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Tuesday, 12 February 2013


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Endeley Michael

Ernest L. Molua has, on many occasions, boasted of his academic credentials, but this essay of his doesn't add up to what is expected of an academician of his calibre. To write about the dismal conduct of UB students, something I fully condenm also, didn't require a history of terrorism as you've attempted to do.
Yes, Cameroonians should not be bullied into submission by a few students who want to take others hostage in an academic environment. But Molua, wouldn't it make sense if you spoke about the ills that such an act bestows on the reputation of the university, rather than the genesis of terrorism?

Dr Molua, it looks like you would like to see some people killed. Why do you not say what you mean. If you said, KILL THESE MOTHERFUCKERS THAT I HATE, BECAUSE I CANNOT DO IT MYSELF, it would be more honest instead of writing elaborate bull shit that conceals your real intentions.

At the same time, stupid and agitated UBSU needs to calm down. Nobody ever gets everything they want in this world. Not even the pope or president Obama. Sit down and negotiate. Be prepared to lose some things and to gain some things. There are no infinite resources in any institution. Be reasonable and stop all the violence.


Shusi FC

"UBSU, an unregistered non-licensed assemblage of students, ex-students and non-students, has over the last seven years received direct and indirect support from well-known members of the teaching and administrative staff of the university"

How much were you paid to write this shirt? Is it because you are lobbying for a post? Can you back up this statement of yours? For seven years that you knew all of this, what did you do? Rather than plagiarizing a dictionary and pasting on popular sites like this, get yourself something to do. I due respect you as a great academician when I was a student there, I just drop off all the respect I had for you after reading this article.


Holy!!! with all do respect, Mr. PhD, You may want to go back and take some courses in english language. I begin to wonder, if you got the nurve to bully people on an online forum, I don't doubt what you can do to your students. You sound like a professor who will fail a student who has contrary views in your class. Just a reminder, you do not bully people into sumission.This professor sounds like someone who can ask police to open fire on peaceful demonstrators.Thank God he is not the V C.


molua is well known here as the entrepreneur online, his one sidedness, lack of objectivity and hand clapping have always stood out. so who is suprised about this

mehdi assem

Boko Haram Gia Aqmi Qaida des kamikazes de satan leurs attentat le 11 symbole de leurs patron satan tue les enfants et les femmes pour satisfaire satan aux gouvernements de monde entier d'appliquer la charia islamique aujourd'hui pour éviter la guerre d'ALLAH par les soldats d'ALLAH les météorites et les astéroïdes et ces punitions les catastrophes naturelles et les maladies les révoltes et ce terrorisme dans les pays arabes punition d'ALLAH ces pays arabes n'ont pas appliquer la charia islamique parce que ne sont pas des musulmans ?


"Ernest L. Molua has, on many occasions, boasted of his academic credentials"

My dear he is not boasting. he merits it. should we kill him for being out spoken? These are the kind of minds we need for a meaningful development in our Cameroonian universities. for your information Molua remains one of the most prolific professors at UB.molua is the only university lecturer in Cameroon to win internationally recorgnise awards. this gentle man won an award recently on the much talkabout climate change.check it out my dear for your records.If you truely went through University and University went through you then you have to adhere to Moloa's hypothesis. Politics are not done in Amphi's, students should learn to leave politics for politicians and concerntrate on thier books.


No doubt, the young man has good credentials and writes well, but his tendency to make over the top biased claims undermines everything.

Che Innocent

Molua writes well? God forbid. How many grammatical errors were you able to discipher from the nonsense that he wrote above? An international award? For what? Every African, I mean every Cameroonian who steps out of that jungle, gets an award with the least effort while overseas. I'm curious to know what type of award Molua received, given his very poor use of grammar. Of course, Americans, if Molua got the award from any U.S. institution,are often quick to give out awards on research, carried out about Africa or Cameroon, because they've not verified the realities of what is on the ground back in Cameroon or Africa. Maybe Molua wrote something about the Bakweri culture, and who is an American or a European to dispute Molua's thesis on that culture, when they've not been to Buea to know much about the Bakweri culture. But how exactly did Molua even convey his message, given his very poor grasp of English?
I want an answer. Any?


