ndi take these accusations so lightly? That Me Muna should publicly say that Ni John Fru Ndi received money from the CPDM and no charges are brought against him speaks volume. Ni John Fru Ndi may be guilty. Why has Ni John Fru Ndi not declared his asserts as he had promised?

Why has Ni John Fru Ndi gone soft in his attacks against Paul Biya? What has changed in Cameroon that should permit Ni John Fru Ndi to become so soft? Why has Ni John Fru Ndi taken a U-turn? Is it mere coincidence that Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya were declared presidential candidates only by a tiny minority of party officials and not by the highest governing organs of the parties? Is it a coincidence that Biya's timing prevented both conventions from deciding their presidential candidates? Who are Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi deceiving? 2011 presidential elections should be the last chance for Ni John Fru.

It is possible, indeed highly probable that one of the following comes out of the presidential elections that will be won by Paul Biya:

1) Ni John Fru Ndi is maintained as the main opposition leader to make things easy and comfortable for Paul Biya. It is generally agreed that Ni John Fru Ndi of today is NO threat to Paul Biya. Before he used to bark without biting. Today, he can not even bark. If Ni John Fru Ndi does not contest the elections or pretends to contest, Paul Biya will reward him by a special Status of opposition leader with all the benefits attached. Paul Biya is fully aware that this is Ni John Fru Ndi's last wish.

2) If Ni John Fru Ndi dares try to go against the deal that he has with the CPDM, then someone else (possibly a northerner) will be declared the main rival to Biya. If Ni John Fru Ndi dares make an error by trying to divert from their normal arrangement, then another opposition leader with national and international acceptance will be projected. This may be Garga .... from the North.

Let us wait and see ...



Why are you quarelling online for years about Fru Ndi,and he continues to wax strong? You now know this fight was not going to be easy right? Fru Ndi refused to use the Cameroonian people to destroy their country,as Ouatarra did in Cote D'Ivoire.He refused to allow colonialists,who have been raping Africa for centuries to pretend to be our friends,and keep eliminating already weary Cameroonians,tired of 30 years of oppression.Isn't it ironical today that you will take old bronze statues to the person you put under house arrest,calling him all fanciful names like patriarch, apostle of peace.How can an apprenti-sorcier suddenly become an angle? How come the Fru Ndi that lacks diplomatic skills asked Biya to meet him in Bamenda,and he carried his empty head and went saying:"Nice to meet you Mr.Fru Ndi". How nice can it be to meet an apprenti-sorcier? How could you bring war to Fru Ndi by putting him under house arrest in his own home,only to carry an old statue and go back to the same home to shower pynegyrics on him?
Imagine a Cpdm lackey will take Alassane Ouatarra as his case study when talking about international diplomacy.Instaed of telling us that Mr.Ouatarra used his expertise to force colonialists out of his country,he's proud to say this puppet invited them to roast Ivorians like pigs.
There's a reason why the Cpdm murderous regime took an old statue to Ntarikon.They were scared out of their wits,seeing how despotic regimes were crumbling in North Africa.By taking a statue to the same house where Fru Ndi was held against his wish,is this not admitting wrong-doing,and accepting the fact that he was the winner of the elections they were fighting over?
Cameroon is one of the few countries in the world where the opposition chieftain alone is a terrible threat to the regime in place.His party brought about the imprisonment of 100 Cpdm swindlers at Kondengui.His party started the debate about the diasporan vote.The President was afraid of another Fru Ndi's victory and decided to stitch the constitution,and fill Elecam with old and tired Cpdm polit-bureau members.First,Biya said all the members were independent,then he dismissed one who could not hold back the greed the Cpdm is noted for.
It is normal that Biya will win.At least he should win for having worked so hard to modify the constitution to eternalise himself in power.Do you think he modified the constitution for Fru Ndi to become Emperor? Your answer is as good as mine!It is normal that you should be expecting Fru Ndi to accept the results of the elections,after one of the SDF spokespersons was murdered in order for rigging to go ahead.If Biya was that popular,how come out of 414 registered voters in Ecole Public Bastos,where he always votes,only 88 turned up to vote.This is in the heart of Yaounde!
Kah Walla was rushing to ask Cameroonians to register and vote,without determining how the body conducting elections was functioning.On D-day she came out complaining about Elecam.How did that sound?The SDF has its way to put pressure on the regime to ameliorate reforms,and this should be dictated by the decision making body of the party,not by an individual like Kah Walla.Anyway ,she has learnt a lesson!If there was a level playing field for candidates going in for the elections,then it will be a pleasure to look forward to the declaration of elections.What I would rather want readers to look forward to is the fact that 1/3 of 20 million Cameroonians have no access to portable water;one in four people live on less than 1.1 Euro a day,and that cholera sometimes wipes out 1000,3000 people a month in a country endowed with abundant human and natural resources.Fictitious results are not going to change these facts,and no amount of name calling from venerated lackeys is going to stop us from deploring the state of our country.

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They have to be aware on how valid their arguments are. There are different sides to the issue.

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