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« Cameroon 2011 Presidential Election: Post Election Statement by the SDF | Main | Brewing Post-Electoral Violence in Cameroun »

Sunday, 16 October 2011


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J. S. Dinga

Very consoling indeed. It is never late to give unity a chance, even at the eleventh hour.


Uniting after Biya has already won the elections, what incredible exercise in futility.

Gan Charles

The opposition parties should have brainstormed to stop Biya from changing the constitution that allowed him to run in perpetuity. What they are doing now is to devise a doomed strategy.
It has been alleged that the election was marred with fraud. I have no doubt that this occured, but knowing how the opposition operates, I am positive the fraud was not properly documented. Claims must be backed up by proper documentation otherwise it is viewed as speculation that cannot be validated.
At the end of the day nothing will change. The courts will certify Biya has won. All the promises he made before the elections, as he has done in the past, will be ignored. Cameroon will simmer for another sevens years. The opposition will run around crying foul as ususal and their strategy will remain same.


Too late opposition Guys and good riddance!!!


Fighting over spilled milk. Too late!

Davidson Davidson

The opposition have realised themselves and it is high time for them to start the Black Africa spring in cameroon, they have to inform the international community that they would organised peaceful demonstrations and gatherings in all the major cities of cameroon till Biya relinguish power, so that any attempt to kill any peaceful demonstrator would be met with stringent sanctions from the international community, Biya should be aware that taking into account the human atrocities he has committed from 1984 till present he is eligible to face international criminal court, he is already a war criminal, so he has to watch out not to add the crimes.Biya era would soon come to an end come sun come rain, no empire can reign forever, Biya your days are numbered.


Your write up is strangely short today.You see,you are one of the pests nibbling away at our African conscience.I told you that we students of history never make sweeping statements about events.You are licking your wounds now,after having treated Fru Ndi of all names,and why he wanted to meet with the other opposition candidates.I also told you Fru Ndi has nothing against Kah Walla.Look at the picture again,the two are seated shoulder to shoulder,cheek to cheek,but not mouth to mouth(haha).I told you your Chemistry could not help you out with political analysis.The SDF has called and others have come.That is how it should be.It is never late to fight for political change.This is another statement I will want you to take home Marie.If a revolution starts here,we are not going to reject the change it will usher in.It would have been destined that it was going to be at this very juncture.Let the young who have been venting here about the oldmen like FRu Ndi come out now and,raise their voices,and join in this final push.Don't be silent and come out after to blame old people.How come the old people are more active in Cameroon than the youths? This is also a very very positive development for the opposition in Cameroon.Next time when there's a crisis,the opposition will have no excuse for not coming together,since they have demontrated their ability to do so.The people's will must always triumph personal egos.Also,it is incredible for Muna and Fru Ndi to once again be deliberating about political things after their face off in 2006.In yet another twist,it also feels good to see Ndam Njoya and Fru Ndam hammer out issues for the country after the failed Cdpm infiltrated opposition coalition of 2004.
All things being equal,this was supposed to be the axis of the real opposition in Cameroon,but intrigues have often kept them apart.What they may come up with may not exceed our expections,but the meeting in itself is all self-fulfilling and a step stone for more accountability from the opposition.


It takes a smart level-headed opposition to unseat a despot like Paul Biya, not the bunch of scattered brains that populate the opposition parties in Cameroon. Consequence: the status quo persists.Cameroonians of all creeds are slowly but surely crawling out of their stupor, finding it hard to believe that for seven more years they will be saddled with a loathsome albatross—Mr. Paul Biya, a white-collar thief blinded by a false sense of grandeur. Here we are once again trapped in the fiendish lair of a Beti-led oligarchy in Yaoundé hell bent on fleecing our rich country dry. Here we are gain eternally mired in the squander mania characteristic of chopbroke-potters . Here we are today stuck with a ‘president’ who spends three quarters of his time gallivanting in foreign lands in pursuit of nothing.



They all should be caned. Stupid, what are they pretending about here. Personal interest will kill all of you, nonsense. I hate politicians in this country, it really annoys me.If they can agree now, why wasn't there a coalition?

