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Saturday, 11 February 2012


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J. S. Dinga

"....our efforts towards becoming an emerging country"? Emerging from what then? What have we been during the past 30 years? From where does the Chantal Biya Foundation get its funding? And with so many wonderful academic and professional institutions on the national landscape, why then would any sane national elect to go abroad to get a "Doctorat Honoris causa" conferred upon him or have medical care in the hands of foreign experts which will be so much more expensive?

Same old same old. You think Cameroonians are fools.

victor ediage malloy

How can the plebicite day be called a youth day?.Why cant we tell Cameroonians the truth about 11 Februry 1961.Is this one of the tactics of destroying and disturting the History this country?.Besides some body should tell Paul Biya that Cameroonians have heared enough speeches for the past 30 years.

Olivia Membu

The wellbeing and success of the youth and his full integration in the developmental milestones of Cameroon is a priority for President Paul Biya and his government.
He addressed the Cameroonian youth in a context of major challenges with the major accomplishment project which needs full implementation and called on the youths to get actively involved, promising the governments unfailing support. Just like with the recruitment of 25.000 youths into the public service, he will not relend any effort to give his maximum support to youths who are ready to take responsibilities for their nation.

J. S. Dinga

By the way, is President Paul Biya ever sick? Recent admission of South Africa's Nelson Mandela into a hospital for stomach problems, followed by prayers all over the Republic for his quick recovery prompted me to ask the above question. I like to think that our president is human too and subject to maladies that affect other leaders. Or no?

Eyenga Marthe

President Paul Biya insisted on the youth’s involvement in agriculture. Youths need to involve in agriculture. Our country has all the necessary conditions favourable for agricultural activities. Rather all trying to work in the public service, they should involve in agriculture. It is a sector full of potentials that can lead many youths to success.The government is determined to boost the agricultural sector and will support all those who ready to take up the challenge.

Léopold Fonkem

It was the message of a father to his children. One full of concern and geared towards providing the best for youths. He called on youths to take up the challenge of agrarian revolution and lead our country to prosperity and self employ themselves.

 Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta

Yeah, you got it right Mr.Léopard!Cameroonians are all brain-children of Mr. Paul Biya(I wish he had a brain).Needless to say that you have joined the band-waggon driven by Mr Jacques Fame Ndongo,the servile Minister of Higher Education who in one of his outings said Cameroonians were all “creatures” of Paul Biya. Just as most professors of his ilk do in Cameroon, this pseudo-intellectual hardly concludes any public address without paying idiotic tribute to Paul Biya. To say FAME NDONGO is the shame of academia would be a euphemism. Mr. Léopard, it is,indeed,a crying shame that you have opted to sully yourself by casting your net in the sea of these buffoons.
Dr. Vakunta

Martial Kweukeu

President Paul Biya sized up the major challenges of emergence and is conscious of the fact that youths are the angular stone in the development of a new Cameroon

Michel Doum

The youth is an angular stone in the development of Cameroon and thus a major actor in the walk to emergence come 2035. There are challenges to take and the youth should be conscious of this fact. President Paul Biya’s message called the youth’s attention to the urgent need take initiative and insisted on the involvement of youths in agriculture.

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