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Wednesday, 26 October 2011


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Wantim Peter

Pa Vakunta, how about simply quoting us verbatim what Fru Ndi said rather than dishing us RFI analysis of a press release, interview, speech, etc., that we've not been presented with?

BTW, when Fru and 6 other candidates asked for protest marches, the same fools complaining now wailed that Fru Ndi wanted to send people's kids "to die", and now that he has supposedly called off the (non-existent) protest, they're crying foul...

J. S. Dinga

If I understand the title of this write-up in particular and English in general, the author is asking a question rather than making a firm declaration. Or am I missing something?


Fellow Cameroonians,our people have come out stronger from this election.First when Biya stitched the constitution,he did not intend to let the opposition take his imperial crown.That is why he appointed Cpdm highway men to facilitate the rigging.But since Biya has never made a good decision in his life,these Elecam members,led by Pauline Biyong soon transformed Elecam in to a commercial outfit.Not only did they want to take contracts for Election materials,they sold votes to the highest bidder on the day of elections.They went and woke up the likes of Emah Basile,Andze Tsoungui,P.P W,from death to come and vote.While the Andze Tsounguis of the underworld were enjoying tgheir civic responsibility,young Cameroonians,with able bodies were being telecommanded from one voting station to another ,until they gave up and went home.Immediately after elections,Biya's minions put up banners announcing a landslide victory.Since when did election results get announced through banners.Anyway,when the D-day came for the proclamation of results,the unprecedented happened.Fru Ndi,the man who has suffered the nefarious consequences of theft more than any other person in the world,finally got to put the likes of Dipanda Mouelle,Ngolle Ngolle,Fon Doh,Amadou Ali in the right place on the hit parade of criminals in the history of Cameroon.No kondengui,no Sultan,no judge,no Fon,no D.O,no Biya had ever stared down thieves inside the highest court of the land as Fru Ndi did that day.This is far above the threat to march peacefully.Dipanda Mouelle was not going to stick his finger the second time in the eye of this baobab and go unscathed.
The veil that has always been placed on peace in Cameroon was lifted with the deployment of soldiers to face armless and weary Cameroonians,suffering from the gruesome legacy of a 30 year dictatorship.Biya took war to the doorsteps of our people,but they refused to desecrate our land with blood.Why on earth should we even fight somebody who is nothing,and who has never done anything?
The opposition scored a hard trick on Biya by insisting on marches to protest the defruaded elections.He quickly switched to the Hitler he is.This only further precipitates his departure from power.A week after elections,the international community that played the turtle all along is too ashamed to recognise his victory.The opposition must capitalise on their new honeymoon.They must keep the coalition alive,and prepare for the legislatives.A big coalition after the legislatives will give them the right to form the next gov't.They will start giving Biya a run for his money,and he will start lookin g forward to his Waterloo,just as Gaddafi.
Let those Cpdm lackeys who said we Cameroonians were going to commit suicide get it straight from our mouths,that Biya is the one who committed suicide by ressurrecting dead people like Andze Tsoungui to vote,and barely holding on to life by deploying soldiers to destroy the peace he has been boasting about.We the people are laughing at how chicken-hearted our Commander in Chief can be.


Fru Ndi said " I take cognisance" of the supreme court's ruling, which is very different from I recognize Biya as president or I accept the results of the elections. This article is just another piece of the mind game.


While the focus so far has been on the form of the contest, no one mentions the cost. We have just blown (reportedly) 10 billion fcfa on a non-event.

A Cameroonian political analyst (Jean Paul Pougala) proposed the adoption of consensus politics (all the political parties share in governance). I think that would be the least humiliating option for Fru Ndi and the opposition at the moment. Notably for the following reasons:

- there are visible signs that the public has shown little interest in any calls for popular revolt (revolution fatigue maybe). It would be best for the opposition to examine such a proposal while they still have some political leverage, instead of later.
- focus would be on leadership, as opposed to the current fixation on electoral politics
- Faced with increasing globalisation, African governments can no longer afford to approach international affairs from divergent perspectives
- Parties will no longer be judged on vague electoral promises, but on how well portfolios would have been managed in the course of their mandate

It would be a bitter pill to swallow, but there`s no point wasting increasingly limited funds, just to satisfy constitutional legitimacy.


