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Sunday, 23 October 2011


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Neba Fuh

Dr Vakunta, Thanks for this brilliant analysis of the problems of the Cameroons today and the way forward for Southern Cameroons, after the October 9 electoral charade.

Your paper brings into my mind a piece I wrote while in Buea, on the eve of the 21st century titled 'The Cry Of The Millennium'(1999)
published in The Post.

While my friends were actively preparing for the New Year of the new Millennium-2000, I was caught by a reflective fit, pondering why Southern Cameroons would be entering a new millennium in perpetual bondage under la Republique. The evidence then, as it is now, was overwhelming and really vexing. Biya had been in power then for about or two Southern Cameroonians featured as 'cadre' in SONARA, even the menial jobs in SONARA were done by Biya's tribesmen or the kinsmen of the GM. The roads in SW were unpaved- except the SONARA-DOUALA stretch, basic amenities like potable water and medicine were luxuries in many enclaves in NW and SW, poor road infrastructure etc etc.

We sought the media(mostly print) to call Southern Cameroonians to act... of course there were no Facebooks and Twitters...internet was embryonic . We were like lone wolves...because SDF was en vogue then...

We sounded our gong at home(Southern Cameroons) then, ready to sacrifice our last drop of blood if our call was yielded to...and I am sure you and many others who are portrayed now as keyboard analysts have faced the same storm while you were still serving in the Cameroons, before finding yourselves where you are now, because of one reason or the other...

I am worried that an insightfully inciting article, like the one above, which is genuinely unapologetic on the future use of alternative methods to tackle the problems of the Cameroons especially Southern Cameroons, can be diluted by little mind 'agents' with their all too familiar comment: ' guys are in safe havens instigating your fellow compatriots to go and be killed...', as if when we were around, we never sounded our gong or assembled in the market place when we heard its sound...

History will judge us all, some by their omission, a few by their commission and most by their indecision.


Mr Neba fuh and Dr Vakunta,

I beg to differ but I don`t see a return to the status quo ante (separation of the two Cameroons) as a solution. To me it is escapism. The problem with Cameroon (and most of Africa) is economic underdevelopment. For me it`s all about cause and effect, and the dictatorships are manifestions of our economic underdevelopment. Most of Africa is composed of artificially contrived entities and governance was always bound to be problematic. In the meantime I don`t see what stops Anglophone Cameroonians from forming independent circles.

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It is time to rethink the Third Option, the choice to secede from La République du Cameroun and form an independent Republic.

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