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J. S. Dinga

Joint action trumps all! The cheating and other ills at polling stations and vote counting avenues would not be possible if enough concerned citizens took their stand to monitor the proceedings instead of rushing to the nearest drinking spot to start celebrating a victory not yet at hand or pouring invectives on the PC. We all agree on at least one thing -that these leaders have finally learned something, even if belatedly. Now our focus should shift to the Supreme Court. Will that body do anything different this time to rescue the Fatherland?

atabong albert

The joint action though belated is still a positive signal.These leaders have a duty to galvanise the Cameroonian people for a revolution. We all know who are our enemies.THE CPDM, THE BIYA REGIME and The French Government.
The opposition should all go to their respective regions and mobilised Cameroonians for a revolution. Let us see how France will save Biya. The Supreme Court has been infested and under the armpit of Biya. No positive outcome should be expected from the cash and carry supreme court which is appendix of the CPDM

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Berinyuy Pauline

If all opposition leaders listened to the SDF, things won't have been the way they are. we should not have gone in for this elections with Elecam in place. i hope it is not too late. the opposition can regroup together, come out powerfully and start from the legislative and palaimentary, take up most seats and undo the constitution. creat an independent electoral commision and then organise free and fair elections.


My eyes are always lingered with tears whenever i read about my Home (Cameroon)


Better late than never! Now the smaller parties have accepted the natural terms of a coalition ie rallying around the bigger party not the way round. Some of them put their stomachs ahead of country! now they ve eaten the 30million, they come to Pa Fru Ndi for vision! Hope they can learn and move on from here...

johnny debs


George, Perth Australia

I think its a good idea they have now realised them selves to see how they can send of this monster. It is never too late.Fru Ndi is not very much different from Biya taking into consideration that he has been at the helm of this party ever since it was launched in 1990. Been our main opposition party i dont think it is a good example for the younger parties.
We need a change in mentality and also put aside our self interest in order to change this country.
I reckon Biya is taking advantage of us because of our greed. What a country????? 23 presidential candidates with a a population of 23 million inhabitants. What a shame in this modern world.

Saidi Mundu

This is typical , from Zambia to Angola through Congo to Kenya and Western Africa, Greedy opportunistic oppositionists who know that they have no chance but still waste people time taking a stab at presidency and then uniting after they have participated in the fraud for their various reasons.

Incumbency in Africa comes with the added manipulative advantage at the polls, this manipulation is minimised when the opposition fiels a single viable candidate so that they are awake to any tricks.
There is no other way. Soon you will see one or two of them join Biya for the spoilsat the high table as this was their singular objective. Saidi Kenya.


Those opposition leaders need to be stoned to death. How foolish were they to let Biya change the constituition in the first place? Do they think Biya is a fool? That was the only chance they had to beat Biya out. That was the time they needed to come out in their numbers and pull people to the street to challenge that change.
Biya you are wise. Go Biya Go!!

"Erreur for mbotocous na dame for ndos"

jean marien

Why only Fru Ndi, what of cpdm biya, udc Adamu,Bello Ekind and the rest...,Open your brain, who will be at the helm of sdf for his stomach and sell the party. SDF is sill strong today because of Fru Ndi.Dont Blame all the opposition parties for not ralling people to the street.The SDF opposed the constitutional and the creatin of ELECAM, I think you should blaim Cameroonian for not rising up to figth for thier future.


Find below, an extract from an article by Professor Tazoacha Asongayi in

"Well, following this other electoral debacle of 9 October, Paul Biya is having his rest in Kribi, waiting to be proclaimed winner again, while the opposition is selling after the market, sulking as usual about electoral fraud. Who was not aware that they would do this? Had they not lived each debacle since 1992? Indeed, following the 30 June 2002 electoral debacle, opposition political parties (the SDF, the NUDP, LA DYNAMIQUE, the UFDC, the CDU, and the MLDC) met in Yaoundé on 2nd July 2002 and issued a joint communiqué that stated among other things as follows “… ask the Head of State Mr. Paul BIYA to use his constitutional prerogatives to simply annul the twin vote of 30th June 2002; open dialogue with the political forces of the opposition in order to create conditions for the organisation of free, transparent, just and « sincere » elections... In any case, the Cameroon opposition which we represent, speaking in the name of the majority of Cameroonians who were deprived of their basic right to vote, solemnly declares that it will not accept the results of these elections and will not take up the Councils and the seats they have been attributed in Parliament in the masquerade of 30th June 2002.... Call on our militants and indeed, all Cameroonians, to be ready to defend their civil rights through a variety of actions as shall be so directed...” All this was hot air because nothing concrete followed." Professor Tazoacha Asonganyi


Yeah Marie,
Two years after, your dear Prof. was given the opportunity to represent the SDF when the coalition met to choose a single candidate.He carried his head and went there.He apparently had forgotten that in 2002 the opposition had been ignored by Biya.He even came away with the party he was representing diminished,when others present imposed the idea that the candidate must be bilingual and everything came crumbling.Biya had again played a fast one on the opposition in his presence.He must be suffering from myopia and his revisionism are signs of guilt and refusal to accept one's shortcomings.The opposition is marching ahead anyway.Life is not static,and we don't care about 2002 now.We can learn from those failures,but we must move ahead.