Ni John Fru Ndi had invited other opposition leaders to join him simply because he had the fear that a new opposition leader would emerge from the elections. His main intention was therefore to reject the elections and put fear into the CPDM so that everything should be done to let him remain main opposition leader. This explained why Ni John Fru Ndi had to bring in the other opposition leader to cancel the results of the elections even before they were officially declared. Ni John Fru Ndi then deceived the other opposition leader into raising the positibility of a "war" should be results be declared. During the meetings Ni John Fru Ndi was not as vocal as he used to be; instead he tactfully pushed the other opposition leaders into doing the talking. His intention here was to present himself to the CPDM goverment as a moderate and peace lover while the presenting the other opposition leader as trouble makers, radicals ang people who hate peace.

To achieve his aim, Ni John Fru Ndi decided that the declaration of protest marches be made at the head office of another opposition party, and not in his residence where he had called the meeting. This is how the meeting was transfered to the head quarter of Adamou Ndam Njoya's party and the declaration of "war" was made there. This policy of "shifting blame and responsibility" is not new to Ni John Fru Ndi. During the Tripatite meeting, when everything was agreed upon by all including Ni John Fru Ndi, Ni John Fru disappeared from the hall when the final documents were to be signed, leaving others to do so. Ni John Fru Ndi claimed that he had running stomach and had gone to the toilet to ... How could his stomach start to run only when such an important document was to be signed? When the CPDM government failed to respect and apply the agreements arrived at during the tripatit meeting, Ni John Fru Ndi dissociated himself by saying that he never signed the documents.

This time around, after doing everything to present the other opposition leaders as trouble-makers, Ni John Fru Ndi was finally relieved after the supreme court officially declared him as the main opposition leader. This was a victory for Ni John Fru Ndi, that he finally defeated people like Kah Walla, Ayah Paul who had given him sleepless nights and were threats to his position of opposition leader. Ni John Fru Ndi could not imagine "small woman" Kah Walla taking this position away from him. He could not imagine Paul Aya leaving the CPDM just to come and grab away his post. When Ni John Fru Ndi was finally assured that he remains the main opposition leader, he then decided to dissociate himself from the other six opposition leaders. Ni John Fru Ndi then had to confirm that he was the only opposition leader who can maintain peace in the country, knowing fully well that this is Paul Biya's main point of interest. Without consulting with the other opposition leaders, Ni John Fru Ndi unilaterally recognized the results he had maintained that he would never recognized. He recognized president Paul Biya as president elect. He "called" off the protest marches. Instead of marching alone as he had promised in the supreme court to do, Ni John Fru Ndi was escorted by CPDM military, police and administrative officers from the Western region to Bamenda. Assured of his position to continue to deal with the CPDM and hoping that Paul Biya would finally granted him the long awaited status of opposition leader with all financial benefits, Ni John Fru Ndi asked the population to remain calm and then sent a message of thanks to the Government who gave him a state entry into Bamenda. In fact, Ni John Fru Ndi entered Bamenda to tell the world that I have won the battle to remain the main opposition leader in Cameroon.

Again, Ni John Fru Ndi has used and betrayed the other opposition leaders. Events will unfold to confirm all this.

And instead of reading events with their hearts, some of Ni John Fru Ndi's blind supporters using this forum instead ran into hidding when they realized his position was threatened by other opposition leaders. They have now come out to vomit their venom on other contributors who hold Ni John Fru Ndi responsible for the failure to chase Paul Biya out of the president. Now assured that their "Lord" Ni John Fru Ndi has been assured his position of opposition leader, these blind supporters who have lost their shame glands have now returned. Just look at them ...!


Let's wait and see.


