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Thursday, 03 November 2011


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I am just fade-up and so tired of this man. I don't believe an iota of what ever he says and so, I don't even feel like reading the above speech because it must be full of lies or just rubbish.


Loud sounding nonsense. All I wish for is that death should help us get rid of this moron. I am sick and tired and I can't even waste my precious time to read his speech. I am sure he did not read it himself when it was handed to him. Rubbish president of a Banana Republic. Even foreign dignitaries were conspicuously absent at the sham inauguration.

J. S. Dinga

Said my very French friend from the Hexagon:

"Votre pays est tres bon sur papier".

And it is difficult for me to contradict him.



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Kribi Boy

I give him uptill next year ending. Popular uprising will send him crashing. He will not given an independent electoral system for us, so we gonna get to the streets and demand it. The uprising will be so surprising so much such that he will go crashing for good!!! or maybe go and die in Switzerland on his usual holiday trips. Satan in power!!!! God forbit.

victor malloy

Cameroonians have heard enough speeches since 1982.Between that time and now,many Cameroonians have died due to hunger and lack of basisc medical supplies.THE NEXT SEVEN YEARS are an other opportunity for BIYA PAUL and his oligarchy to robb the country of what is left.
And if there are any development projects earmarked, let Aglophone cameroon not hope for any thing.They did not give you before, why do you think he would do so now.?Though southern cameroon produces 65 percent of the national income,it has been lef derelick for the past 29 years.

J. S. Dinga

Experiences like this one with Paul Biya could provide an ideal opportunity for all of us to take one step back and do some serious introspection. We need to ask ourselves some serious soul-searching questions and try to answer them too. A good war is fought only after proper planning in the boardroom or war office.

While it is difficult to speak for the Cameroonians of French expression, I can confidently address those of English expression whose agony I can identify with. While it is easy today to villify and make the centralized government epitomized by Paul Biya and his rule by decree look like the devil incarnate, if we took those necessary steps back in time, we would realize that at one point in time, it was the one and only thing to aim for.

It was never ever nirvana in West Cameroon but did we not raise our voices in condemnation of anything and everything having to do with cohabitation of NW and SW? Did we not paint the Foncha rulership the most evil thing that ever happened to the SW? Even in the NW was Foncha not painted the devil for his tribalism? And inside Nkwen itself did people not shake their heads in disbelief that Foncha their own countryman could not help them in a Cameroon that depended on "man-know-man"?

Answers to these questions will help us focus better about the course we want to follow. For indeed, what good is it cursing what is today perceived as evil only to turn around and be confronted with another evil at home? Can Cameroonians of English expression make up their minds which is the lesser of two evils - tribalism or ineptitude?


Well, the "elections" have come and gone, and most predictions have come true.

I guess the big question for Cameroonians now is, whether hatred of an individual, party or entity, supercedes love of country.


for the benefit of those interested in infrastructure and development news in Cameroon.
ongoing and forcasted projects:

Va Boy

I really do not give a shite about the development of la Repoopblick. They just need to get out of our country. Limbeinfant, please go with them.

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90% of Cameroonians are fade up with this one man show of Biya by his unilateral hijack of the intistutional democracy.
The only remedy is for Cameroonians with the nation's at heart to raise, pick up arms and chase the wolf and his beligients away from the mantle of power.
Cameroonians must stand up as one for a Libyan style revolution. Without which, A successor would be hand picked and imposed on to the people by him.
Cameroonians, watch out with open eyes before is late.

biya mvodo all we wish u is dead. die and give us way for developement in our peaceful fatherland. God help us


waow!! what an easy and convenient way to enslave oppress and plunder our beloved country by disguising ruthless dictatorship with high sounding rhetoric phrases of flattery and false promises.
if reading of fancifull speeches and theorizing is what it takes to rule,then my 3 year old daughter can do a lot better...... What a shame!!!!!

Célestin Kaptchouang

This speech cut through the major concerns of our development. From the political reforms, through the eradication of corruption to major developmental projects under the major accomplishment program all in a bid to boost our economy and bridge the gap between the strata of the population. You guys can criticsie President Paul Biya as much as you want, it is your right but he is working daily to improve on the living conditions of the poor and I think with the major developmental projects he has launched and which are effective, the lives of Cameroonians will change.

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