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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


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John Dinga

Thank you sir, for this timely biopsy of our king sport. I call it biopsy not because you are a doctor but simply because from a biopsy one can learn a lot about what is happening to the larger body. A small piece of tissue extirpated from an organ - lung, liver, kidney, stomach -can help us diagnose and know what is wrong with the entire organ.

What you so succinctly narrate here for Cameroon's football could be applied to so much else in our Golden Triangle. We are more obsessed with obtaining educational and other honorific diplomas from institutions abroad than from local ones. We would rather rush to France, Baden Baden, Switzerland etc to have our medical check up than at the local general hospital. Our banking is easier and safer at a foreign haven than at home. Our choice referees and coaches for the king sport are usually from abroad and invariably people whose skins have a slightly thinner amount of melanin than most of us. And so on, and so on.

You are quite right to observe the obsession with foreign football teams and their fate than those in our own country. It is a disease that defies treatment. It calls for a little more introspection on our part. It calls for an open national debate if the heavyweights can just ease off a little and give the ordinary Joe a say.

Fon Emmanuel

Hello Dr, Forbi
When I went to Yaounde for my first time to my amazement I discovered that the locals started building their houses from the roof. I am neither an architect nor a builder but as a typical Northwesterner I had never been prepared to even imagine that any house could be built from the roof downwards. That gave me a very unsettling feeling about these people which has been made worse over the years by the way they started handling the affairs of state as they came into power. To prove me right nothing has gone right in Cameroon since they assumed leadership in Cameroon. Concerning football in particular, like the way they build their houses they see Cameroon football only from top to bottom. When the national team is performing well then Cameroon football is equally doing well. But nothing is furthest from the truth. To reverse this EP preference to that of our domestic league will not need rocket science.
We need infrastructure very badly, but when our premier league was vibrant and teams like Canon Yaounde, Union D'la, Tonnerre Yaounde used to strike terror across the African continent, we did not have much of any infrastructure. Will Bamenda stadium not still provide a wonderful football pitch if only grass is replanted there and maintained constantly while waiting for better infrastructure? This goes with many other stadiums all over the country.
Also history has proven that corporations run teams better and if only government can encourage these corporations by some legislation that calls for them to sponsor teams as part of their contribution to youth and sports development programs, we will within the shortest time return to the level we were before negligence stepped in. Coton sport is a an example of corporate sponsorship that improves team performance thereby increasing competitiveness. I never had the chance to play up to first division in Cameroon but my High school team between 1978 to 1980 i.e. GHS Mbengwi was far superior to most first division clubs today in Cameroon. So why would people spend money to watch less than average quality football as we see in Cameroon today?


It is a symptom of the spiritual death of the La Republique du Cameroun. It will only start becoming whole again when Southern Cameroons Shall be free.


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