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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


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You people need to calm down and dialogue. Ease up your emotions. University of Buea will be handed to francophones if you do not try to solve this, whatever it is amicably. Don't fall into the trap and let blood be spilled.

Ebanja Noel

Holy cow! The UB communications department cannot write a statement in good English? At first I thought these were typos but their sheer numbers indicate a complete mastery of the basics of English. No wonder communications with the VP keeps "breaking down"...

Some choice examples:
UBSU had collaborated with the VC to sanctioned them...
the Former VC single handedly dissolve...
UBSU had been calling for a disciplinary panel to sanctioned...
UBSU became disturbed for the former VC allowing these culprits go.
Regarding the fact by Dr. Ernest Molua that UBSU is a Cameroon home groom Boko Haram is laughable...
Successive regimes of UB VCs have been doing all to dissolve UBSU or weakened it...
Also the UB administration and Dr.Molua talks of...
If this is a real and truly representative union, then its communications department should be in the hands of competent people from the Department of communications.

This is an absolute horror

Genetically Conservative

This is proof of the fact that Pidgin is taking its toll on our ability to write and speak good English. I think the GCE Board(forget about the government) has to raise the standards of English taught in our schools. I'd also suggest that our mother tongues should also be taught in schools so that our children can communicate in it rather than in Pidgin.

Roki of Shanghai

Please do not blame Pidgin. I grew up speaking Pidgin around the neighborhood and i still write very good English. Asian nations teach proper English through transcription and accent reduction, we do not do any of that. The above article is so poorly written that it is hard to comprehend that anybody linked to this document has ever walked through the gate of a university. It is poorly written on every level even though we get the idea.


Hey guys give these kids a break. I am proud they have the courage to let the world know what is going on, at the university. Atleast if these our young men and women grow up with this courage then we can be sure real democracy will be practiced in the near feature when they become leaders.Since they have made their side known may be it is time for the minister of education to step in and give the V C some good sense of direction. Please this kids are trying lets support their course rather than pick on every grammatical error they make. Atleast we all understood what they were trying to say.


The document above may not have originated from the Communications Department of the University of Buea. I guess a few student leaders were trying out their English language skills.


And the publishers didn't edit this? After reading this,i can say that-the misunderstanding between authorities and students is inevitable.

Julius Ikome

The English Language has been very well slaughtered by members of the student union. It is a good reason why these students should concentrate on their books. UB is fast becoming a Nigerian University! Do these student really know how an Anglo-Saxon University works?


Go to school, dumb kids. Learn how to write

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