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Monday, 10 October 2011


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J. S. Dinga

What good is a vote tally carried with candle light and after representatives of competing political parties are expelled, leaving only members of the ruling party? And this is supposed to be known as TRANSPARENT, FREE and FAIR?

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Shame on Kah Walla. I've read, with amusements, denigrations in this forum tossed at Fru Ndi for his long stay as SDF chairman. For someone like Kah Walla, who just last year, declared her candidacy to become president, rather than join forces with Fru Ndi to defeat Paul Biya, last Sunday's election, described by her as a fraud, serves her right because she would begin to understand that becoming a true opposition leader like Fru Ndi is not a piece of cake. She cries foul after an election that the SDF, even before Sunday's election, had fought hard for it to be transparent, only for someone like her to jump start a fictious campaign to become president, because, according to her, the SDF had no good platform to defeat Biya.
What did she expect? That by her asking cameroonians to massively register when the playing field wasn't level enough for participants was a fantasy that such declarations from her, following Sunday's election, all came to be true.

Joanna Guest

Vital Voices Global Partnership would love to use this picture of Kah Walla for a post on the elections in Cameroon - of course we would cite the photographer and can link to this letter by Kah on your site. Please let us know if this is OK! Thank you.


Is Fru Ndi really an opposition leader. He wants to rule Cameroon when he cannot rule his own party. SDF has 3 different factions dont they?

All our politicians in cameroon in one way or another are in bed with the ruling party. Who are we kidding?

 Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta

"...our legal team is working over time preparing our post electoral litigation with the Constitutional Council."

Kah Wallah, this is the route to take. Take legal action even if the courts are BIYA 's play toys. The international community, including the USA and France, will learn that Biya fraudulently concocted a fake election to stay in power after lying under oath in 1982 to uphold the constitution of Cameroon.What it takes to unseat a dictator like Biya is not kid gloves but muscled action.

I hope other members of the opposition will muster the balls to take action in court against Biya's acts of treason as well. Ben Muna, erstwhile Chair of the Cameroonian Bar, should know better and act NOW. I have written a lot about all the crap going on in Cameroon. You can read my myriad articles in this forum.

Dr. Peter Vakunta

J. S. Dinga

The inhabitants of this great country are going through a wilderness of sorts, a long dark tunnel or building a type of tower of Babel. Make your pick of metaphor. The cacophony is palpable and one can only hope that some time in the future we will emerge transformed into rational human beings with a sense of values capable of building and sustaining a modern state.

What passes for contemporary state of Cameroon defies rationalization and analysis. Politics is invariably the main industry but hardly commands the amount of investment worth writing home about. It is very difficult to be a leader in a climate where everyone claims to know so much and feels the only contribution is to villify the other political rivals instead of contributing reasonable material to help the leader forge ahead.

Why is it so difficult for today's Cameroonian to be a faithful follower? Why are leaders so lacking?

Ony yesterday Simon Munzu, Ekontang Elad and Carlson Anyangwe swept Cameroonians off their feet by representing English-speaking citizens at the Tripartite Conference summoned to review the Constitution and then at the All Anglophone Conference mobilized for a soul-searching session followed by the trip to the United Nations in New York. Azong Wara and Sammy Arrey-Mbi mobilized teachers under the umbrella of TAC(Teachers Association of Cameroon) to pave the way for the introduction of an authentic GCE Board. These momentous events came on the heels of John Fru Ndi launching the Social Democratic Front, Barrister Bernard Muna mobilizing the legal fraternity in Cameroon to fight for the release of former Bar President Yondo Mandenge Black, picked up and detained under very murky circumstances surrounding the SDF launch. Each of those events actually generated followers in large numbers - men and women able and willing to rise up and be counted. That was then.

Since then something happened. The followership of today is a poor image of what used to be. This calls for some introspection before we can move ahead. President Biya may be Cameroon's problem but he is hardly the only problem. Something is missing in our individual and collective compass. Contrary to popular opinion, things are not going wrong because of the failure to rally behind one Opposition candidate. I can bet my last devalued CFA franc on that. In 1992 the Opposition grouped together behind a unique entity called the Union for Change. It nearly won. Again in 2004 it had some sort of a united front but did not win. Today's lamentation over the lack of a single oppositon candidate is missing the point. Such short memory is clearly part of the problem and that is sad!