Before elections,Marafat Hamidou Yaya told the whole world Elecam was filled with thieves.Biya went on to corroborate him by dismissing Pauline Biyong,and begging after casting his votes for the Caameroonian people to look the other way while Elecam filled its lists with names of all those who were killed by the lake Nyos disaster in 1987.A day after elections,Fonkam Azu'u said the elections were hitch-free.Now a week after elections,he is saying he acknowledges the fact that it was a complete sham.The question is,had the opposition not been matured enough to not push our people into a fight with soldiers,wouldn't there have been a terrible blood-bath in Cameroon?How come Fonkam Azu'u could toil with the destiny of the whole nation in this way? Now a week after elections,there's no single country in the world that is not feeling the pain of the cameroonian people.They have all refused to congratulate Biya on his "brilliant re-election".If before Biya is sworn in Fonkam Azu'u acknowledges the masquarade they organised,does this imply Cameroon is once again being imposed an illegitimate leader? It needed another election for the world to finally see and feel firsthand what the Cameroonian people have been living for 30 years.After painting the opposition,the US Ambassador,and other stakeholders black,how shameful is it for Fonkam Azu'u to come out today and corroborate their worries about Elecam.This time the thief has been caught by the whole world;it's no longer a Fru Ndi affair.Forces of the ancien regime,who know nothing than stealing continue to entertain the distorted vision that it is enough to shout Fru Ndi,and the people will suddenly go blind for all the injustices committed against them.It is not working now.The US Ambassador is not Fru Ndi,all the heads of states around the world are not Fru Ndi,even France is not Fru Ndi,but they are decrying the same mysery Cameroonians are living in today.


marie you are a fool without measure.please take your idiosy to another are out of place here.nonsense.


To Whom It May Concern:

Do not divert people's attention from the day's concerns. Leave us this story about the US, France, ELECAM, International community and the rest. Tell us what the SDF under Ni John Fru Ndi can do, ought to do and should do to chase Paul Biya out of the presidency. Is it by mere chance that since the election results were proclaimed it is only after foreign countries and Fonkam Azu'u have spoken that you have decided to speak? Where were you all this time? Why have you been hidding and scratching you eyes? Afriad that Ni John Fru Ndi may loose the position of main opposition leader to "small" Kah Walla or the intellectual Ben Muna? What did you say when Ni John Fru Ndi was begging other opposition leaders to pull Cameroonians into the street? Why couldn't Ni John Fru Ndi do it alone - the "ALL-powerful, as you want people to believe?

If truly elections were rigged and "victory was stolen" by Paul Biya, why did Ni John Fru Ndi eneter Bamenda as if he was celebrating instead? Celebrating the victory of maintaining the position of main opposition leader? Celebrating the his victory over other opposition leaders? Celebrating the fact that he still has the position to make shaddy deals with the CPDM and Paul Biya? Celebrating that as main opposition leader when his children too die, as his wife did (and as all of us will do one day), president Paul Biya will provide the ALL the fonds and "dash" needed for everything? Tell us what you think Ni John Fru Ndi was celebreting after elections were rigged and victory stolen, against the wish of the majority of Cameroonians. What did Ni John Fru Ndi achieve that made him to drive into the North West region and Bamenda the same way that Jesus Christ walked into Jerusalem? Why did he accept to be escorted by CPDM government officials into Bamenda, a town which is the safiest heaven for him? Why did Ni John Fru Ndi thank and congratulate the Governor of the North West region for protecting him with security officers as he magestically drove into Bamenda. Was Ni John Fru Ndi's life in danger? Did the Bamenda people pose any threats to him? Ni John Fru Ndi boasted that he refused government planned intention to change the route he was to take to enter Bamenda. Nonsense. What prevented him from refusing the security offered him by the same government? You find it normal that under the prevailing situation and especially in Bamenda, Ni John Fru Ndi accepted to be escorted right to his palace under tight security? The only suggestion from the CPDM government security officals that Ni John Fru Ndi rejected was the one intended to change the road he had to drive to his house. How could he accept this? He couldn't because he wanted to take a road when the majority of the people would ignorantly join him in the celebration. And as Ni John Fru Ndi, the butcher of democracy, Paul Biya's closest associate and best friend, the most selfish opposition leader south of the sahara, moved majestically through Bamenda, he was busy smiling, waving and calling the Bamenda people in his heart FOOLS. This is a man who has walked in the blood and sweat of innocent people, including very old women and children to be eating today on the same table with Cameroon's number one enemy - Paul Biya. All the noise and threats that Ni John Fru Ndi is making is merely intended to give the impression that he is an opposition leader. Unfortunate his low level of education can not allow him to play the game well. That Ni John Fru Ndi is the person sustaining Paul Biya in power is no secret today. That Ni John Fru Ndi is the one preventing the SDF from taking power is no secret today. That Ni John Fru Ndi is the one preventing able candidates from chasing Biya out of the presidency is no secret today. That Ni John Fru is reaping enormous financial benefits from open and secret CPDM deals is undisputable.

