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Saturday, 01 October 2011


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Mola Njoh Litumbe,we should stop aiding and abetting the emasculation of Southern Cameroons by celebrating the 50th anniversary of our second colonization by la REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN. What bona fide Southern Cameroonians should be doing at this juncture is settle down to rethink the THIRD OPTION that was never addressed in Foumban in 1961. We will secede from this malodorous contraption code-named LA REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN or perish. That's my take on this issue.
Dr. Vakunta


Mola Njoh and the others were not arrested for "celebrating" the 50th anniversary of the so-called reunification. They were arrested for "commemorating" the event. Big difference.

J. S. Dinga

Questions of sematics aside, when is a news man not allowed to cover a news item? Where in the civilized world are journalists subjected to torture for wanting to cover a news event for public consumption? Do the people of Cameroon not have the right to know? Why would commemorating be less newsworthy than celebrating, and vice versa? And why should events involving English-speaking Cameroonians be invariably labelled "deviant" instead of "different"?

Va Boy

Professor Vakunta, I think the commentator is the one who posted appended celebration of reunification, which was not in the original mail. Mola Njoh is too astute to celebrate reunification.

"Reunification" is a false, politically loaded term. What Southern Cameroons achieved that day was "independence by joining"

I agree that this thing shall not stop until we get what is our due.

Va Boy

There is a lie perpetrated by Yaounde myth makers that somehow la Republique du Cameroun somehow inherited the mantle of the old German Kamerun. That is false because la republique itself is just a fragment of the old German Kamerun and has neither the right nor the power to reconfigure the old Kamerun. We need to free our minds and think clearly. That is the first step to freedom.

I wish la Republique du Cameroun a peaceful elections, but if it should shatter to pieces, I would not weep. Southern Cameroonians should stay clear of the flying excreta. Those Southern Cameroonians who are engaging in Biya's stupid voting game are a disappointment.

Ngole Masango E

I think all this most stop we have the right to speak out what is not right and what is right. La Republic du Cameroon should know, nothing can stop us from getting what is ours. Why should they feel we can live in a society where there is no freedom of anything? Now Mola is on house arrest many are been hunted. Others in jail what next? We will not stop.


While I abhore police brutality, I think the real problem is too many of us have a messianic complex. We believe we are born with a divine duty to save entities from real or imagined afflictions, and so we go chasing these lofty objectives while ignoring the basics.

So our excuse for failure is "annexation". What`s the excuse for Guinea, Nigeria, Central African Republic, Chad, DRC... and all the other Sub-saharan African countries which have been failing since independence? When are we going to identify these common weaknesses and approach them empirically?

Mola is a chatered accountant, if he truely wants to help Anglophone Cameroonians there are youth in need of orientation. He can invest his energies for their benefit.

Va Boy

Limbekid, what are you being paid to intervene with these inane statements on behalf of la Republique? If they are not paying you, demand it, because you are doing a great job, a much better job than Kontcheu, because you manage to sound reasonable. You seem to be saying, make the best of a bad situation. That sounds reasonable, but some situations are so bad that they demand a complete rupture from the past. For Southern Cameroons, that rupture means separation from la Republique. For la Republique that rupture means cutting away from the neocolonial cabal that has ruled since the Germans left.

You have to be a free agent to fail or to succeed. If you are not free, your job is to free yourself.

Va Boy

But Limbekid, la république does not value any anglofools, so they will not pay you for your excellent services.


@ Va Boy,

A African literary giant once said of "afritude", that "a tiger does not proclaim its tigritude, it pounces". The problem with us Anglophone Cameroonians is that we spend too much time proclaiming our "Anglophoneness" instead of pouncing. The man hours we spend singing and dancing in detention camps should be spent strategising.

We should be forming business clubs, Anglophone professional associations, a Anglophone bank, Anglophone media corporations, organising sposorships for our best and brightest. Is Harrison Tamfu not employed by Equinox? and is Equinox not owned by a Bamileke Francophone? Don`t you think it is a paradox that we don`t only rely on a Francophone to employ us but also to tell our story, and just because we are not organised and entrepreneural enough to operate a solid independent media corporation.

Political leverage is not limited to normative institutions (flags and liberation chants) alone, it also relies on economic leverage and media presence. How did we run our Anglophone banks (Amity bank, NISCAM...). What have we learnt from other minority organisations elsewhere (blacks and Jews in the USA for instance), - that you cannot rely on protest marches alone (this is 2011 not 1960). The Jews make up less than 3% of the American population, but how often do you hear that they own the media and finance in the USA. This is only achievable through strategy.

I am not impressed by a symbolic "independent" Anglophone Cameroon, I want a content-rich Anglophone sphere, where things are truely done differently.

Va Boy

Va Boy


I have work to do today, applying another blow to the weakening chains of la republique.

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