Insanity is also defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Only the rocket scientists among us can tell why the legislature, like the judiciary, refuses to empower themselves and actually represent the people of Cameroon. How can the law-making body of a country be so powerless or complacent in the face of so much lawlessness? How can parliamentarians live with their consciences when they fail to represent the people they are paid handsomely to represent? How is it possible for our security forces to go after Mola Njoh Litumbe with such lightning speed when they were lamentably absent during the attack of banks in Douala, Victoria and Edea?

Is the president's indefinite stay in office a manifestation of the love he has for Cameroon or is it just the only option left to guarantee his own security in view of the amount of blood has been spilled to maintain advanced democracy? Where lies the truth of our predicament? How is it possible that the woman who lost her life in Bafoussam belonged to the SDF and the CPDM at the same time? And the gentleman coopted from Bafoussam into the Central Committee of the CPDM who claimed he belonged to the SDF? Why is Minister Issa Tchiroma Bakary playing the role of journalsits while the real pressmen maintain such loud silence over the election reporting? When do we begin to seek the truth to free us from self-imposed bondage?


"As you can see, we have a lot on our plates and our legal team is working over time preparing our post electoral litigation with the Constitutional Council". Hahaha,selling after the market as we say in Cameroon.Pre-election level-playing field,and post-election litigation,which is better? You asked the people to register and vote,they have voted.What do you want to tell us about Elecam now? Look, you can't feed a chicken on the day of the market.The international community is right there in Yaounde.They say everything went well.Nobody really wants to throw stones on you Kah Walla.You have all the time to learn and mature into a strong politician.People don't just want to jump on you,but they are aware you started on a false premise.You were in the SDF for long,how many court cases ever annuled an entire election?

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Gerald kiku

Kah Walla, I used to think and believe that you could inspire and carry out positivity in Cameroon because you fooled us with very good rhetoric. Well that was long ago, thank God now I know better and no amount of your strategic and rhetorical charisma can lead me to be that stupid again. Instead of using your much admired eloquence to bring together Cameroonians to build a common platform around the most credible political outfit in Cameroon which has always been and still remains the SDF,with the sole goal of fighting this tyranny which so far is our main enemy, you choose to play into Biya whims and caprices by "dividing in order to rule”. All of us agree that the SDF has made some poor decisions in the past and has to come of age and the only way we can insure that is by working towards a more pragmatic, proactive and unified opposition which can go a long way to re galvanize the general public to reengage in our common struggle. You have really disappointed so many people who thought that you would behave differently from the old generation. Now that you would go out of this elections with a 0.00 something percent and a balance of about 20,000,000frs in your bank account you are very well armed to go into negotiations with the tyrant to get a ministerial, or at least some top government job or contracts to insure your economic emergence, graduating into the class of Tchiroma,BELLO and Kodock.You think we are fools but you will be surprised to note the contrary. Even in your so called “Douala stronghold" which by the way has always been an illusion you could not put together the manpower needed to represent you in even a third of the polling stations but you want to make us believe you have the support necessary to take you to the presidency, perfect bullshit.How can anyone refute the allegations that you are just another belly thinking politician like your cpdm counterparts, the Tchiromas,the Ayahs ,the Kodocks and the Bellos, who are bent on scooping a small percentage of the electorate to use as a bargaining tool to get lucrative government positions in the same system they claim to oppose? Sad to say, that rather than being part of the solution to the problems of Cameroon you have proven beyond doubt that you are just part of the problem. Thank you for your part helping prolong tyranny in Cameroon and good luck to your political adventure. Whoever thinks Biya is the only problem in Cameroon is dreaming.

Sewho Tamba

She came out humiliated. I'd said so much about this of her once she left the SDF just close to when she and the SDF should have made a big difference


Personally I didn`t think the elections would amount to much (having 20 opposition candidates against the incumbent, in a single round election, was a bit of a farce).

