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Thursday, 01 September 2011


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The "land grab" issue is going to gain prominence in the coming years, particularly with the famine currently experienced in the horn of Africa

Dr A A Agbormbai

All these projects should stop immediately. You cannot do commercial agriculture without agreement from environmentalists and the villagers affected.

These Western companies do not care about anyone. They are heartless creatures with a huge appetite for profits and for a fat bank account.

They are turning every inch of our planet into ever larger bank accounts that are never large enough for them.

Often the world stock markets are the key drivers of such unending appetite for gain. Listed companies have to keep their companies growing in order to keep their stock prices rising.

Such pressure for growth means that they have to keep increasing their capital accumulation and hence the size of their bank accounts.

But at what expense? Capitalist (exploitation) economics is all about transforming everything good about nature into an ever fatter bank account. It is soulless... only gain matters! Gain... gain... gain... and gain once more!

Everything is exploited in this overriding drive to transform nature into a fat bank account. Employees are exploited, through very long hours of work and next-to-nothing pay. Raw materials are exploited. Land is exploited. Forests and vegetation are exploited, and governments are exploited.

And it is only the few aristocrats of this world (who own the multinational companies) who benefit from all these. There's only a handful of these aristocrats, but they've taken everyone hostage... the poor peoples of the world, their governments, the peoples of the aristocrats' nations, the governments of the aristocrats' nations, and in fact the whole world.

These aristocrats or upper class persons own practically all the money in this world. They have gigantic bank accounts and colossal assets. And they are mean, dirty, and very very petty. They have an insatiable appetite for gain.

They also NEVER EVER pay much tax, or anything close to their fair share of tax, because they hire an unending line of tax experts to help them evade taxes. That's why their governments (Western Governments) are currently having ever-skyrocketing budget-deficits and are in heavy debt, with very unstable finances.

These aristocrats also have a very powerful lobby, which they use on politicians to push them to enact tax laws which deliberately contain all sorts of loop-holes the aristocrats can exploit to evade taxes.

This is what, for instance, killed the US economy under George Bush; in addition to the fact that enforced deregulation removed all protective laws which protected the rights of the people.

Another phenomenon which the aristocrats practice is economic slavery. This is the concept of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

The salaries and standard of living of the middle and working classes have become ever smaller, and their purchasing power has decreased year-in year-out for decades upon decades.

As a result these people have been squeezed dry, right out of pocket. They don't have disposable income to spend, and find themselves working for ever longer hours. Their stress levels build up year-in year-out. And they struggle to maintain their family.

Their low incomes mean that the government receives lower tax from them (i.e. the government get's poorer, hence contributing to the current unstable finances of Western governments).

Their low purchasing power means that they can't spend freely, like the middle class normally does. This hurts the economy, hence the prevailing economic woes all round the Western world.

The aristocrats (a handful of people in the Western world who own everything in this world) are the only beneficiaries of this terrible and satanic system. They have turned our world into an exploitative machinery which is moving towards its self-destruct point.

In the end everything will be exploited and turned into a fat bank account, and we shall have nothing left on Earth but a few fat bank accounts! Even the aristocrats will not be spared, and King Midas's folly will be repeated once more... but this time for real!

To arrest this scenario there must be a David-and-Goliath war between the environmentalists (lovers and protectors of our planet) and the aristocrats (the supreme capitalist exploiters and haters of our planet).

And like the Bible has it, David will and must win. The environmentalists MUST win or that will be the end of planet Earth.


The loan suppose to be essential for guys, which are willing to start their own business. In fact, that is not hard to receive a collateral loan.

Dr A A Agbormbai

The Cameroon Economic Model (also called the 50/50 Model), which I have put together as part of the Cameroon Strategic Plan I've been formulating for about four months now, resolves all the problems of capitalism by doing away with its demonic elements.

The model is founded on not just profit maximisation (the simplistic goal of capitalism) but also maximisation of human dignity and environmental protection.

Economic goals are always at odds with environmental goals. Therefore it is impossible to achieve economic success without harming our environment. However, we can limit that damage dramatically. And that's what the Cameroon 50/50 Economic Model does.

