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Saturday, 28 April 2012


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 Dr. Peter Wuteh Vakunta

The fact of the matter is that the concept of dialectical materialism (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels) which proposes that every economic order grows to a state of maximum efficiency, while simultaneously developing internal contradictions and weaknesses that contribute to its systemic decay will continue to be the bane of Cameroon as long as the current political dispensation persists.Cameroonians cannot have their cake and eat it, believe me.

Prof Vakunta
U.S. Department of Defense

Acha Philip

Without a level political playing field in Cameroon, this country is doomed indeed.

The mention of James Onobiono calls forth the question of noblesse oblige(French for "nobility obliges")in Cameroon. How have these men helped Cameroon like the others in other democracies

J. S. Dinga

One Cameroonian says there are two western borders - one at the Mungo bridge for infrastructural development and the other at far away Bakassi for purposes of tax collection. And then there are two moralities as well. One consists of looking squarely at a problem and tackling it while the other involves closing the eyes and the mind and pretending that the problem does not exist. How's that as we enter the new "septennat"?


"Has James Onobiono, the Cameroonian self styled "industrialist", for instance, used his economic muscle for the virtues of Cameroon politics as the wealthy Kennedys and Rockefellers once did for America?" I think it is infantile to assume benevolence on the part of the Kennedys and the Rockefellers. Many Americans will not agree with you (there`s tons of information on the net about the Rockefellers and the Council on Foreign Relations).

The relationship between big business and government is symbiotic, and the principle is universal. In this regard, the Kennedys and Rockefellers of this world stem from the same gene pool as the Onobionos, Fotsos, Kadjis...(the gene pool of opportunists).

The vulnerability of the Nangahs, Ches and Kilos, is not a result of their being Anglophone, but because of the nature of their activity. Africa is awash with "tenderpreneurs" whose fortunes oscillate with political changes. There is a difference between value creation and value transfer. Those who create value, hold a monopoly over their talent, those who only tranfer value, stand on very slippery ground.

Dr.Nkenti Samuel

The Peacecorps that has served many in third world countries, including Cameroon, was fathered by John F. Kennedy. And to imagine that he and his brothers joint the public service because of a "symbiotic" relationship bewteen big business and goverment is rather misleading.
We all know that their father was a business man, but throughout the years that his sons served in public service, no evidence exists to lend credence that they served because they wanted to "symbiotically" support big businesses.

On the contrary, the peacecorps and other projects exist today because of the sacrifice of this men. I was studying in United States in the late sixties when Bobby Kennedy travelled to South Africa and actually began talking against Apartheid.

Paradoxically, was James Onobiono not out there campaigning for Paul Biya in Cameroon, and has done so throughtout his business career?

Here is a profile of the Kennedy family and their sacrifices. Convince us if these men put their lives on the line while in public service because of a hidden agenda to support big bussiness.

(1)Joseph Patrick "Joe" Kennedy, Jr:Killed in action during World War II

(2) John F. Kennedy: 35th President of the United States, serving from 1961 until his assassination in 1963

(3)Robert F. Kennedy: Following a brief victory speech delivered just past midnight on June 5 at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan. Mortally wounded, he survived for nearly 26 hours, dying early in the morning of June 6.

(4) Ted Kennedy: U.S. Senate, November 7, 1962 – August 25, 2009

(5) Joseph Patrick Kennedy II: He served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 8th congressional district of Massachusetts

J. S. Dinga

That's right, there was once a James Onobiono, touted all over as a strong mathematician and business magnate etc. But where is he and what the hell has he been doing? Cameroonians are looking for work all over. Should Onobiono not be creating wealth and employment?

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