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Sunday, 02 October 2011


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J. S. Dinga

I must doff my hat to this one and with the author's permission I would reverse the order and place his last entity first - political education of the masses. As the saying goes, if politicians were angels, there would be no need for educated voters. Only educated voters can stand on their own two feet and wave aside all the puveyors of distorted information calculated to sway them in the wrong direction.

Cameroonians can only withstand the onslaught of false information by educating themselves about the facts being manipulated. And lots of facts are being distorted on this forum by well calculated ruses. It is no secret that we were first a multiparty democracy and then President Ahmadou Ahidjo hoodwinked us all into the one and only political party, the Cameroon National Union (CNU) for the expedients of his time.

The SDF may today be anathema to some tastes but thanks to it, we returned to multiparty politics in 1990, at great costs. Today prevaricators pick on John Fru Ndi's leaving the CPDM to join the SDF as if that was a criminal offence. That is part of our history and those who lived it must rise up and be counted. Some of us were tasked with contributing a month's salary to the erection of a party house and we did so, even if there is no party house to show for it.Going from the CNU (whick later b ecame the CPDM) to any of the new emerging political formations was the most natural thing at the time. What happened to some of the newly authorized political parties ( and there were tons and tons of them authorized by its chief strategist, the late Gilbert Andze Tsoungui, so that in any election, the CPDM would stand like a giant elephant among CPP, PCC, Ants Party, and others) is a different ball game altogether.


Dr Vakunta said,

"Gone are the days when the international community stood by, hands akimbo, and watched brutal dictators ride roughshod over citizens they govern. Gone is the time when France cared less about who presides over the destiny of their post-colonies as long as the incumbent played by the gaullist rules."

Do you really think so? Only time will tell.


Review (in french) of presidential candidates for the upcoming elections.,presidentielles_camerounaises_revue_des_candidats,21556.html

Those who piqued my interest:

Kah Walla (aged 46)
- She`s got youth on her side
- Proposes institutional reforms, reform of the electoral code, and administrative decentralisation

Bernard Muna
- transitional candidate, only requires a single mandate
- Proposes administrative decentralisation with elected governors

Anicet Ekane
Proposes a transitional coalition government and national conference to debate on a new constitution, electoral code and social contract

Albert Dzongang
- Insists only a single opposition candidate can unseat the incumbent

Jean de Dieu Momo
- Calls for recruitment based on competence and an end to regional balance

Olivier Bile (aged 44)
- The youngest candidate
- Promises to create 500 000 jobs a year for the duration of his mandate
- Withdrawal from the fcfa and the creation of a new currency, the "Camer"
- Emphasis on spirituality as fundamental to his candidacy (a religious fundamentalist)

Esther Dang
- Apparently the only candidate with a well articulated economic program (downloadable on the internet)
- Proposes a division of Cameroon into no less than 26 thematically defined regions

Victorin Hameni Bieleu
- will only campaign in his region of origin (Haut nkam), then Douala and possibly yaounde (I admire his frankness)

Pierre Fritz Ngo
- Focussed on environmental protection

Hubert Kamgang
- Staunch panafricanist, campaigns for Cameroon`s financial independence, through the withdrawal from the fcfa, to be replaced by a local currency, the "Um" (named after Um Nyobe)

True Religion outlet

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