However, I can`t figure out why some choose to harangue Kah Walla. What we seem to forget is that there are two rivalries at play - political and generational. Kah Walla not only represents a party, but also a generation. It is obvious that were she in the SDF, UDC or CPDM she would never be a presidential aspirant (they have pre-ordained candidates). She has personal ambitions and we shouldn`t begrudge her that. The generational gap is visible in substance and form. Kah Walla was among a handful of candidates who presented themselves for head to head televised debate. Others sent representatives and some didn`t bother. In todays world politicians are more proactive and media friendly and despite Cameroons high unemployment the youth are more educated and media savvy.

The lady is only 46, as with all new jobs she`s had her baptism of fire. She`ll learn.


Isn't it funny how all closet SDF fanatics who for months have been looking for a means to dump on kah Walla are doing it now? Have you guys read Fru Ndi's declaration after the elections? Is this so-called Great Party not also planning to sue in the courts for election annulment? Do you guys know that kah Walla's Obosso group was the only non-governmental group that was training election monitors in the country- 1000 in all? Do you know that the "Great" SDF actually asked for O Bosso's help to train SDF monitors and that this training took place in Bamenda with Fru Ndi's blessing? So 20 yrs after its creation the SDF does not know how to prepare for elections??? Please you guys should give the devil its due!

Whatever happens in this election, Kah Walla proved not only to be a shrewd tactician but also a long-term visionary with a disciplined focus. If the great SDF could garner only 17% of votes in 2004, who in their right mind can say Kah was "humiliated" even if she ends up with 5%? Say whatever you want but Kah Walla is the FUTURE while Fru Ndi is the past alongside Biya.


Why do we always reduce it down to comparing other candidates with Fru Ndi? What is bad that Kah Walla is the future and that Fru Ndi is the past? To be the future has she not learnt from Fru Ndi? The SDF can sue in court for it actually fought for a level-playing field.What is the raison d'etre for Kah Walla's sueing? Is it ignoring the composition of Elecam and bull-headedly asking people to register for elections,only to cry foul at the end? Spin it the way you like,that was her first big decision and she got it wrong!Her youthfulness would have made her to know better.What is the difference between her and a pillion passenger like Bello now? Maybe the moniker of first female presidential candidate will be a consolation price!


what a silly woman


There are people who take pride in criticizing other opposition leaders (Kah Walla) but these same people actually force red hot bile to rush into their eyes when others dare criticize Ni John Fru Ndi. And these are same people doing anti- or negative campaigns gainst others but would go mad if others do same to Ni John Fru Ndi. The issue is not whether or not "The SDF can sue in court for it actually fought for a level-playing field." The issue is what the sueing will lead to. What is the importance of the SDF sueing? For the elections to be reconducted? For the International community to come to the aid of Ni John Fru Ndi? Just for sueing sake? Kah Walla abandoned the SDF for an important reason that the SDF finally endorsed. In fact, all the questions that these "online specialists in blind submission to Ni John Fru Ndi" are asking Kah Walla are also applicable to their local Lord, Ni John Fru Ndi:

- What is the raison d'etre for Ni John Fru Ndi's sueing?

- Is it ignoring the composition of Elecam and bull-headedly asking people to register for elections,only to cry foul at the end?

- .What is the difference between him and a pillion passenger like Bello now?

- Maybe the moniker of first Bookseller presidential candidate will be a consolation price!

Ni John Fru Ndi as head of opposition has clearly demonstrated that Cameroonians can not rely on him to chase Paul Biya out of the presidency; he has betrayed the entire nation; he has made a mockery of the SDF and the entire nation; he has also eaten Biya's soya; he has been campaigning for Biya, he is unfit. We can not judge Kah Walla until we have given her the chance and time that we have given Ni John Fru Ndi. It is too early and unjust to compare Ni John Fru Ndi and Kah Walla as it concerns their ability to chase Biya out of the presidency.Kah Walla is her 40s and would be prepared to learn than the strong empty headed Ni John Fru Ndi.