Now to make your reasoning childishly simple, can you please tell us if we should continue with the Ni John Fru Ndi who will continue to allow Paul Biya to manipulate elections and steal victory to remain in power? It seems some of you, the most blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi, want to force us into accepting a man who will do nothing to prevent Biya from rigging elections and will also do nothing to turn things around when Paul Biya rigs elections and steals victory. Should we keep on allowing Ni John Fru Ndi to represent the SDF, a very powerful political party, when we know that when elections are rigged against him nothing will happen? Is this what Cameroonians need? And for how long will this continue with Ni John Fru Ndi?

If Ni John Fru Ndi has been unable to prevent or reverse MANY rigged and/or stolen elections, should we not try someone else at the head of the SDF to try another strategy? Why must a man continue to be SDF presidential candidate when he has demonstrated repeatedly that he can not and will not prevent and reverse rigged elections and stolen victories? Why can't you people grow and show the apparent intellectual maturity you pretend to possess? Why can't you people put the light that intellectuals carry (if at all you are intellectuals) on the table for others to see? Why must blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi always try to put such light under the table, sleep only when they are awake. Why must they always live by initial; running into hiddings when Ni John Fru Ndi exposes his weaknesses and failures only to be brought back to public when people start blaming Ni John Fru Ndi. Why have the blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi lost their shame glands. Why must them always reason through their stomachs while always standing ontop of their brains? Why do they go so low and mean? Mr. Watesih can you tell us?

Rather than making vague and useless noise, please be matured enough to address issues raised, like the ones in my previous and present posting. Stop beating about the bush; stop diverting discussions to foreign countries and personalities. This is not what Cameroonians want. We need an opposition leader who can put in place clearly defined strategies to prevent Paul Biya from rigging aelections and stealing victories. Ni John Fru Ndi has demonstrated for many years that he can not do this, and is now merely protecting his financial benefits.

No offence ...



Really, if Ni John Fru Ndi were, still, having just a single drop of good faith remaining in him, then events would have forced him to step aside as leader of the SDF. After the six innocent Cameroonians who sacrificed their lives in Bamenda in 1990 to project and protect Ni John Fru Ndi, the many who died (E.g., John Kohten, SDF chairperson in Balikumbat) and many others, more people are again, still, sacrificing their blood to protect Ni John Fru Ndi.

Following the triomphal arrival of Ni John Fru Ndi in Bamenda under tight escort by President Paul Biya's army, 44 year-old Mundeh Felix Mbah survived two bullets that were fired into his right leg by Biya's army. This poor propriotor of a bar located at Trade Center is currently in the Bamenda regional hospital receiving medical attention. Also, 21-year old Geremiah Ndoube, a motor bicycle driver (Benskin)is a victim of a fracture on the right leg, also following his "Excellency" (Ni John Fru Ndi)'s arrival in Bamenda. Following the same arrival, Joseph Ndoufo Amougwa's Toyota Rav 4 was burnt down to ashes at the City Chemist junction, not very far from Ni John Fru Ndi's commercial building that the french are renting and using for business. Disturbing also, is 34 youth of ages ranging between 12 to 16 are currently under detention in Bamenda, because of Ni John Fru Ndi.