The full content of the model will be revealed when I publish my Cameroon Strategic Plan after we kick Paul Biya out in October. I shall return to Cameroon then to start a new era for the country.

One of the key points of the model is the proactive role that government will play in creating jobs, through partnering with citizens to start and run businesses that create employment (this is a full public/private partnership, not the half-baked unproductive stuff that you find in capitalist economies).

Government will invest in small and medium-sized businesses and share profits with citizens in addition to collecting tax. This partnership provides security for enterprising citizens because government will use its know-how and financial muscle to absorb the major risks of doing business.

It will do so by providing support to citizens it partners with. This support will be in the form of accountants, lawyers, business consultants, and other staff deemed necessary. These will be very able people working on behalf of the government.

So if you have capital, want to start a business, and you are competent, the government will partner with you. You will be far more likely to succeed through this partnership than when working on your own.

In fact, citizens will be discouraged from doing it all by themselves - as this involves too much risk and creates far too many business failures, with loss of capital.

If you're talented but have no capital the government will still be able to partner with you. It will support you in the development of your business idea and, if you can prove it, the government will offer you a standard share of the business.

This option is reserved only for especially talented people who have a great business idea but have no capital to develop the idea and start the business.

For existing businesses that are doing well, the government will invest in them and work with them to grow the business and create jobs.

For existing businesses that are not doing so well, the government will study them to see whether investing and working with them will help turn round the businesses so that they become successful and create jobs.

The 50/50 Model is 50% communism and 50% capitalism. It guarantees good wages for employees (so that the economy is always buoyant) and does away with the excesses and lopsided wealth distribution of capitalism.

The model may be called a planned capitalist economy, which gets government proactively involved in entrepreneurial development and job creation through a vibrant public/private partnership. The government is deeply immersed in private sector development.

Dr A A Agbormbai


One of the highlights of the Strategic Cameroon Plan that I have been developing is the issue of results-oriented administration allied with the design of civil servant salaries.

As we all know, for 50 years now, the Cameroon Administrative system hasn't delivered. It's a lazy, exploitative system which is hell-bent on running the country dry and driving citizens mad.

The system stinks, is dysfunctional, is corrupt, and is inefficient. It doesn't deliver. It doesn't get results. And something must be done!

Well, I've done it. I've totally redesigned the administrative system at the strategic level to make it highly efficient. I've also researched and appointed a number of main and subsidiary ministers.

These people have been carefully chosen to be high achievers from the Anglophone and Francophone communities. They have to be or they'll not survive the rigorous performance monitoring system that I've put in place for them.

I have also sought to establish a balance of power in the appointments, to keep the country stable and free of trouble.

I've combined Cameroons at home and abroad. The list of appointees is subject to security checks that will be carried out in Cameroon when I return. We don't want traitors in our midst.

Those who are married to foreigners must know that they'll be invalidated. You cannot marry a foreigner and work in the civil service. That is the standard rule in the developed world.

And there's a good reason for that. The countries of those foreigners sooner or later turn them into spies. Like I said, we don't want traitors in our midst.

The next thing to consider is the performance monitoring system that I have designed for the ministries. This system is a motivational system which is allied to the design of civil servant salaries. The idea is to get top performance from all our ministries.

The system will be implemented by the Auditing and Control Ministry, the People's Ministry, and the Finance Ministry.

The performance monitoring and design of civil servant salary system is as follows (this is an excerpt from the Strategic Cameroon Plan)...

The current levels of ministerial and other civil servant salaries will be reviewed and redesigned on the principle of fairness. A motivation system will be built into the salary structure such that achieving executives and officers are rewarded for their achievements while non-achieving executives and officers are punished for their poor performances.

The rules are as follows:

1. ASSESSMENTS. Every ministry will be assessed and graded for its performance on a yearly basis by the Auditing Ministry and by the People’s Ministry. The Auditing Ministry will cover competence as measured by non-people-oriented performance against objectives. It will also cover anti-corruption performance.