What we have been waiting on these "Online specialists on election affairs" is for them to tell us where the court actions of the SDF will lead us to. Our problem has never been the SDF; it has been and remains NI John Fru Ndi. He is the obstacle against a single opposition candidate - something that has given Biya advantage. Let all these "Internet cry-diers for Ni John Fru Ndi" acknowledge the simple fact that Ni John Fru Ndi's time is over. Rather than encouraging their "failed Chairman" to remain main opposition (simply because of the SDF), they should ask Biya's accomplice to hand over our beloved SDF to more youthful and dynamic leader.

We should work against changing the name of the SDF into CDF (Chairman Don Finish). Finally, can these "Online professors of distortions in favour of Ni John Fru Ndi" tell us if this time again it is "stolen victory". Can they tell us how the situation must be changed? Do they know that all these sueings that will lead us nowhere is only enriching Ni John Fru Ndi and his group of greedy lawyers. They are fighting for something they know will lead them to nowhere. The supreme court will declare the results and NOTHING will change them.

... and complain that CPDM intellectuals have gone so low, but forgetting that some of these "short necks behind the Computer Screens" online Sabi-tout are Ni John Fru Ndi drunk.



Kah Walla abandoned the SDF and went in for elections under the CPP.The SDF is the strongest opposition party,how could it therefore be endorsing the CPP of a run-away militant?If she truly abandoned the SDF for a reason,that is to go in for elections without any guarantees of transpareny,only to wail after,that speaks volumes of her.Fru Ndi started off the SDF as a hero,ralied the nation behind him and hammarerd Biya,but Kah Walla tries betrayal and ends up burning her hands badly.Nobody betrays the SDF and goes unscathed!The book seller presidential candidate surely learnt something from the books he sells:"You cannot feed a chicken on the day of the market".Kah Walla ,the run-away SDF militant and over-sabi presidential candidate should learn this fact from today.Hearing her talk about poor technical management of Elecam,makes her pass for a circuss clown.Unsitting a dictatorship is not easy,but standing up to it is worth the salt.You don't try to weaken the SDF and muddle its message at a time when the party should be strengthened,only to end up hitting the wall.Kah is 40,and a fool at 40 is a fool forever.Never take chances with the Cpdm,rushing to an election it called without assertaining that all technicalities were in place.At least the SDF forced Biya's hand and he still played a fast one on the whole world by pretending to appoint independent personalities.Did Kah Walla get any such guarantees? At 46 years if you can't read the writing on the world,are you going to do so when you are 70 as Fru Ndi?At 70,Fru Ndi knows that you can pressure the gov't till the last minute,but at 46 Kah Walla doesn't know that if you did not fight to make Elecam credible,it cannot mysteriously become so.When she was in the SDF,the party sued several times to no avail.She has surely not leart anything from this.A fool is somebody doing the same thing and expecting different results.The SDF can sue the government for it promised the SDF that the coming of independent personalities will work against fruad.What basis is Kah Walla going to sue on? That she is a female presidential candidate? Give people a break!

J. S. Dinga

It was my hope and prayer that after the 2011 presidential election we would turn to a new page and start something new, positive and away from name calling. We are all pots calling each other kettles, as it were. Let us doff out hats to those that had the courage to try their hands at leadership as well as those who politely declined to do so, like the player Samule Eto'o Fils. Let us move ahead.

In the absence of good memories the historians among us were supposed to keep reminding us of our past. We have raised our barometric readings unnecessarily high simply because we fail to take the lessons of our history into consideration. If we did, we would all remember that in early 1984 a presidential election took place with much drumbeat and after the declaration of the results (I believe it was 99.9% support for the winner, our incumbent president), April 6 struck with devastating effect and the scars are still very visible on the national landscape even till this day.

Such a reminder ought to make us sober up a little as we beat our chests trying to outdo each other in stead of waiting in serene reflection and asking oursleves: Can it happen again?