As 44 year-old Mundeh Felix Mbah, 21-year old Geremiah Ndoube, the 34 little children in prison, Joseph Ndoufo Amougwa, and many others are suffering, Ni John Fru Ndi has not yet visited them to show his regrets of the events that have put them in the situation they find themsellves or to give them some financial assistance. Instead, he joyfully addressed a crowd at Liberty Square (where six souls had been sacrificed for him in 1990) in a mood that was even more assuring than the mood in which he campaigned before the lections. He has been in Ntarikon palace receiving SDF dignitories, shaking hands, smiling, embrassing, eating and drinking, as if receiving congratutions for a job well done or for an achievement. But which job or achievement? For maintaing the leadership of the opposition with 10%? Why should a failed candidate be celebrating? This shows that Ni John Fru Ndi is celebrate his victory over other opposition leaders, and his remaining main opposition leader. His celebration has nothing to do with Paul Biya who defeated him or with the elections in which he lost with a tiny 10%.

... and Ni John Fru is quaranteed seven (7) more years by the CPDM as main opposition leader. What he is anxiously waiting now and expecting from Paul Biya, is a special status for Cameroon's main opposition leader, Ni John Fru Ndi, with full MONETARY BENEFITS among others.

Is Cameroon and Cameroonians really doomed?



Finally,Fru Ndi got all the thieves under one roof at the Supreme court and made them live what all thieves are most afraid of;that is being caught red-handed.They got lists and lists of the names of dead people and read them the whole day.In 1992,Dipanda Mouelle said his hands were tight to apply the law.In 2011,his hands were tied by the dead people whose names they had pitifully inondated electoral registers with.What legitimacy from an election won through the use of the names of dead people? Who knew this zombie President was going to turn to the dead to help him out? No wonder some Cpdm lackeys are still nursing the hope that the mere mention of Fru Ndi's name will wipe away this gruesome legacy of disturbing the peace of dead people by forcefully using their names during elections.Disturbing the peace of dead people and disturbing the peace of our people by treansforming our cities in to a battle field,filled with soldiers that have never caught a grasshopper anywhere.While Biya lie in beaches around the world for 180 days a year,his soldiers eat free Senegalese rice and Sardines in the barracks in Cameroon,and thieves walk in and out of Limbe and Douala at will.This is the pathetic lot he deployed to scare our peace-loving people last week.We now know how to make Cpdm lackeys write thesis online and fantasize about Fru Ndi.Modern slavery comes in many forms.


dear Marie! i have just been wondering, how comes with the numerous wikileaks documents, Fru Ndi was not mentioned as being corrupt but you still continue to bring up all sorts of conspiracy theories and lies about Fru Ndi? this is share ludacris and you should grow up and rather target your missiles at the right enemy!

J. S. Dinga

Everyone has a choice to make - either to keep the mouth shut and let the world think they are stupid or open it and confirm so themselves.

Big Boy

Shey, are you aware Fru Ndi admitted he took money from Biya for his wife's burial? Are you equally aware Fru Ndi collected money from same source for the burial of his parent? These admitted by Fru Ndi and read over CRTV and norejoinder has ever been made to that effect.


When they talk about taking money,they mean behind the scenes,not the money the state voluntarily offered him when his wife died.He received it,told the nation about it,and explained how it was spent.Biya admitted Ze Meka and Inoni embezzled money,but that he could not imprison them.Do we know how much they embezzled? But we know how much the state gave him.Since he attacked them last week at the supreme court,why not finish him up wit revelations about secret deals?


Gone are those days when Cameroonians were intimidated into keeping their eyes and mouths closed. Not even president Paul Biya can turn the clock round. Gone are those days when people were afraid to criticize, for fear that their properties will be burnt into ashes. Gone are those days when people could take forums in the Internet hostage to propagate only what they think and defend the only one they look up to for "salvation".

