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Friday, 13 January 2012


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for thoes who know the insidious technics used by france for the last one thousand years to kill and exploit people world wide.noting is new in this article.what is extreamly shocking is the fact we have not learn from the past collectively.we continue defining ourselves along occupation lines asANGLOPHONES;FRANCOPHONES created to erace us from the earths sufface interllectually;culturally;linguistically before finally eliminating us phisically.we are not going to suvive collectively as a people if we remain mentaly withen this artificial walls created by our saying we are anglophones and francophones.we are openly accepting .we are objects of the french and british impire not humans with a history;traditions;and culture to mold and people in human history have suvived with the language of thier predators while religating thiers to someting usless.we must be very hornest; objective ;and interllectually courigious now to solve the problems created by aryan occupation once and for all.the only solution lies in scraping french and english as language of learning and doing business . replace with an authentic african language while valorizing the differend languages withen the national teritory.children can start learning from youth adge in thier mother languages for at least seven years before moving on to study in the national language.this is what would help re inforce national unity bitween the BETI;BASA;EWONDO;BAKWERI as the same people with matrelilineal traditions.the world has reached the stage of intercontinental administrative systems.we can not continue to think of remaining in fractions easily explioted as design by aryans in the berlin conference.not even a united cameroon would stand alone not to talk of southern cameroon.we need to read world geo political issues and understand how it relates to us as africans.


@ Bah Acho,

I share your concerns about the Anglophone/Francophone dichotomy, but I don`t think your strategy (adoption of a local language) is feasible.

I believe attempts have been made but failed, due to lack of concensus and political will.

Culture is like osmosis and we are attracted towards certain cultures because of the benefits they offer (mostly percuniary). In the European renaissance period the intellectual elite studied Greek and Latin due to the relative advancement of those cultures.

Scientific study requires precision, and unfortunately most African languages are deficient in this department.

It would not suffice to have a vocabulary, grammar and phonology, there must be content. Researchers for instance, must be ready to publish in these languages, to keep interest alive. It cannot be limmited to administrative use alone.

As far as the Cameroon situation is concerned, I have always proposed a third option: the adoption of other neutral (preferably non-european), but economically viable language(s) - Mandarin, Arabic, Swahili - to dilute the existing scenario


I am very glad that we can hear this from someone who is not even an Anglophone. I am sadened but not suprised by the action taken by this dictatorship, to silent someone who believes in the power of his own country. What a pathetic situation. We must now garner international support for Enoh Meyomesse to be released without any pre-conditions. Biya's governement is very desperate right now.


Larry is right, trumped up charges, like the millionaire celebrity chef arrested for shoplifting a penny worth of not swear even on your mother.


brother this is not a matter of beliving or not.the truth is right infront of us.for everyone to see and intetrete would be naive on our part to think thoes who accepted to continue the aryan project in africa appropriating african people and thier land would do someting serious in elaborating a national language for learning;science;business;and most importantly research.if some of us think culture is like osmossis is the result of a long period of continues domination dating from 7AD with the arab islamic invation then came europeans in the 14th century.this process has left us culturally empty completely alienated.we only exist like objects not people with a culture and language.culture and language is what seal and guarantee the continues existence of every specific human group on earth.everything apart from this is sure extinction in of the problems with africa today is the fact.we do not consult our best minds when faced with dificulties.we turn to look at europe as reference.but this is sucidal because we do not have the same historical of africa;s SAGE LATE ANTA DIOP siad a return to encien EGYPT OR KEMET AND NUBIA is the best approach to solving africa;s cultural and political detaily studying the encien african language MUDU NACHER and MAORETIC LANGUAGE.we would be able to reconceptualize everything in african languages.without this it is impossible.


the fact an african would propose mandarine;and arab as language of unity for african people.knowing the terible nagative influence of islam is not only bad but reveals the leght of phsycological damage done to our brains.we have been perfectly conditioned mentaly to resist any african approach as primitive and backward.if the chinies;indians;or even arabs where in our one would ever dream of such humiliation.swahili is already the language of unity for african people.for us to institutionalise and make it work for us.the tradition of science would never be again deeply rooted in africa.if we can not find ways in which our languages would be used in doing science.language carries a lot of knowledge and technics.language is also a tool of alienation.when people speak a pârticular language.they are influence by the culture to which the language belongs.


Please release Enoh Meyomesse, he's just exercising his right as a journalist. No journalist should ever be jailed for doing their job, if you object to his writings I suggest you counteract with facts.


@ Bah Acho,
Interesting conversation here. I'm just pleased someone else is interested in the topic.

Believe me I'm as much an Africanist as you are, but I'm not a utopist. The percuniary advantages of using foreign langauages are obvious (jobs, technological advancement, life-style choices...) and we can't blame the world if Africans are more attracted to these options. In osmosis weaker solutions are attracted towards stronger ones, the same way in culture people are attracted towards dominant cultures. The situation would be reversed if African cultures were as dominant as Western or Oriental cultures.