@Che really!!!! you amaze me. this is typical of a cameroonian. i dont blame you anyway its not your fault. That reminds me were are your awards Sir!!!!!!? or we just complain and see faults in others when we our selves cant do nothing? that is why we are were we are today.I will like to read your publications if only you have any. Doom


After wasting all you time in Europe doing odd jobs, you will have the gods to proof read the works of an aclaimed prof. For your information i will foward Molua's CV to you if only you can read and understand after working you self all day cleaning streets in Europe and washing corps.

Che Innocent

The illusions of a Cameroonian "scholar", that's all you are. Always bragging with nothing to show for. Publications on climate change about Buea mountain? How do you even convey your message? In Bakweri, or in what language? An acclaimed professor? Evidence of this " acclaimed professor" is right in this forum:poor writing skills. You can only sell that crap to Cameroonians who refuse to be critical in the face of those who carry this paper tigers call Ph.Ds. How do you know that I live in Europe? I'm right here in Buea.

Che Innocent

(1) "That reminds me were are your"
(2) "that is why we are were we are today"
(3) "washing corps"
What's wrong with these three acclaimed prof?


Mr critic, i now understand were your are comming from and your frame of mind. needless wasting my valued time on you because it will get us anywhere for Cameroonians tipical of what we are we dont accept to learn and will never apreciate what so ever thing our conterparts do.

a Prof, once tool Prof Julius Ngoh when he Ngoh critised his work on the history of the southern cameroons That "scholars like one you are dont critise scholary facts in a newspaper tabloids but in confrences,and other accademic forums". Mr Che, this your attitute is typical of Bafut pple please show us your publications and we too will have thelight to critise you or aclaim you as i have just done for Molua because atleast i have seen his works and equally know what it means to put down just a page of knowledge. i really doubt if you have ever written even a newspaper article.


Did i read you say you come from Buea? waooh!! meaning you too see and feel the mountain you said Molua wrote about, scrab anything in you bafut language let the Whites give your own award as they easily give any body who writes our of the Box. Sorry my dear, Climate change is not and has nothing to do with the Bakweri Mountain. i really doubt you accedemic background beacase my 7yrs old son in St therese know much about climate change beyound the Buea mountain that you an aclaimed scholar seem to know. hope you did not get yours from Calabar or BUST in Ntarikon.

Besong Edward

Dr. Molua:
Good afternoon. Mr. Che Innocent has asked you a simple question: How do you convey your message? In what langauage, given that in this very short rabid exchange bewteen him and you, Mr. Che has sorted out a number of grammatical errors that he wonders if you really obtained a Ph.D. Until you answer his question, there's no need for this conversation to continue.
I beleive, like many other Cameroonians, that you thought you could bully your way through this encounter with Mr. Che Innocent, but I think you got it wrong. Mr. Che Innocent, I think, lives in England. He was once your student. Surprisingly, the name "Che" leads him to beleive he is from Bafut? Nonsense. You know very little about the North West, let alone the awards that you pompously profess to have been awarded internationally.

John Dinga

Educated/trained minds usually prefer to discuss issues, not persons or where they come from. They are also very self-effacing, admitting humbly any flaws they have made and genuine effort to point them out. Inventions, discoveries, etc are a long long journey, a relay race each generation passes on to the next. Often those who neither invent nor discover can still make a name simply by applying the dicoveries or inventions of others to solve contemporary problems. One does not need to be an Einstein to discover society's many problems clamoring for a solution.

True-blooded Cameroonians need support from each other in this long journey. Other nationals do it; why not Cameroonians?

Finally, scientific and academic publications are usually made in esoteric journals available to members. The Online affair is a new phenomenon which has not quite eclipsed those publications.
Love of country should be translated into demanding the very best.

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