Mr Watesih,

Ni John Fru Ndi is contented with the second position that gives him the position of opposition leader. He never expected anything more than this. As I have stated before, Ni John Fru Ndi is looking for opportunities that he would exploit to force President Paul Biya or negotiate with him so that a special status for opposition leader be declared. This is the last fight that Ni John Fru Ndi has. And Ni John Fru Ndi will do everything to force Paul Biya into granting him this status because from all indications, the SDF under Ni John Fru Ndi will find it VERY VERY difficult, even impossible, to obtain a parliamentary group after the next parliamentary elections. It is very clear that the SDF under Ni John Fru Ndi will find its number of parliamentarians drastically reduced. If not of the open confrontations and physical attacks that Ni John Fru Ndi used into obtaining votes in Bamenda, then his percentage would have been lower. The question one would like to ask is if Ni John Fru Ndi can claim to be the voice of the majority of Cameroonians with less than 11%. Put ALL the opposition candidates together (as if a single opposition candidate had been formed), then the opposition would have a total of less than 24%.One can see the damage Ni John Fru Ndi is doing to Cameroon and Cameroonians. Why can Ni John Fru Ndi not acknowledge the fact that he is also the problem and then hand over the leadership of the SDF and the opposition to someone else? Why the greed? What has Ni John Fru Ndi not gained?

I continue to insist that Cameroonians have two main problems and obstacles to surmount: 1) President Paul Biya as Head of State (with a comfortable 77%) and 2) Ni John Fru Ndi as main opposition leader (with a tiny and insignificant 10%). One now understands why Ni John Fru Ndi is doing everything to use other opposition leaders to achieve his main dream of obtaining a special status for main opposition leader.

Let us wait and see how events unfold.



Hear Ni John Fru Ndi after rejection of his case by the supreme court:

Pendant l'audience, M. Fru Ndi, opposant historique, avait affirmé: "Nous avons besoin de justice. Donnons une chance à la démocratie et à la justice". A sa sortie de l'audience, il a assuré: "Moi, John Fru Ndi, je vais manifester. Je ne veux plus accepter toutes les gabegies de ce pays".

... but what do Cameroonians expect from a leader who has refused to learn? What do Cameroonians expect from people who consider their stomachs first? Ni John Fru Ndi failed to use the sweat and blood of Cameroonians, the nakedness of old women, ghost towns, civil disobidience, etc. to eject Biya from power. Today, Ni John Fru Ndi still thinks that marching in the streets, even if he does it alone, would eject Biya.

Let us wait and see how many Cameroonians would join Ni John Fru Ndi in the protest march and the consequences of such protest. The majority of Cameroonians wouldn't allow Ni John Fru Ndi to swim in their blood and sweat and to walk over their bodies to obtain a special status for opposition leader. It is preferable for Ni John Fru Ndi to keep on receiving stipends from SDF parliamentarians. This stipend will reduce after the next parliamentary elections as the number of SDF parliamentarians will reduce a drastic reduction. Let us wait and see.



People keep blaming the opposition for failing to present a single opposition candidate. But how could they when someone thinks that he is the alpha, the omega and the all powerful? At times, people need to go beyond party considerations to support an individual who has the potentials to win elections, and that individual must not come from a particular political party; the candidate can come from the civil society, from the clergy and could be an independent candidate. Until Ni John Fru Ndi recognizes this fact, then the opposition in Cameroon will go nowhere. The problem has never been and is not the SDF; it has been and remains the leader of that party - Ni John Fru Ndi. It is time his blind supporters accept that as presidential candidate of the most popular opposition party, Ni John Fru Ndi is actually, intentionally, blocking all chances of ejecting Paul Biya from the presidency.

Will Ni John Fru Ndi learn and honourably accept his rejection by the people?