The People’s Ministry will cover people-orientation performance against objectives. Both ministries will perform detailed assessments and then work together to assign an overall grade to each ministry. That grade will apply to all employees of that ministry.

The grading will be as follows:

A – Excellent

B – Good

C – Satisfactory

D – Unsatisfactory

E – Poor

F – Very Poor.

2. ACTIONS. The overall grades will be used to determine what rewards and punishment will be meted out to each ministry according to performance. In order to implement the system, 25% of each civil servant’s salary will be withheld by the Finance Ministry.

At the end of the year, which will be November of each year, bonuses or rewards will be paid to achievers while salary deductions will be applied to non-achievers.

The rules are as follows:

• Ministries with an A grade will have their 25% withheld-salaries returned plus a 25% bonus or reward.

• Ministries with a B grade will have their 25% withheld-salaries returned plus a 12.5% bonus or reward.

• Ministries with a C grade will have their 25% withheld-salaries returned but no bonus or reward. Such ministries must be on an upward path. As such, a ministry that has a C grade in three successive or close years will have its Minister sacked and replaced.

• Ministries with a D grade will have half of their 25% withheld-salaries returned but no bonus or reward. Such ministries must be on an upward path. Consequently, a ministry that has a D grade in two successive or close years will have its Minister sacked and replaced.

• Ministries with an E grade will have none of their 25% withheld-salaries returned and no bonus or reward. Such ministries must be on an upward climbing path. As such, a ministry that has an E grade in two successive or close years will have its Minister sacked and replaced.

• Ministries with an F grade will have their ministers sacked and replaced. This does not have to wait until the end of the year. Notorious ministries will be identified early and their ministers sacked and replaced.

Some ministries are more important than others because of their strategic impact on the nation’s development. Higher standards of performance will be expected from these ministries, which will also receive higher levels of pay.

These will be high-pressure ministries; and their ministers could be sacked and replaced for achieving only a satisfactory performance. We want and demand the highest levels of performance from these ministries.

To stay long in ministerial office a minister must ensure that his or her ministry constantly has at least a B grade. We want our ministries to be gaining bonuses not to have their pay deducted. If they are getting bonuses then we know that our country is moving forward in great strides. And that is what we all want!

The PM will be an elected position and he or she will be allowed to appoint deputy ministers for a select number of ministries. The position of deputy minister has been created in such ministries to allow the PM to accommodate those who helped him to win elections. Governors too will be elected.

J. S. Dinga

Who are the local actors in Cameroon and what have they to say about the conventions that lead to these bizarre enterprises? Surely the people's elected representatives cannot be that indolent in the face of such Economic Hitmen and their local collaborators? Mais ou est passe l'Assemble Nationale?


@ Dr Agbormbai,

I understand the philosophy underpinning your scheme, but i think it ignores a essential ingredient in strategy conception - feasibility. It is a basic principle of strategy conception, that strategies are only as useful as they are feasible. By your own volition you will set your programme in motion after the demise of Paul Biya. The big question is: what if Biya is still in power after the next election? Isn`t it better to ignore political dispensation and conceive projects with like-minded individuals? Such associations already exist, such as this one:

Instead of convoluted economic schemes which rely on political will, why not be specific:
- seek like-minded individuals (about 50 people)
- form a company
- determine individual financial contribution (say £10 000 a head)
- identify a strategic economic opportunity (banking, real estate, plantation agriculture, transport and logistics, resort management...)
- invest and operate
- set your own Key Performance Indicators and monitor

Good ideas cannot wait and there is no point conceiving schemes which rely on regime change for applicability (except you have the wherewithal to implement change). Society gravitates towards perfection. If your scheme works others will copy

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Now we have a great walkway that goes to the beach and to the canals that came from the partnership of community with government

Ma Mary

It is the job of the diasporians to link up with peoples organizations and social justice groups in the West to fight this.

Ma Mary

Create businesses if you can, but there is no escaping that capitalism as we have known it since the slave trade, is going through a major crisis of confidence, even in its home countries. There has to be a change in the way they do business.

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