People can go on sharing ideas on how to make the country move forward. However, we wouldn't fold our hands or drop down our pens when others want to present an individual as a "god", a sinless person and a messiah sent from Heaven to relieve Cameroon from all its troubles. We wouldn't close our eyes when others take this forum hostage to project someone who is also part of the MAJOR problems Cameroon has. We cannot drop our voices when others team up to attack particular people for doing wrong but at the same time try to force others not to see the same wrong that their "own" is doing. We can not drop down our voices when a selfish minority want to use this forum as a choirhouse and congregation to sing undeserved praises to someone who is part of Cameroon's major problem. We can not continue to accept being forced into trying someone who has demonstrated for many years that he can not chase Biya out of the presidency.Others should be given the chance to try where Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi have failed. That is my point. Paul Biya has failed to make Cameroon what we want it to be. Ni John Fru Ndi has failed to chase Biya out of the president, and has therefore failed to make Cameroon what we want it to be, and this for many years. What have I said here which is wrong?

Until Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi cease to decide the fate of Cameroon, as Head of State and main opposition leader, our pens will know no rest. The two are our main problems, with Paul Biya representing the mafia CPDM and Ni John Fru Ndi representing the genuine opposition. These two people can not be allowed to conspire (directly or indirectly) to drag Cameroon into mud.

I insist. No intimidation will stop this, instead they will act as motivators.

Be reading ...


I can not understand this shallow and selfish way of reasoning. Why should we be calling for Biya's replacement, who has completely failed the whole nation but at the same time we do not want Ni John Fru Ndi to be replaced for having failed the opposition and nation? If for over 20 years Ni John Fru Ndi, despite all our support, has not been able to chase Biya out of the presidency, do we say that he has been succeeding? More than 20 years trying to achieve something in vain and considering his age, is not good reason for Ni John Fru Ndi to give over the leadership to someone else? What am I defending here which is wrong? Did the Almighty God decide that only Ni John Fru Ndi can lead the opposition until he leaves this world. Why must we keep on critizing the dictator Paul Biya for remaining chairman of the CPDM and president for years, but at the same time we see nothing wrong for Ni John Fru Ndi continuing after many years to be chairman of the SDF and SDF presidential candidate? Why must we tell others to clean their houses why our own house is dirty. There are many other Cameroonians who can better do the job Biya is doing. Likewise, there are many opposition leaders who can better do the job Ni John Fru Ndi is doing. Both Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi have been given more than enough time to take Cameroon and/or the opposition to prosperity but they have both failed. Why not try others? Why must it only be Paul Biya in the CPDM and Presidency. Likewise why only Ni John Fru Ndi in the SDF and in the leadership of the opposition? Why?


Which is the party that has acknowledeged to stealing yet another election victory? Which is the party that has acknowledged using the names of dead people to swell their rangs? Which party leader acknowledged that Elecam was corrupt but that the people should turn their eyes away why the outfit rigs elections? The SDF has never stolen any one's victory.It's leader is not a zombie,counting on dead people to win elections.What legitimacy can a President elected by dead people have? If for 30 years Biya's minions have not succeeded to bar people from criticising this mess,how can they succeed in 2011.Biya and his minions are now telling us,sorry for the stolen victory.But our answer is;illegitimate President,illegitimate President!


Everyone knows the wrong doings and election mal-practices of the CPDM and Paul Biya; these are not strange. But is hearing this over and over, especially during and after elections what Cameroonians want? Is singing this over and over the solution? If the opposition is unable to stop the CPDM and Paul Biya from taking Cameroon hostage, then that opposition must rethink its strategies and leadership. What Cameroonians want is someone who can successfully help chase Paul Biya and the CPDM out. This is the main concern.Who does not know the millions of wrong doings of the CPDM and Paul Biya? Is this what we want to hear, endlessly?

The CPDM and president Paul Biya have acknowledged, directly or indirectly all the ills that have been reported and will be reported in this forum and many others. The mafia within the CPDM is undisputable; president Paul Biya is the number one problem for all Cameroonians. For years, the legitimacy of president Paul Biya has been in question.

... but despite ALL these ills about the CPDM and Paul Biya, the CPDM continues to remain the ruling party and Paul Biya continues to be the president of Cameroon. This is the main problem we have, that is, the inability to chase out the CPDM and Paul Biya. Any other noise-making other than working towards this is mere distortion and an intention to divert attention from the main problem. If the CPDM and Paul Biya can continue to rule despite all their wrong doings, then those who have taken or have been given the responsible to chase out the CPDM and Paul Biya out must have failed. They have to take full responsibility.