Like I said, I'm equally alarmed by the Francophone/Anglophone dichotomy in our internal relations, but I'm also aware that there is currently no indigeneous Cameroonian language economically viable enough to guarantee cohesion and concensus. Swahili and Lingala may have taken root in East Africa and the Congos respectively, but let's not forget that these are also hybrid languages. Swahili has also borrowed from Arabic. Opting for the adoption of other foreign languages in Cameroon, has little to do with their origins, but their economic viability.


if i where to follow your line of reasoning.technological advancement and jobs can only be archived through foriegn languages?technology is universal.where difference comes in is the paradigm.we must learn to advance with our authenticity in all domians.the reason many africans are runing after western culture is clear cultural;mental alienation.the consequences of alienation could be seen on some of our people world wide.from skin bleaching;putting on artificial hairs;etc is clear prove we have lost contact with our originality .not fully grounded in our own cultures;language etc.we continue immitating others distroying ourselves phsycologically;phisically.this is someting you can see on african women and men where ever you live.the are six hundred languages withen india .written with the same alphabet and this reflects in the cultural behaviour of people from india.the are so many languages in cameroon that can be used.BAKA;BASA;EWONDO .it is a matter of confidence and self determination.the are many latin words in english.but does this make english a latin language?economics is the result of a culture social organizations etc.the momment a people drop thier language.they become differend people not themselves.without the effective use of african languages learning and doing business.the tradition of science would never be deeply rooted in africa again.when japanies recive documents in english.the first thing they do is translating the documents into japanies for complete understanding.then modify the knowledge according to thier immagination.we are traumatized in a way we now want to colonize ourselves with the language of others?

Mallam Shehu

what about Kamtok? Introducing our languages as official languages would in no way imply that we will have to drop European languages, no. Those languages will be vital for foreign exchange. Should we ever achieve our own economic wonder, then shall we decide what to do with those European languages.
Do you know that French was once the sole official language of England for almost half a decade? By then English was worse than Kamtok, there was no correct or wrong spelling for example. Spelling depended most on who held the ink-horn. The English fought very hard to revive their language through consensus and language conventions/policies without feeling ashamed of it, as a matter of facts. Why can't we do same? The number of our languages is not the problem at all. The problem is the number of tribalism-chips we've all got in our brains. That's the folly in the whole debate.
We can make it with our languages, Limbekid. Ask linguists like Peter V. or A. Ngefac, they will all tell you it is possible.


after a detail analyses of what we have gone through for the last 1500 years.i am convinced if africa does not strip english;french ;arab;portugues as languages of learning doing business and science.we would continue to live at the margins of history. objects not subjects of history creators innovators etc.every language on earth contains knowledge technic etc.without language research which is the motor of science is impossible.the only foreign language africa should retain as cominucation tool with the rest of the world is english.but we must not use english in teaching .children should only be expossed to english after they master the mother language;national language and continental language swahili first.

J. S. Dinga

Mzee Limbekid,
Na sema kiswahili? Tafadhali, ninataka coca cola baridi, kahawa moto, pesa kubwa na Matango. Usisimame hapa!

How would a new hybrid language in Cameroon look like compared to the above? And how long will it take to train the language teachers who then will come and teach the kids? I am saying nothing of jobs, technology and the rest which usually are created along with their corresponding lingua franca. I leave that to the dreamers and theoreticians who build castles in the air, to avoid a real and important issue like the arrest and detention of a fellow citizen on trumped charges.


@ J.S. Dinga,
I don`t think it is wise or responsible to assume innocence, just because we share the political opinions of the accused. I would advise caution, until irrefutable evidence supporting his innocence.

J. S. Dinga

Well, well, well. This view point is most interesting, coming from you, Limbekid. At one point I assumed that we were on the same page. I guess I was wrong, very wrong indeed.

I had assumed that you, like me, were a defendant of a Cameroon that is supposed to be a state of law and has said so on many occasions. I also assumed that we all know that in a state of law, innocence is presumed until proven otherwise through the courts(the famous due process). Isn't that the core of it?


J.S. Dinga,
We are still on the same page. I was equally perplexed as to why the issue was tried in a military court, but having read the full artcle, the only explanation I could gather is that it was decided thus because it was a case of armed robbery. The point I am trying to put through is that, while we clamour for clarity and a fair trial, we should keep an open mind. We cannot asumme the charges are trumped up, just because of political affiliations with the accused.

Kuaté André

No writer has ever been jailed in Cameroon for criticising the regime in place. Don’t be stupid by saying such a thing happened. People write on President Paul Biya and his government everyday and it has been so for years, without experiencing any aggression and it is not today such things will start.
Enoh Meyomesse will is neither the first nor the last to write on the government, I don’t see why he should be arrested. It makes no sense.

Olivia Membu

I wonder if this is a special writer, how is he different for the other writers in our country? I don’t think it is because he is a politician as well. He neither the best writer nor the most important politician in the country, very few Cameroonians know this man. He was arrested and proofs of illegal acts provided to warrant his arrest. The rest will be settled with the court.


Small minded folks jealous of looting elites will swear even at the cunt of a robberess

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