Go girl. Marie, u said all i think.

fofuleng babila

Opposition leader failure to have a single candidate has denied Cameroonians from removing Biya.their actions have denied Cameroonian youth of any democratic achievements.their failure to unite has made Biya to exploit their differences orchestrated from political greed has been exploited by Biya to remain in power.the what ever called opposition parties should remember they are not Cameroonian democratic foot soldiers. progress in democracy has is not easy to does not come from opposition and ruling government will only come from harsh reality and bitter can only be purchase by a massive revolution.nights in cell,Police brutality violation of right and so on. we should draw strength from the fact that,change is not simple or without controversy but it depends on requires determination coordinated by a statesman not politicians.we should all push for a change, for there will be no challenge we cannot surmount


I do not know who Ni John Fru Ndi and his gang of confunists are trying to deceive. I think following the disaster caused by Ni John Fru Ndi and his blind supporters before, during and after the 2011 presidential elections, we have to let the plain naked truth speak for itself even if prophets of distortion and doom wouldn't listen. The only way for us to move forward is, first of all, identify failures before looking for solutions. This will enable us withstand any future shocks.

1) It is sad to hear people mourning more than Ni John Fru Ndi the bereaved, who is actually celebrating for having maintained the second position (despite the low percentage) and has remain the main opposition leader.

Ni John Fru Ndi never went in for elections because he thought that changes could be obtained through the ballot box. He knew fully well that with ELECAM, Paul Biya will be the winner. Ni John Fru Ndi hurriedly called Cameroonians to register and vote SIMPLY because he found his position of main opposition leader threatened by new comers like Ayah Paul, and especially by Kah Walla. Ni John Fru Ndi realized that if the SDF does not go in for the elections, then these people would take the position he occupies.

Consequently, Ni John Fru Ndi did not go in for the elections because he wanted to become president; he did not contest because he wanted to challenge Paul Biya. He went in for elections to stop and prevent Kah Walla, Paul Aya, Me Momo, and even Ben Muna from taking his position of main opposition leader. Ni John Fru Fru hurriedly went in for the elections with the fear that if another politician becomes main opposition leader, then President Paul Biya main institute a special status for main opposition leade with full benefits, especially financial and monetary benefits.

2) When the other opposition members (Mboa Massock, Jean Nitcheu, etc.) and the civil society were calling on Cameroonians to demonstrate in February to mark the anniversary of the killing of peaceful and innocent Cameroonians, Ni John Fru Ndi rushed to the Northern provinces only to dissociate himself from the GENUINE call for protests. This is how Ni John Fru Ndi earned the Noble PRIZE FROR PEACE from the CPDM during his most recent birthday celebration in Bamenda. It is ironical today for the very Ni John Fru Ndi to be calling on the very Cameroonians to protest and demonstrate because he was not elected president. This is pure hypocrasy. This shows that Ni John Fru Ndi actually has something to hide and that he is not serious. Why should he consider protests and demonstration important only now following presidential elections? Is this election and its results more important than all those who were butchered by Biya's army of destruction? Where was Ni John Fru Ndi when the police was humiliating and tear-gasing Kah Walla and her supporters? Where was Ni John Fru Ndi when Mboa Massock and others were been threatened during peaceful demonstrations for just causes? Why should Ni John Fru Ndi be calling for demonstrations only now?

After the supreme court proclamation, Ni John Fru Ndi promised to protest even if it means doing so alone. What made him to think of doing so alone? This was a clear indication that he understands fully well that he is no more the Ni John Fru Ndi of the 1990s. During the 90s, when Ni John Fru Ndi called for protest demonstrations, EVERY LIVING THING, inluding mad people, dogs, threes honoured his invitation. Today, his selfish interests and shady deals with the CPDM have distanced him from the common man.This time around, Ni John Fru Ndi understood that even the very old Takeuberg women wouldn't expose their nakedness to protect him. He failed to use these old women the way he did before. Before, these old women would graciously open their "sacred things" inbetween their thighs to be tear-gased by Biya's army of destruction only to protect Ni John Fru Ndi. Ni Ji John Fru Ndi also failed to use the Ntarikon Taliban fighters he had used against Ben Muna's SDF faction in Yaounde. John Fru Ndi had no other alternatives than to rush to Yaounde, where he can seek refuge in foreign embassies.

We are anxiously looking forward to see Ni John Fru Ndi demonstrate as he has promised. However, he should not merely walk in the streets; he MUST walk into Etoudi palace and we helped him attempt to do so in the 1990s. We are waiting to see Ni John Fru Ndi march to the presidency and nothing more.

... but will Ni John Fru Ndi learn quick to leave the leadership of the SDF before SDF leaves him?

God should save us from those who have conspired to drag Cameroon and the SDF into a mafia organization.

I will be coming.


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