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Sunday, 02 October 2011


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Great this is really awesome post!) Really good!)

Tangie S

It's unfortunate that one our fathers should sell his conscience, his throne, his people and his children for whatever God alone knows. We regret this.

Julius Che

Let Fon Angwafor chooses the epitaph of a hero than that of a forgotten soldier in an unmarked grave

atabong albert

Fon Angwafor breaking the silence might give an insight of Southern Cameroon but will have no impact on impact on our struggle.The Southern Cameroonians should be political architects not political archeologists. What will the Fon tells us that we have not experience over the last 50 years. The transformation of southern cameroon from a developing nation state in 1960 into one of the least developed and backward area in the world. Our so called Chiefs have sold us to La Republic for a pot of porridge. Just like the South Africans, Ghanaians, Nigerians, Zambians, Libyans,Tunisians realised that enough was enough, they decided to fight for their destiny. We have complained enough.Complains alone will not address our near slavery status in Cameroon.God created the world in 6 days and on the 7th day there was action. Action speak louder than voice. The time for action is now.It is amazing that, our people don`t listen to the Messengers but will rather vote for Biya who has never campaigned or visited our neighbourhoods to canvass for our votes, The foolish fools from Southern Cameroon are on the field again campaigning even though most of them like Ngolle Ngolle will never get to his village just like Dion Ngute and others due to impossible roads, yet they have been Ministers for over 2 decades,A minister who has no road leading to his village. Only in Southern Cameroon can we see that happen


it is true that some of our great grand fathers are holding our history which they contributed so badly that today we can't take a breath even in our own house. I belief that if we can inturn let them pay for that, then young politicians like ngolle ngolleand a whole lot of them who are moving on the same line would learn from it.they are dozens of these people behind our houses let us look for a way to give them a test so that their followers can learn.Have u move to Nyandong before or tombel in general i tell the road to hell is narrow but not as bad as the one which lead to tombel.LET CAMEROONIANS DO SOMETHING FOR CHANGE TO COME YOU SHOULD NOT ALLOW SOME BODY TO SHARE YOUR CAKE FOR YOU.

 Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta

"Azong Wara asserts that he is mandated by a group of concerned Cameroonians, “... to request that you (Fon Angwafor) make public the contents of those documents.”

I believe Azong Wara has embarked on a laudable collison course that should, all other things being equal,get Southern Cameroonians out of this current unholy, unconsummated matrimony with our egocentric, mypopic and saddistic emasculators east of the Mungo.

If Fon Angwafor is truly in possession of legal documents bequeathed to him during the calamitous Foumban Conference, he should make them public wilfully and soon or his hands will be twisted to make him release those papers. We need these papers as we continue to make our case in front of global legal institutions for secession from la REPUBLIQUE DU CAMEROUN.

Dr. Vakunta

J. S. Dinga

Of what use is "legal documents" in the Cameroon we all know today? As legal as the Constituion that we treat with callous indifference when it suits us? If such a document was unhelpful at the start, why would it become so useful today? Are today's actors any different from those of yesteryears? I wonder......

My concern is more with the imminent presidential election that ought to usher in a new lease of life for out republic. How many of us can stand up and be counted that this will be the case? By now election monitors must be flowing in their numbers into our triangular problematic republic in preparation for making that important declaration on the D-day as they always did in the past. I can almost guess the "free and fair" declaration already.

If these ladies and gentlement from several other countries could just take a deep breath and think of the Cameroon nation as a whole and in particulr its teeming masses of the young and unemployed, especially those US ambassador Harriet Isom aptly described as "Noting to lose" people, they will not make "free and fair" as a mere cliche to be regurgitated complacently at the end of that momentouos event of October 9th.

For indeed lurking in our much trumpeted peace and stability is this subgroup of persons with no prospects at all, persons who invariably rise up and charge when election fraud smells in the air, looting, burning and doing all sorts of smash-and-grab gymnastics in a rare vandalistic orgy of self-enrichment, reducing the centers of our cities and towns into a sort of war zone as they virtually empower themselves to do what the government and those in charge were unwilling or unable to do - redistribute the national wealth to all and sundry as understood by the IMF, World Bank and those other organizations that funnel monies and loans to underwrite national development.

Fotoh Paul


George E

Why woory yourselves? Knowing these old 'Foumban' guys like the Fon, he would not make anything public. Of course he is enjoying it all. Infact i believe it dosn't matter to him-why? He is confortable.You all know what i mean.

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