As befits any such situation, where the ruling party and the president are using undemocratic methods to steal and remain in power, the common man and the population always look up to the opposition and the main opposition leader for solution. The population had given mandate and its support to Ni John Fru Ndi (main opposition leader) to take them out of the mess that Paul Biya and the CPDM have created, but for more than 20 years Ni John Fru Ndi has not been able to deliver. This is a big failure! Complaining and complaining of election mal-practices will lead us nowhere, especially seeing that Paul Biya continues to remain in power, and he is finally recognized by the National and International communities.

Is it wrong to state that being unable to deliver for more than 20 years Ni John Fru Ndi has failed? If he has not succeeded to chase Biya out of the presidency, the mandate he has received from the people, then he has failed. For many years Paul Biya and the CPDM have put in place strategies (whether democratic or not) that is maintaining them in power. However, the opposition under Ni John Fru Ndi has failed to put in place strategies (whether democratic or not) to take over power. Who is finally winning and succeeding? The CPDM or the opposition? Ni John Fru Ndi or Paul Biya? Of course the person winning and succeeding is the one in power? This is common sense!

President Paul Biya is going to put in another seven (7) years (oh my God!)and by the end of his madate, Ni John Fru Ndi will be in his 80s. At more than 80 will Ni John Fru Ndi, still, be presenting himself as chairman and presidential candidate for the SDF? Is it not time for Ni John Fru Ndi to give way to someone else to try to deliver something that he, Ni John Fru Ndi has not been able to deliver in more than 20 years? What more can Ni John Fru Ndi do in 2018 that he has not been able to do from 1990 to 2011? Who are we fooling here?

When a thief steals every day from your business premises despite the presence of a well armed night watchman, and for more than 20 years the night watchman has been unable to catch the thief, who do you change? The thief or the night watchman? Cameroonians are helpless in the face of the many threats and wrong doings by the CPDM and Paul Biya, and are looking up to the opposition to eject them out of the presidency and government. If for more than 20 years the opposition have not deliver, then that opposition needs to be changed, begining with its leadership.

What am I saying here which is not correct?



Marie I hope you are not the so-called"lady" Atabong Njeuma.You should better respect other people's freedom of expression and stop spreading lies in this forum


I stand with you fully on this.Why can Fru Ndi not step down for a younger person?He has been there for 20 years now,what is the difference between him an Biya?They are both the real enemies of Cameroonians...


I have, intentionally, given all the blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi enough time to crack their brains with the very clear facts that I have raised, especially before the elections. Events have unfolded to demonstrate the correctness of ALL what I have been presenting here.

It is possible, indeed highly probable that Ni John Fru Ndi's "Internet advocates" have been warned not to put their noses into facts that I here bring, else they continue to give room for the skeleton inside Ni John Fru Ndi's cupboard to be exposed. The fact that I have identified both Ni John Fru Ndi and Paul Biya as Cameroon's most wanted enemies and butchers of democracy (with Biya as number 1 and Ni John Fru Ndi as number 2) has prevented these blind supporters of Ni John Fru Ndi from accusing me of having eaten Biya's Soya, as they do to anyone who dare criticize their failed Ntarikon Chief.

After the elections, Ni John Fru Ndi rushed to Yaounde as if he was going to "make things happen", only to return to Bamenda like a church rat, escorted by the Army of the person he has been PRETENDING for many years to be fighting against. Ni John Fru Ndi had rushed to Yaounde to be closer to the table where the National Cake lies. He ate what he has been eating.

After Ni John Fru Ndi had publicly promised to declare his assets, he was warned by Biya's mafia gang not to do so, else his behind-the-scene monetary deals with Biya and the CPDM will be made public. Since then, nothing has been heard about the asset declaration that Ni John Fru Ndi had promised. It is now clear that Ni John Fru Ndi is actually a CPDM regional chairman in disguise.

