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Friday, 30 November 2012


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the fact africa did not go through a cultural revolution to get rid of this occupation identities imposed on us from outsite is a major obstacle to its holding onto this occupation identities.we reinforce devesion among ourselves and continue self annahilation.the soultion lies in completely scraping both languages.then replacing this two languages with an authentic african come we continue identifying by thoes who inslaved and dehumanized us for over 700 years?is our mental condition okay?


This forum, I can only surmise, should avoid sensationalism at all cost. For a journalist to caption a write-up with such sensational heading, as Boh Herbert just did, there must be eloquent proof of what he intends to say. Instead, to underscore my point about sensationalism, he evades many questions about his so-called plan to "slaughter anglophones." What's his point? And who indeed did understand what's he said in such a sensational write-up?

Justice M. Mbuh

Boh is an old broom and knows all the corners of politics and social life in Cameroon too well to pass such a warning without knowing what he is talking about. You yourself just said so. But to also relegate our thinking to fanning fears would be to water-down the severity of the Boh prostulate. By every means, the winds of change are yet to blow in Cameroon and there is every indication that anglophone are a threat to the direction of change--that is, if we read between the lines of Enoh Meyomesse's Address to the Anglone "Community of CameroUn", and of course Kamto Mauric's resignation! Think and think fast for time is running out!

John Dinga

Of course, who better than a trained journalist can be trusted to take the barometric reading of the city? Hyperbole? Sensationalism? May be, but there is little doubt that the dictatorship in Cameroon is possible, thanks to its many enablers. Arresting, detaining and killing a journalist here, shooting a few students there, a number of innocent citizens further beyond can do wonders to keep seething discontent in check. Only a blind person can doubt that such practices are just a few notches below a shooting war.

It may sound risible but this chronicler has the feeling that at this point in time, the South-West Province stands the best chance of leading the Kabila-type of march that can unseat the regime in Yaounde. Such a conclusion is based on the following facts. The Bamilekes of the Western Provice and the Bassas of the Littoral Province can hardly be expected to mount such an operation given the amount of bloodletting they suffered on the eve of independence. As for the Northern Provinces, the wounds of April 6, 1984 are still very raw. Next is the North-West Province which is still reeling from the pains of the state of emergency and the distressing aftermath of the presidential election of 1992. All of which leaves just the South-West, East and South Provinces as areas with persons haunted by any such humiliating past. But will they stand up and be counted? The Center province is a tower of Babel, not worth much in this equation of the potential actors.

It saddens me some times when I see the unending sibling feud, internecine and pointless squabbling between the NWP and the SWP, leaving their once buoyant economy and admirable government at the mercy of unrepentant predators.
That such a feud should persist even in the face of years of eye-opening realities before them, speaks volumes about the characteristic helplessness and visionlessness of the people. Gone are all the conventional wisdom conveyed in parables and fables. While it can be excused that yesterday a misguided Northwesterner called his Southwest sibling a lazy person, there is no reason whatsoever today, to repeat that slur, given what is known of the ruling clique who have so abused of the fatherland that it has come to be labeled "enzyme glutton" here, "fiscal dessicator" there, chopbrokepot elsewhere and so on. And it is inexcusable that a true-blooded Southwesterner should still consider a Northwester as "come-no-go" or other despicable designation, having lived the experience of the looting of Cameroon Bank, PowerCam, CDC, Pamol, Sonara and many more.

Yesterday West Cameroonians opened their doors wide and provided sanctuary to persons they considered fondly as their brethren fleeing massacre at the hands of French forces but when tides changed and everything moved to Yaounde by the master stroke of the dictator, reciprocation and appreciation were tossed out of the window in preference for politics of the tribe and the majority. Yesterday an influx of kids from East of the Mungo came to SBC, SJC, CPC, SHC and the rest, all in quest of good quality education. Today, this new crop of citizens,armed with the very admirable Anglosaxon education and culture, is following in the footsteps of their ancestors, riding roughshod over the sentiments and justified ire of Cameroonians west of the Mungo totally oblivious of the injustices the see and hear.

Peace is not just the absence of a shooting war; it is also a state of mental and physical well-being.

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