To Gerald Kiku, Are you still talking about Fru Ndi? For 20 years as party chairman, what's the difference between him and Paul Bya? He uses the SDF chairman as a source of his bread and butter. He chases out whosoever opposes him in the party. All his Children are living abroad. Who are you fooling. He's not capable of managing SDF, what if given the whole country to him? I'm from Fru Ndi's region and I follow up the campaign, all what he could deliver to the people is get rid of Mr. Biya; he has no agenda, enjoy the atmosphere Northwesterner give him.
We need to get rid of all these old fox and give change to young cameroonians who are more verse with the current economic and political situation in the world.
Please kiku, stop fooling yourself with Fri ndi. He's a disgrace to democracy including his brother Paul Biya.


ah pitty the only the poor people, because they are the scape goat this game, playing by these bandits,biya ,fru ndi ,kah walla name it all.for how long are we going to be deceived by these idiots and blood suckers.


Ndi John Fru Ndi's most recent declaration ends with the following:

"Dans cette optique, j’invite tous les candidats ayant pris part a cette élection, a une rencontre de concertation qui se tiendra a ma résidence a Yaoundé le samedi 15 octobre 2011 et débutera a 11h précises.



1) Ni John Fru Ndi recognizes the importance of the other opposition candidates, including the "young" Kah Walla;

2) Ni John Fru Ndi is inviting them to HIS RESIDENCE.

3) Ni John Fru Ndi dictates the place, day and time for the meeting, without consultation.

4) Ni John Fru Ndi waited only after the elections to bring oppostion candidates together, and only after realizing that the results are not in his favour. And afraid that a NEW opposition leader may emerge.

5) All along, readers were forced into believing that without the other opposition candidates, Ni John Fru Ndi, alone, can actually FORCE change.

6) But why the "rencontre de concertation" only now?

... this is just like a drowning person trying to grab others to survive. Too late, too bad.


The Ngwa Man

S.E. Biya has been trying to teach us his tactics for 29+ years. It is now time to learn our lessons and execute them better than the teacher.

Chairman Ndi and SDF must feel some vindication that this election played out the way it did. I hope they will secretly develop a militant wing because their toothless barking about ELECAM may have been informative of its danger but they need some ability to bite if we are to get any meaningful reform to our governance from the current regime.

I’m sure Ms Walla (whom admire) has learned some valuable lessons, at least I hope she has. The time is now for her and other serious opposants to develop militant wings of their movements, even if it is secretively. The passive Jesus Christ approach has crucified us so many times that God may not be willing to forgive us for the sin of not being more assertive.

Cameroonians will not be convinced that the ballot box is useful until we fix our system. No opposition party or candidate should be taken seriously until they can show they are “strong” enough or willing/able to put serious pressure on the regime to make meaningful reforms.

We got more from Mr Biya through the Ghost Towns in 1992 than we have achieved using passive tactics over the past 18 years.


Before the elections,the SDF called on all the other parties to join it to flush out Biya.They didn't listen.Before the elections the SDF called on all the other parties to join it to fight for a democratic Elecam,but they were silent.After the elections,the SDF as the mamoth of the opposition still has the right to call the other parties for concertation.Since they like running away from their responsibility,of course they won't come.Some who blindly jumped out to call for people to vote thinking this might give them something to show Biya when negotiating for ministerial posts must be licking their wounds now.Fru Ndi has always recognized the importance of other parties.In 1992,he was their flagbearer,in 2004 he went in for negotiations with them,until they started making a mockery of his French.Before these elections,Ekindi and others came to Bamemda several times to concert with him.Before elections,Kah Walla said she has been talking with Fru Ndi,and that they have no problem.Fru Ndi has not criticised her anywhere,so who said she was not important to Fru Ndi? A new opposition leader emerges from the strength of his or her party.This strength is demonstrated on the field.That is the number of militants,percentages got from elections.A new opposition leader doesn't emerge after having run for president for the first time.Bello.Kodock,Tchiroma,have always had members of their parties in the gov't,but has that made them the leader of the opposition? The leader of the opposition builds strategic alliances before elections.He or she doesn't rush in for elections as a lone wolf,and suddenly thinks that has earned them the title of leader of the opposition.Stop fantasizing,and better work hard!