Ni John Fru Ndi's main role has been and remains to prevent the right people from becoming Cameroon's main opposition leader so as to create the comfortable environment for Paul Biya. Even the Supreme court could declare the winner of the presidential elections, Ni John Fru Ndi pulled able opposition leaders to his Yaounde residence with the intention of presenting them to Paul Biya as the real trouble-makers. True to his nature, Ni John Fru Ndi gave these "small opposition leaders" more powers to make radical declarations. During the deliberations, Ni John Fru Ndi pretended to give all the opposition parties the same power, when in reality Ni John Fru Ndi had all along refused to discuss on an equal footing with other opposition parties.

Through their secret monetary deals, Biya would prefer Ni John Fru Ndi to be his main challenger. After all, if Ni John Fru Ndi dare SERIOUSLY open his mouth, then the skeleton inside his cupboard will be made public by the CPDM.Ni John Fru Ndi knows fully well he is under the control of the CPDM. The CPDM also understands that as main opposition leader Ni John Fru Ndi needs to pretend to attack the CPDM and Paul Biya. That is why Ni John Fru Ndi has been barking in "soft tunes".

... but for how long will his blind supporters obey Ntarikon calls for them not to push some of us into revealing things here? If they think that their silence will make us drop our pens, then they are making a big midstake. Until Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi stop to be the people to decide the fate of Cameroon (as president and main opposition leader), our pens will know no rest.

Events will unfold to see Ni John Fru Ndi reaping the benefits that had been negotiated before the presidential elections, as it relates to the institution of a status of main opposition leader and the financial and monetray benefits attached to it, etc. Let us wait and see.



Before I forget, I hear the SDF is negotiating to enter Biya's government. I however, continue to wonder if someone like Ni John Fru Ndi can ever in his life become a minister. To replace old brooms when he, too, can not use the Internet to write and read e-mails in this world of technology. But what ministerial post can Ni John Fru Ndi occupy? Finance? Education? Defense? Territorial Administration? Health? Commerce? Or will Ni John Fru Ndi allow a drop of selflessness to flow through his heart so as to allow other young and able SDF members enter Biya's government? Or will he insist on the creation of a non-traditional ministerial post that would pave the way for him becoming a non-traditional minister? Say Minister of book-keeping, where he could make use of his past experience in selling books at Ebibi Bookshop? Or Minister of Vegetable cooperative, where he could make use of his handling of his former Bamenda vegetable cooperative? Or Minister of cattles or Agricultural shows, where he can refer to his handling of cows? Or Minister of Division one teams, to show his past experience in handling PWD Bamenda. Or Minister of Pidgin English where he could make Pidgin language Cameroon's official language and then also force ALL diplomates in Cameroon to communicate in Pidgin English?

To be honest, what ministerial post can he occupy? The good thing Ni John Fru Ndi can do for Cameroon, is for him to beg Biya for both of them to leave the political scene for young and able people to take Cameroon to the promised land.We expect nothing from these two butchers of democracy.



@ Marie,

I`m neither a stalwart nor detractor of the SDF (or any political party), but after the election results I did opine, that joining a new cabinet would be the smartest decision for the SDF, as well as the other opposition parties. My opinion is based on the following:

- For 20 years of existence the SDF has had little or no (proven) executive experience at national level and will be in danger of losing relevance, if they do not build political capital on performance, as opposed to conjecture and populism.
- There are strong possibilities that in the next few years Cameroon may experience major infrastructural developments (thanks to Chinese capital). As such, Paul Biya may once again find himself on the inauguration circuit. By the end of the 7 year term a new electoral base would be born (composed of teenagers turned adults), with little experience or knowledge of the pre-election years . I believe the CPDM is hoping to capitalise on such a base.
- Any political stalemate would only hamper Cameroon`s competitiveness in favour of other economies within the sub-region, and as such, political strategies must consider the bigger picture.

I don`t know about rumours and conjecture, but if indeed the SDF considers co-option I don`t see why Fru Ndi must be part of the equation. I believe the SDF has enough technocrats within their ranks to fill cabinet positions.

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