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Monday, 21 November 2011


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J. S. Dinga

Disciplinary hearing? Will the authorities summoning the boys have two legs to stand on? Can they actually pick up that proverbial first stone and throw at the players of the National Team?

It saddens me that we hardly learn from our mistakes and keep repeating the same unhelpful acts over and over and over ad nauseum! What was the point waiting to send the players money only at the eleventh hour? Isn't that the same thing that happened many many moons ago when Prof. Augustine Kontchou Kuomegni told the world that the players' briefcase of money got missing in the skies between Paris and New York?

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Good and patriotic players who unfortunately have committed the sin of coming from a country that is governed by a group of thieves, with Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi as gang leaders. May God save the players and their fellow Cameroonians from thesebirds of the same feathers who continue to conspire to pull our beautiful and rich country into mud.


Poor souls, as Fecafoot authorities do everything to present you people as trouble-makers, neither Paul Biya as President of the country, nor Ni John Fru Ndi as main opposition leader has made a public statement. You find yourselves in the cross-road, with Biya's gang of thieves trying to drag you into the slaughter house, while the opposition (apparently the people's voice)is only busy, behind-the-scene, doing everything to protect the deals it had with the CPDM before the last presidential elections. This politics of the stomach will lead us nowhere ...

The peoples of Cameroon are with you, so call the spade a spade and let Paul Biya and Ni John Fru Ndi hit and scatter their brains against the walls of Etoudi and Ntarikon palaces.

God bless you.



Elections have not pulled Paul Biya out of the presidency; they have never and will never take the opposition under Ni John Fru Ndi into the presidency. Can someone please tell this forum how Cameroonians can kick Paul Biya out of the presidency and at the same time kick Ni John Fru Ndi out of the opposition leadership - to clear the way for Paul Biya's exit so to speak? Elections have come and gone, Paul Biya is still president and Ni John Fru Ndi is still main opposition leader. The discussion now is how to share the national cake among the same people - whether in the light or in darkness. We should not be distracted with the Indomitable Lions while people are fighting to "chop" in darkness.

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J. S. Dinga

By the way, for those who love Cameroon football and are concerned about selling the country's positive image abroad and making some money as well, a golden opportunity looms ahead. Here is where brainpower and business savvy can yield dividends.

David Beckham's contract ends soon end and the US will surely be shopping around for another big name to fit into his shoes. Who other than our own Samuel Eto'o Fils can I think of? Are there Cameroonian business moguls out there willing and able to contact the world's most highly paid soccer player to get him looking west from his hideout in the Russian league?

This is really big indeed. David Beckham the Engish soccer wizard who made a name for himself playing for Manchester United, Real Madrid and A. C. Milan before moving to the US to promote soccer (to differentiate it from our local version of football) through a Californian team called the Galaxy, will be leaving a very big shoe when his contract ends. Can someone out there titillate Eto'o's taste buds? David Beckham the soccer icon was likened to Jesus, Moses and Buddha all wrapped into one in popularity, well ahead of Beckenbauer before him for a similar mission.

The man made soccer really sexy in America but the job is hardly complete even as the icon has a movie - Bend it Like BEckham - made to add to his glory. America still has a long way to go in promoting this sport and if Samuel Eto'o Fils ever relishes rubbing shoulders with the likes of Wil Smith, Tom Cruise and others, then he ought to ruminate over this prospect. Cameroon will have something to be proud of. Is someone listening out there?

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Disciplinary hearing or no, I wish the match had taken place anyway. If only they could have played virtual football!

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