What we want to know and had wanted to know is IF NI JOHN FRU NDI can be president of today's Cameroon. We are not talking about history - 1990, 1994, etc., but we are talking of the 2011 presidential elections. The other opposition parties, even Ekindi refused to surrender to Ni John Fru Ndi and everyone went his or her own way. Now all this is history. Elections have been conducted and results are expected. Can our Internet political ANALYST tell us what strategies they have in place to ensure that Ni John Fru Ndi becomes president? Or are still confirming that Ni John Fru Ndi's fight is not against president Paul Biya, but against other opposition parties, so as to remain the main opposition leader? All the noise that Ni John Fru Ndi is making, rushing to Yaounde in fear of another house arrest in Bamenda, calling people on phone and begging and begging, is simply to ensure that he remains the main opposition leader to feed from the remains of Biya's table. This is exactly what happened during the last parliamentary elections. The number of SDF parliamentarian dropped significantly to the point that the SDF could not form a parliamentary group. Realizing the financial disavantage this would bring to him, Ni John Fru Ndi went around begging, making deals and crying until the Supreme count added the number of SDF parliamentarian to make the SDF form a parliamentary group. This is exactly what Ni John Fru Ndi is fighting to do again, making sure that he emerges the second from the presidential elections so that he represents the opposition and reaps the financial benefits. It is important to note that Ni John Fru Ndi is already at an advanced age and therefore needs to conserve certain benefits before politics leaves him. This explains why Ni John Fru Ndi must fight to be the second in this year's presidential elections. If this his last and most important dream becomes a reality, he will then go into secret deals with the CPDM that will enable president Paul Biya and the parliament to create a special status for Cameroon's main opposition leader. This will offer Ni John Fru Ndi benefits that will go beyond his retirement from politics and even death. Just like civil servants working to preserve some benefits for retirement, Ni John Fru Ndi thinks it is a crucial period for him to preserve some benefits also.

The media reported that when Ni John Fru Ndi was in the Noun, he visited Sultan Njoya, but the deals, exchanges, and arrangements made during that planned visit have not yet been made public. This is exactly what he did when then Minister of Education, Professor Joseph Owona carried heavy valises to Ni John Fru Ndi's Ntarikon palace. That Ni John Fru Ndi should be visiting Sultan Njoya, a stauch CPDM central Committee member prio to such an important and crucial presidential elections ... The deal had been done, signed and sealed and Ni John Fru Ndi is merely trying to give an impression.

Let us wait and see.

By the way there is an APPARENT LEGAL EXPERT in this forum who claims to know everything about the SDF and especially Ni John Fru Ndi. Reading his minute to minute contributions, especially when others dare write against Ni John Fru Ndi, this "EXPERT ON LEGAL NIJOHN FRU NDI matters" seems to claim to have the strategies that can remove Ni John Fru Ndi from the mess that he has created himself. Unfortunately, this "Internet noise-maker" is not known within SDF circles. Since he claims to be using his real name, that name is found NOWHERE within important SDF circles.



what i have to say about this presidential elections 2011 is that it was free and fair other than that materials did not arrive in time which kah walla did mention. but i tell you as for the part of brutalization and intimidation. most of the opposition parties were the ones waging war and treating most ELECAM officials. for example the chief justice ayah paul abine of Akwaya had to threaten the life of the Council Branch head of Akwaya that if he doesn't have a winning vote in Akwaya he was going to kill him before the polls were over. and also on the part of C.P.P most of the representatives of the party were very rude and they claim to be very wise and strict just like there leader but there were put into place to maintain order . and if any body said they were not allowed to be in polls as representatives then that person is a bloody liar. but kah walla tried while having one or two votes in every polling station that's great you can keep up. but what has happen has happen we cannot undo. so the question i will ask is this . did the president also fraud in external countries? as for me i tell you i am not afraid of traits. but i think those who talk alot about other parties are those that did the frauding and are not fit to rule the country.

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Gianmarco Lorenzi Platform

Very, very nicely done!

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Fraudulent acts shouldn't be tolerated at all. It doesn't do good to the economy.

I wish all the people of Cameroon the best, I can only hope their circumstances continue to improve.

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